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Name: Ruby Merle Giles

Birth: 22 Jan 1924 Navarro, Texas, United States

Death: 6 May 1998 Amarillo, Potter, Texas, United States


Mother: Jessie Pulattie

Name: Sara "Estelle" Giles

Birth: 17 Sep 1922 Georgia, USA

Death: 11 December 2003 Douglasville, Douglas County, Georgia, United States of America

Father: Joseph Hamilton Giles

Mother: Mary Slaton Giles

Name: James E Giles

Birth: 12 Feb 1883 Pennsylvania

Death: 21 June 1935 Marin County, California, USA

Father: Frank S Giles

Mother: Irene (Edith) Giles

Name: William Giles

Birth: 1930 Thomas County, Georgia, USA

Death: 2005 Thomas County, Georgia, USA

Father: Austin B Giles

Mother: Johnnie Lee EVANS

Name: Sharp Thomas Giles

Birth: 24 Jul 1870 Illinois

Death: 1946 West Allis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Westward Giles

Mother: Rebecca Bustard

Name: Henry James Giles

Birth: July 1875 Andover, Hampshire, England

Death: 1958 Reading, Berkshire, England

Father: James Giles

Mother: Elizabeth Hobbs

Name: mary giles

Birth: 1 Aug 1721 In Macnade Faversham Kent

Death: 1777 Faversham, Kent, England

Father: George Giles

Mother: Frances Turner*


Birth: Aug 1845 Tennessee

Death: 1921 Madison, Madison, Alabama, United States

Father: Allen B. Giles

Mother: Mary McFarlin

Name: Reuben Giles

Birth: 27 September 1872 Monroe, County, Tennessee

Death: 1 Feb 1915 Monroe, Tennessee

Father: Reuben Newton Giles

Mother: Dorothy Donohoo

Name: Andrew Warren Giles

Birth: 1921 Mississippi, USA

Death: 2003 MAR 10 Houston, Harris, Texas

Father: James Walter Giles

Mother: Jewel King

Name: Leonard Giles

Birth: 9 Oct 1886 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas, USA

Death: 27 Jul 1961 Crestwood, Oldham, Kentucky, USA

Father: Robert Sidney Giles

Mother: Florida Bell Chism

Name: Julia Ann GILES

Birth: Mar 1849 Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States

Death: 19 October 1924 Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Osborne Giles

Mother: Edith Adkins

Name: Bernard Howard Giles

Birth: 1916 Oklahoma

Death: 8/24/1985 La Porte, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Thomas Howard Giles

Mother: Myrtella Wagner

Name: George James Giles

Birth: 6 Feb 1882 Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 11 Jan 1951 Monongalia, West Virginia, United States

Father: James Giles

Mother: Margaret Ennis


Birth: Abt. 1850 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England

Death: 24 Sept 1926 Birmingham North, Warwickshire, England

Father: William Giles

Mother: Amelia Hemus

Name: Edison M Giles

Birth: abt 1895 Pennsylvania

Death: 9 October 1952 Carbondale, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Father: William John Giles

Mother: Mary Ellen Thomas

Name: Elizabeth C Giles

Birth: Aug 1861 New York

Death: 15 Jan 1937 Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Harvey Morse

Mother: Elizabeth Elinor Abram

Name: Ivan Giles

Birth: Abt 1925 Michigan

Death: 7 July 2011 Flint Township, Genesee County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Ernest Brock Giles

Mother: Sadie Ann West

Name: William Fenn Giles

Birth: Aug 1866 Mississippi, USA

Death: 23 Feb 1960 Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Father: Dr. William Giles

Mother: Una Emeline Fenn

Name: John Archie Giles

Birth: 6 Oct 1909 Oklahoma

Death: 18 Jun 1970 Holdenville, Hughes County, Oklahoma

Father: Charles Giles

Mother: Rosa Emma Guiles Highfield

Name: Mary Elizabeth Giles

Birth: October 28 1885 New York, New York

Death: 1972 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Giles

Mother: Rose McQuade

Name: Mary Giles

Birth: abt 1868 Illinois

Death: 11 Dec 1946 Moline, Rock Island, Illinois

Father: Westward Giles

Mother: Rebecca Bustard

Name: John Edwin Giles

Birth: 14 May 1909 Kingsland, Cleveland Co., Arkansas, USA

Death: 19 Apr 1997 Malvern, Hot Spring, Arkansas, USA

Father: Charlie Gold Giles

Mother: Daisy Myrtle Earhart

Name: Mildred A Giles

Birth: 5 Oct 1907 Massachusetts

Death: 22 Jul 1991 Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Frederick Bronson Claflin

Mother: Elizabeth Alice Blundell Claflin

Name: Neville Giles

Birth: 12 May 1910 Kentucky

Death: 17 Aug 1990 Fayette, Kentucky

Father: Peter Giles

Mother: Eva O'Nan

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