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Results for "jahn"

Name: Harry Paul Jahn

Birth: 17 Jan 1889 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 26 Oct 1966 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Heinrich Jahn

Mother: Arabella Darwin

Name: Augusta Jahn

Birth: Mar 1894 Wisconsin

Death: 1979 Wisconsin

Father: Herman Jahn

Mother: Augusta M Dotke

Name: Bertha A Jahn

Birth: 15 Aug 1858 Iowa, USA

Death: 5 Sep 1934 Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA

Father: Johann Neumann

Mother: Albertine Ernestine Schoenefeldt Neumann

Name: Arlene Ruth Jahn

Birth: Nov 14, 1924 Ute, Monona County, Iowa

Death: Jul 19, 1998 Onawa, Monona County, Iowa

Father: Carl Jahn

Mother: Dorothea Henrietta Timm

Name: Ann Marie Jahn

Birth: 17 Nov 1922 Silveyville, Solano, California

Death: May 31 2015 Sacramento, CA

Father: John Henrichs Jahn

Mother: Lottie Rattenbury

Name: Carl J Jahn

Birth: 13 Oct 1846 Saxony

Death: 17 February 1927 Dodge County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Friedrich Hermann Jahn

Mother: Wilhelmine Auguste Baumann

Name: Mary Anna Jahn

Birth: 16 Feb 1856 Dubois, Dubois, Indiana, United States

Death: 24 Mar 1916 Dubois County, Indiana, USA

Father: John Jahn

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Morgenroth

Name: Earl Kent Jahn

Birth: 22 Dec 1939 Jasper Duboi, Indiana

Death: 13 May 2006 Clarksville, Clark, Indiana

Father: Carl Frank Jahn

Mother: Theresia Marie Bomalaski

Name: John Henry Jahn

Birth: 13 Nov 1894 New York, New York, USA

Death: 24 May 1930 Bronx, New York City, New York, NY

Father: William Jahn

Mother: Antonia Jahn

Name: Heinrich Jahn

Birth: 16 Jun 1889 Minnesota

Death: 29 Sep 1952 Caladonia, Minnesota

Father: Johann Gotthilf Jahn

Mother: Maria Kohlmeyer

Name: George Napoleon Jahn

Birth: 13 August 1922 Saint Paul of The Cross-catholic, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey

Death: 2 March 2012 Sanford, Seminole County, Florida, United States of America

Father: George C. Jahn

Mother: Edwina Laura Quinville

Name: Catherine F Jahn

Birth: Jan 1871 Kansas, USA

Death: JAN 1914 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado

Father: Maurice Mulconnery

Mother: Catharine McCabe

Name: Janice Luella Jahn

Birth: 14 May 1942 Kingsley, Plymouth, Iowa, USA

Death: 22 Oct 2004 Bremerton, Kitsap, Washington, USA

Father: Carl Albert Jahn

Mother: Luella Josephine Wetrosky

Name: Hilma Marie Jahn

Birth: Oct 31, 1878 Germany

Death: June 19, 1954 Fort Wayne Ward 8, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: August Moritz John

Mother: Marie Bertha Andrä

Name: William G Jahn

Birth: 24 Feb 1913 Ohio, United States

Death: 10 Mar 1985 Streetsboro, Portage, Ohio

Father: August Christian Jahn

Mother: Lilly Bertha Gotham Jahn

Name: Emilia Jahn

Birth: 6 Oct 1870 Linden Holstein, Germany

Death: 15 May 1935 Westside, Crawford, Iowa, USA

Father: Johann Friedrich Jahn

Mother: Höbke Groth

Name: Theodore Jahn

Birth: Jun 1889 Missouri, United States

Death: 1953 Polk, Florida, United States

Father: Julius L Jahn

Mother: Anna Pauline Gerthe/Goerth

Name: Leonard L Jahn

Birth: 2 Feb 1927 Ohio

Death: 3 Jan 2004 Joel Pomerene Memorial Hosp

Father: Ernest Henry Jahn

Mother: Ona Barbra Carr

Name: Mary Anna Jahn

Birth: 1 Sep 1846 Germany

Death: 11 Jul 1919 Philadelphia PA

Father: WILHELM Johann Jahn

Mother: MARIE Käding

Name: J. Fredericka Jahn

Birth: 6 Oct 1827 Germany

Death: 9 Apr 1899 Cedarburg Ozaukee Wisconsin

Father: Johann Christian Jahn

Mother: Johanna Gruenert Chenvert

Name: Robert Jahn

Birth: 23 May 1882 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Death: 21 Feb. 1948 Billings Montana

Father: Robert Jahn

Mother: Margarethe Rosina Hammerli

Name: Norman Edward Jahn

Birth: 3 Dec 1916 Winters, California

Death: 7 Feb 1999 Dixon, Solano, California, United States of America

Father: John Henrichs Jahn

Mother: Lottie Rattenbury

Name: Charles Henry Jahn

Birth: abt 1869 Wisconsin

Death: 25 JUL 1934 Milwaukee WI

Father: Friedrich William Jahn

Mother: Clara Auguste Beger

Name: Mary Jahn

Birth: 1894 Missouri

Death: 08/13/1988 MO

Father: Charles Edward Jahn John

Mother: Johanna Schmitt

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