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Name: Sophie Otelie Jakobsen

Birth: 23 Mar 1889 Hamlin, South Dakota, USA

Death: 27 MAR 1975 Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: Otte Jacobsen

Mother: Marie Magdaline Andreasen

Name: Alma Elise Jakobsen

Birth: 13 Jul 1893 Oyjord i Bo, Nordland, Norway

Death: 31 JAN 1959 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA

Father: Karl Nikolai JAKOBSEN

Mother: Birgithe Nicoline MARTINUSDATTER

Name: Adrian Jakobsen

Birth: 13 May 1838 Langvatnet, Rana, Nordland, Norway

Death: 20 JAN 1929 Kandiyohi, MN

Father: Jacob Olsen

Mother: Mille Jonasdatter

Name: Frederikke Olava Jakobsen

Birth: 13 Dec 1869 Drammen, Buskerud, Norway

Death: 19 Feb 1943 San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Father: Jons Jacob Hansson

Mother: Barbra Ingebrigtsdatter

Name: Ellen Jakobsen

Birth: 20 May 1866 Sauda, Rogaland, Norway

Death: 29 May 1953 Benson, Swift County, Minnesota

Father: Johannes Jacobsen.Åbø

Mother: Barbro Olsdatter.Teig

Name: Evelyn R Jakobsen

Birth: 21 Feb 1909 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1979 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Laurits Jakobsen

Mother: Henrietta Marie Andersen

Name: Nils Jakobsen

Birth: 27 May 1824 Bjørningstad, Ullensacker, Akershus, Norway

Death: 16 JUL 1893 Hale, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jakob Nilson

Mother: Kari Pedersdattr

Name: Jorgine Marie Jakobsen

Birth: 27 Feb 1860 Vigerslev parish, Odense county, Denmark

Death: 13 Feb 1938 after 1933

Father: Jørgen Jakobsen

Mother: Juliana (Frydenlund) Pedersen

Name: Ella Katrinka Jakobsen

Birth: 30 Sep 1876 Iowa

Death: 1974 Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada

Father: Peter Thomson Jakobsen

Mother: Anna Kirstine Hansen

Name: Edvard Mandius Jakobsen

Birth: abt 1878 Norway

Death: 11 Jul 1949 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa, USA

Father: Jakob Ellingsen

Mother: Olene Larsdatter Sandve

Name: Ole Jakobsen

Birth: 7 Mar 1845 Guldbranaddlin, Norway

Death: 28 February 1916 Cottonwood County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Jacob Peterson

Mother: Ingeborg Erickson


Birth: 21 Dec 1905 Taarbaak, Denmark

Death: 7 Feb 1993 Lindenhurst, Suffolk, New York, USA

Father: Jakob Henrik Jakobsen

Mother: Hanne Dorthea Madsen

Name: Lydia Jakobsen

Birth: 3 September 1848 Vest-Agder fylke, Norway

Death: 01 Nov 1943 Butterfield, Minn

Father: Tonnes Andreas Jacobsen

Mother: Severena Jacobdr

Name: Gudrun Marence Jakobsen

Birth: 22 Nov 1907 Norway

Death: 2 Oct 1996 Neptune Township, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Father: Karl Johan Jakobsen

Mother: Elise Marie Hansen

Name: Olinus, Lenus Jakobsen

Birth: 21 Dec 1892 Denmark

Death: Jul 1971 Sanborn, Niagara, New York, USA

Father: Jens Jakobsen

Mother: Mette Andersen

Name: Johanna Jakobsen

Birth: 27 Oct 1851 Trondhjem Norway

Death: 1 May 1917 Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Jacöb Jösephsen Nærvigsøren

Mother: Ane Jonsdatter Stubben

Name: Laura Gunelia Jakobsen

Birth: 27 March 1862 Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

Death: 5 December 1938 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Johannes Jakobsen

Mother: Laura Gunilie Gunnersdatter Hammer

Name: Kirsten Marie Jakobsen

Birth: 22 Jan 1840 Sorø, Vestsjalland, Denmark

Death: 10 Apr 1882 Dwight, IL

Father: Jacob Olesen

Mother: Dorethe Jensen

Name: Glen H Jakobsen

Birth: 9 Apr 1899 Artesian, Sanborn, South Dakota, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1987 Seal Beach, Orange, California, USA

Father: Ole Edward Jakobsen

Mother: Florence S Shepherd

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