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Name: Anders (Andrew) Jacobsen

Birth: 03 Jun 1833 Magleby,Præstø,Denmark

Death: 22 Jan 1916 Alden, Freeborn, Minnesota, USA

Father: Jacob Andersen

Mother: Bodil Larsdatter

Name: Jacob Jacobsen

Birth: 25 Dec 1848 Borqund, Soqn, Norway

Death: 3 Sep 1916 Lyle, Mower, Minnesota, United States

Father: Jakob Knutsen OvreKvamme

Mother: Anna Horge Hovland

Name: Gustave Wislicenus Jacobsen

Birth: 3/17/1923 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA

Death: 01/18/2018 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA

Father: Willy Jacobsen

Mother: Sophie Henriette Hansen

Name: Mary Johanna Jacobsen

Birth: 08 Oct 1879 Mayfield, Sanpete, Utah, United States

Death: 14 May 1955 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States

Father: Lauritz Marinus Jacobsen

Mother: Ane Johanna Fallenkamp

Name: Alan Clifton Jacobsen

Birth: 9 July 1927 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Death: 8 September 2014 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

Father: Clifton A Jacobsen

Mother: Vauna Smith

Name: Cecil Jacobsen

Birth: 03/22/1923 Nebraska

Death: Oct 1972 Fremont, Dodge, Nebraska, USA

Father: Elmer Julius Jacobson

Mother: Lillie Marie Reiland JACOBSON

Name: Sydney Jacobsen

Birth: 24 Jun 1911 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 01 May 1982 Orange, Florida, USA

Father: MARTIN Jacobson

Mother: Fannie Roth

Name: Eugene Herman JACOBSEN

Birth: 28 May 1922 Iowa, USA

Death: Aug 1973 Colorado, USA

Father: Herman Max Jacobsen


Name: Harry Jacobsen

Birth: 14 januari 1918 Moline, Rock Island Co., IL, USA

Death: 20 april 1972 Tustin, Orange Co., CA, USA

Father: John Jacobson

Mother: Anna Abrahamsson

Name: John Ed Jacobsen

Birth: 2 June 1909 Iowa

Death: 25 December 1977 Brookfield, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: John Edward Jacobson

Mother: Mathilda Ross

Name: Rose Maudine Jacobsen

Birth: 12 Mar 1892 Minnesota

Death: Jan 1974 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Father: Jacob J Jacobsen

Mother: Handine Kristiane Møller

Name: Margaret Jacobsen

Birth: 28 OCT 1920 Bedford, Iowa, United States,

Death: 24 DEC 1986 Silver Springs, Lyon, Nevada, United States,

Father: Cyrus Carl Harris

Mother: Angie Malinda Campbell

Name: Marianne Olena Jacobsen

Birth: 13 June 1867 Flade, Hjorring, Denmark

Death: 19 October 1945 Mantua, Box Elder, Utah, United States

Father: Frederick Bergstrom Jacobsen

Mother: Ingerline Christena Hansen

Name: Annie Marie Jacobsen

Birth: 23 Mar 1850 Gern, Skanderborg, Denmark

Death: 26 Oct 1944 Juab Co., UT, USA

Father: Mads Knudsen


Name: Susanna JACOBSEN

Birth: 11 APR 1891 Bergen, Norway

Death: 23 Aug 1981 Racine County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Jakob GUDMUNDSEN- Helle

Mother: Synneve Olsdatter

Name: John Jacobsen

Birth: 27 September 1923 Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, United States of America

Death: 26 December 1985 Salina, Sevier County, Utah, United States of America

Father: Earnest Christian Jacobsen


Name: Agustus Jacobsen

Birth: 25 April 1888 Utah

Death: 12 Dec 1957 Swan Valley,Bonneville,Idaho

Father: Jacob Elias Jacobson

Mother: Cecelia Elmira Mc Bride

Name: Jens Jacobsen

Birth: 9 Jun 1872 Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder, Norway

Death: 1 Jul 1939 Stoughton, Dane, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Reinert Jakobsen Kjosva

Mother: Gunhild Sigbjornsdatter

Name: Severina Jacobsen

Birth: 08 Aug 1877 Reedstown, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 17 July 1961 San Diego, California, United States

Father: Ingebret Albert Jacobson

Mother: Susanna Erickson

Name: Rena Jacobsen

Birth: 29 Apr 1877 South Dakota

Death: May 1968 Canton, Lincoln Co., S. D., USA

Father: Erik Jacobson

Mother: Marit E Knutsdatter Lilleodegaarden

Name: Melvin Willis Jacobsen

Birth: 1905/07/25 Nebraska

Death: June 6, 1961 Memorial Hosp., Watertown, Codington Co., Sd

Father: Willis Christian Jacobsen

Mother: Kirstene Veta Pedersen Jacobsen

Name: William V Jacobsen

Birth: abt 1897 Wisconsin

Death: 19 Apr 1970 Washington Is., Door, Wisconsin

Father: Jens Jacobson

Mother: Olive Adeline Garrettt

Name: Peter Axel Jacobsen

Birth: 19 Feb 1910 Grundy, Iowa

Death: Oct 1985 Orland, Glenn, California, USA

Father: Niels Peder Jacobsen

Mother: Bertha Marie Jorgensen

Name: Anna Jacobsen

Birth: 01 Mar 1904 Kings, New York, USA

Death: Nov 1968 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA

Father: Philip(Leiser) Jacobson(Jacobsohn)

Mother: Rose Kaplan

Name: James Cornelius Jacobsen

Birth: 22 Mar 1898 Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota, USA

Death: 29 Jul 1955 Umatilla County, Oregon, USA

Father: Charles Martin Jacobsen

Mother: Jensine Moe

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