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Results for "doll"

Name: John Wesley Doll

Birth: 1849 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States

Death: 19 Aug 1894 Bolivar, Jefferson, West Virginia, United States

Father: Daniel Doll

Mother: Mary Catherine Peters

Name: Jacob Doll

Birth: 23 MAY 1837 Recovery Township, Mercer, Ohio, United States

Death: 12 Sept 1927 Otter Tail Co MN

Father: Johann Doll

Mother: Josephine Sophia (Hitz) Doll

Name: Henry William Doll

Birth: 17 Dec 1902 Omaha, Nebraska

Death: Jan 1979 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: Albert Joseph Doll

Mother: Bridget Agnes MCCARTHY

Name: Mary Doll

Birth: abt 1884 Ohio

Death: 1954 Scioto, Ohio, United States

Father: John J. Doll

Mother: Katherine (Kate) Held

Name: Sarah Martha Doll

Birth: 10 Aug 1889 Norwich, Kingman, Kansas, USA

Death: 9 Dec 1983 Blacksburg, Cherokee, South Carolina, USA

Father: Erastus Sanford Doll

Mother: Anna 'Annie' Bledsoe

Name: Doll

Birth: 15 May 1866 Ohio

Death: 21 January 1940 Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Doll

Mother: Elizabeth Thomas

Name: Joseph E Doll

Birth: 23 Jul 1900 Iowa

Death: Nov 1978 Eldora, Hardin, Iowa, USA

Father: Fred Doll

Mother: Matilda Loebig

Name: Johann Wilhelm Doll

Birth: 07 Mar 1777 Edenkoben, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

Death: 15 February 1868 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Philipp Heinrich Doll

Mother: Maria Catharina Voelcker

Name: Mary Louise Doll

Birth: 5 Mar 1904 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY

Death: 13 Sep 1998 Louisville, Jefferson co, KY

Father: Frank J Doll

Mother: Annie Thomas

Name: Leo L. Doll

Birth: 13 Jun 1907 Richland County, Illinois, USA

Death: 27 May 1975 Olney, Richland, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Ludwig Doll

Mother: Rosa Catherine Eckstein

Name: Charles Doll

Birth: 1839 Groetzingen, Durlach, Baden, Germany

Death: 26 Mar 1880 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA

Father: Karl Doll

Mother: Anna Maria Heydt

Name: Joseph F Doll

Birth: September 1876 New Jersey, USA

Death: 11 February 1907 Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey, USA

Father: Matthew E Doll

Mother: Francis Deadmeyer

Name: Mary Frances Doll

Birth: 21 Jul 1857 St Lawrence, Washington, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 24 Jun 1928 Hartford, Washington, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Heinrich Doll

Mother: Gertrud D KAISER

Name: Mary Barbara Doll

Birth: 11 APR 1879 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana

Death: 08 NOV 1966 Vincennes, Knox, Indiana

Father: Frank Anthony Doll

Mother: Mary Frances Sauer

Name: Jacob 'Jake' Doll

Birth: 1867 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Mar 1947 Jasper, Missouri, USA

Father: Sebastian Doll

Mother: Maria Rolland

Name: Paul Frederick Doll

Birth: 11 Mar 1916 Jefferson, Kentucky

Death: 9 Jun 2003 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Father: Castleman David Doll

Mother: Bessie L Meriwether

Name: Minnie Doll

Birth: 22 Jun 1883 Buffalo, Erie, New York

Death: 24 Nov 1960 New York

Father: Karl Schmoker

Mother: Wilhelmine Lang

Name: Jacob Dominic Doll

Birth: Apr 1855 Germany

Death: 1930 Erie County, New York, USA

Father: Johann Jacob Doll

Mother: Margaretha Blum

Name: Jay P Doll

Birth: 1 Jun 1924 Massillon St, Ohio

Death: 5 Feb 1997 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Jesse Doll

Mother: Cora Ellen Steiner

Name: Servatius Doll

Birth: 08 DEC 1880 Germany

Death: 21 January 1959 Buffalo, Wright Co, Minnesota, USA

Father: Johann Doll

Mother: Anna Mueller

Name: Emiline Margareth Doll

Birth: 25 Feb 1898 Dumont, Traverse County, Minnesota, United States

Death: 22 Nov 1974 Traverse, Minnesota, USA

Father: Andrew Doll

Mother: Mary Gertrude MADER

Name: William Raymond Doll

Birth: 13 Mar 1946 Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA

Death: 07 Sep 2010 Otter Tail, Minnesota, USA

Father: Alois Anton DOLL

Mother: Catherine Louise SCHORNACK

Name: Shirley M Doll

Birth: 13 Jan 1925 New York

Death: 12 May 2007 At home, Johnson Rd., Freeville, Tompkins County, New York

Father: Laurence Cable Doll

Mother: Marie E Matter

Name: valentine doll

Birth: 31 Jul 1878 Ukraine

Death: 20 Oct 1956 Hettinger, North Dakota, USA

Father: Jakob Doll GG

Mother: Elisabeth Kuntz

Name: Mary Ellen Doll

Birth: 30 Aug 1872 Temperence, Michigan

Death: 03 Apr 1952 Hale, Plainfield Twp., Iosco Co., Michigan, USA

Father: Joseph C. Dull

Mother: Mary Benton

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