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Name: Vernon Hook

Birth: 19 December 1902 Independence County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 05 Oct 1974 Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas, USA

Father: Jacob Andrew/Jake Hook

Mother: Nellie Pearl Caplinger

Name: Mathias Miller Hook

Birth: 21 Mar 1900 Breckinridge, Kentucky, USA

Death: 3 Aug 1974 Breckinridge, Kentucky

Father: Thomas Jefferson Hook

Mother: Margaret Ann Hook

Name: Bolding Hook

Birth: 1762 Gt Mongeham, Kent

Death: Feb 1798 Deal Kent

Father: Thomas Hook

Mother: Mary Hook

Name: William Hook

Birth: 16 Aug 1878 Flynn, Sanilac, Michigan, USA

Death: 04 Mar 1944 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: James Hook

Mother: Ruth Ellen Flynn

Name: John Gilman HOOK

Birth: 13 Feb 1820 Chichester, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 12 Apr 1899 Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, United States of America

Father: Jacob Hook

Mother: Hannah Jane Griffin

Name: Orlando L. Hook

Birth: 14 Jul 1905 Ohio

Death: 28 Mar 1967 Glouster, Athens, Ohio, USA

Father: Barney Hook

Mother: Jessie McGee

Name: Ann Elizabeth Hook

Birth: 11 july 1847 grove cottages, camberwell, surrey.

Death: Oct 1899 Greenwich, London, England

Father: Isaac Hook

Mother: Charlotte Crabb

Name: Florence Sarah Hook

Birth: 29 Aug 1911 Kalamazoo, Michigan

Death: 11 Jun 1989 Port Charlotte, Charlotte, Florida, USA

Father: Orley Stephen Haas

Mother: Mabel Irene Edwards

Name: George W Hook

Birth: abt 1875 New York

Death: 16 May 1954 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA

Father: George K Hook

Mother: Catherine Louise SCOTT

Name: August Hook

Birth: 6 Jul 1907 Indiana

Death: 1992 Indianapolis, Idaho

Father: John August Hook

Mother: Florence V. Weiss

Name: James Lanning Hook

Birth: 30 Apr 1919 Rhode Island, USA

Death: Feb. 1961 Ohio, USA

Father: Harry Lanning Hook

Mother: Loretta M Gallagher

Name: Homer L Hook

Birth: 18 Feb 1903 ,, Ohio

Death: 08 Nov 1924 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Herbert S Hook

Mother: Elenora Sager

Name: Elizebeth Hook

Birth: 14 August 1897 Daviess County, Indiana, USA

Death: JUL 1986 Washington, Daviess, Indiana, USA

Father: John Lawrence Hook

Mother: Mary H Jones

Name: Jacob William HOOK

Birth: 19 November 1873 Pennsylvania

Death: 17 Feb 1955 Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David Hook

Mother: Rebecca A Spigelmyer

Name: Mary Oma Hook

Birth: 16 Jan 1929 Hopkins, Kentucky, USA

Death: 2017 Germantown, Shelby, Tennessee, USA

Father: Arthur Lee Hook

Mother: Rosa Leah Gillard

Name: Irma Elunice Hook

Birth: 6 September 1916 Winn, Penobscot County, Maine, United States of America

Death: 25 October 1974 Westport, Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States of America

Father: Charles Edgar Hook

Mother: Florence Crocker

Name: Charles Taft Hook

Birth: 30 Oct 1908 Springdale, Mason, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 April 1995 Crestview, Okaloosa, Florida, USA

Father: George Washington Hook

Mother: Clara Elizabeth Degman

Name: John Wright Hook

Birth: 2 Feb 1864 Liberty, Adams Co., OH

Death: 16 Apr 1936 Woodford, Illinois

Father: Elijah Richards Hook

Mother: Mary Ellen Wright

Name: Willie Blanche Hook

Birth: 7 Dec 1890 Missouri

Death: 21 Feb 1977 Tallahassee, Leon, Florida, USA

Father: Thomas Elliot Hook

Mother: Virginia Cox

Name: Elizabeth Sharp Hook

Birth: 14 Feb 1797 Lexington, Lexington, South Carolina, USA

Death: 16 Oct 1883 Lexington, Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Father: John Christian Sharpe

Mother: Margaret Rebecca MICKLER

Name: Fred Everett Hook

Birth: July 12 1877 Chichester, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Death: January 9, 1957 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

Father: James Prescott Hook

Mother: Sarah Jane Gates

Name: James R Hook

Birth: Oct 1871 Trenton, Grundy, Missouri, USA

Death: 1941 Hackett, Sebastian, Arkansas, USA

Father: Lewis Addison Hook

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Keith

Name: John Luther Hook

Birth: 20 Apr 1879 South Carolina

Death: 6 Jan 1919 , Lexington, South Carolina, USA

Father: Albert Luther Hook

Mother: Eliza Catherine Monts

Name: Doris Elaine HOOK

Birth: 2 DEC 1919 Iowa

Death: 23 Feb 1998 Rice Memorial Hospital, Willmar, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, USA

Father: Dwight Angelo Hook

Mother: Gladys Lorraine Goodwin

Name: Andreas Hook

Birth: 9 Jan 1885 Holland

Death: 14 Dec 1948 Clinton, Clinton Co, Iowa, USA

Father: Ipe Hoek

Mother: Jennie Jantje Prins

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