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Name: Corwin Grant Cavin

Birth: 04 Dec 1918 Kansas

Death: 26 Nov 1995 Liberal, Seward, Kansas, USA

Father: Corwin Grant Cavin

Mother: Minnie Roden Cadin

Name: Lowell Dudley Cavin

Birth: 27 Dec 1915 Yakima, Washington, USA

Death: 24 Jul 2012 Kirkland, King County, Washington

Father: James Guy Cavin

Mother: Audrey Etta Sherrod

Name: LeMoine Francis Cavin

Birth: 9 Nov 1921 Green Camp, Marion County, Ohio, USA

Death: 11 Jan 2016 Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio, USA

Father: Lynn Francis Cavin

Mother: Nora Belle Foster

Name: Franklin Eugene CAVIN

Birth: 27 Jul 1915 California

Death: 27 April 1953 Klamath River, Siskiyou, California, USA

Father: William Jesse Cavin

Mother: Lulu Elizabeth Savage

Name: John Marion Cavin

Birth: 03/04/1853 Texas, USA

Death: 3 Oct 1929 Lohn, McCulloch, Texas, USA

Father: John Robert Cavin

Mother: Martha Matthews

Name: Laura Jane Cavin

Birth: 4 Jul 1874 Brewers, Cabarrus, North Carolina, United States

Death: 29 May 1923 Kannapolis, Cabarrus, North Carolina, United States

Father: Paul Davault

Mother: Hettie Matilda Walter


Birth: 05/11/1890 gloster, amite county, mississippi

Death: 01/31/1969 terrell, kaufman county, texas

Father: Robert Lafayette Cavin

Mother: Hulda A. Jamison

Name: Eliza J Cavin

Birth: 10 Dec 1894 Church Hill, Hawkins, Tennessee, USA

Death: 19 January 1977 Ollie, Keokuk, Iowa, USA

Father: George Pantley Cavin

Mother: Susanna B Gilbert

Name: John Robert Cavin

Birth: Dec 1821 Alabama, USA

Death: AFT 1900 Cleveland, Cimarron, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Ananias Cavin

Mother: Margaret HAMILTON

Name: Edward Thomas Cavin

Birth: 24 Dec 1924 Charleston K, West Virginia

Death: 13 Sep 2004 Green Cove Springs, Clay, Florida, USA

Father: Edward Lewis Cavin

Mother: Ocie D Shouetz

Name: Else Lee Cavin

Birth: 29 Sept 1906 Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma

Death: 15 Sep 1936 Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma

Father: Lorenzo Cavin AKA Caven

Mother: Martha J Bolin


Birth: 9 Nov 1832 Washington, Arkansas, United States

Death: 1919 Llano, Texas

Father: William Cavin

Mother: Mary Holland

Name: Nina A Cavin

Birth: abt 1903 Tennessee

Death: 1975 Springfield, Clark, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry Tipton Cavin

Mother: Julia Gillenwater

Name: Albert Melvin Cavin

Birth: 6 Dec 1886 Missouri

Death: 23 Apr 1974 Sheridan, Worth, Missouri, USA

Father: Samuel Wiley Cavin

Mother: Cora Geneva Stevens

Name: Joe Richard Cavin

Birth: 24 September 1934 Boyd County, Kentucky, United States of America

Death: Aug 12 2004 New Port Richey, Pasco Co, FL

Father: James Oscar Cavin

Mother: Eva Elizabeth Johnson

Name: Josiah Cavin

Birth: 23 Jan 1846 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, United States

Death: 21 Apr 1928 Dodge City, Ford, Kansas, USA,

Father: William Cavin

Mother: Elizabeth Hester Ridgeway

Name: Dora Elizabeth Cavin

Birth: May 1851 Wisconsin

Death: 21 June 1930 Bay, Florida, United States

Father: Allen Clark

Mother: Ruby Yeoman

Name: John Albert Cavin

Birth: 01 Mar 1893 Greensburg, Green Co., Kentucky

Death: 03 Feb 1973 Amarillo, Potter Co., TX

Father: Albert M Cavin

Mother: Virginia Alice Montgomery

Name: William M. Cavin

Birth: 26 JUL 1835 Chesterfield, AL

Death: 1 JAN 1917 Menlo, Chattooga, Georgia

Father: John M. Cavin

Mother: Ann Pennell

Name: Robert Richard Cavin

Birth: 11/29/1921 Mississippi

Death: 22 Feb 1958 Adams County, MS b. Mars Hill Cemetery, Wilkinson County, MS

Father: Henry Lee Cavin

Mother: Olivia V. LEAKE

Name: Albert L Cavin

Birth: 06 APR 1904 Woodville, Wilkinson, Mississippi, USA

Death: APR 1967 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America

Father: Van Percy Cavin

Mother: Amanda Drucilla Blalock

Name: John Leo CAVIN

Birth: 10 Sep 1903 Kenton, Hardin, Ohio, USA

Death: 10 Jul 1972 Kenton, Hardin, Ohio, USA

Father: Jeremiah Cavin

Mother: Edith Phillips

Name: Patrick Cavin

Birth: Jun 1853 Ohio, United States

Death: 22 May 1912 Houston, MN to Joann Olafson

Father: Daniel Cavin

Mother: Judith Stapleton

Name: Thomas Cavin

Birth: 24 Mar. 1846 Chesterfield, Cherokee, Alabama, United States

Death: 16 MAY 1930 Chesterfield, AL

Father: John M. Cavin

Mother: Ann Pennell

Name: Edith May Cavin

Birth: 5 MAR 1907 Canute, Washita, Oklahoma

Death: 1995 texas

Father: Steven Oscar Cavin

Mother: Mary Ida Durham

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