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Results for "buerk"

Name: William Buerk

Birth: 27 Jun 1915 (true) Milford, Clermont County, OH

Death: 27 Dec 1991 (true) Milford, Clermont County, OH

Father: Martin Luther Buerk

Mother: Lucy Opal Honchell

Name: Margaret C Buerk

Birth: 13 Apr 1916 Indpls, Marion, Indiana, USA

Death: 13 Apr 1964 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Father: Albert Buerk

Mother: Cora Elizabeth Dunlap

Name: William Buerk

Birth: 21 Aug 1906 Ohio USA

Death: 25 Nov 1990 Oxford , Ohio

Father: William BUERK

Mother: Margalena Keller

Name: John M Buerk

Birth: 1886 Benzinger, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 12 June 1942 St. Marys, Elk Co., PA

Father: Erhard Bürk

Mother: Dorothea Glatt

Name: Amalia Buerk

Birth: 29 Oct 1846 Kappelrodeck, Bühl, Baden, Germany

Death: 20 Nov 1905 Cincinnati Hamilton Co OH

Father: Johann Buerk

Mother: Maria Franziska Dietz

Name: Frances Anna Buerk

Birth: 5 Dec 1906 Missouri

Death: Mar 1989 Poplar Bluff, MO

Father: Christian R Buerk

Mother: Anna Frances Ely

Name: Andrew J Buerk

Birth: 7 Jul 1910 Pennsylvania

Death: 4 October 1966 St. Marys, Elk Co, Pennsylvania

Father: Andrew Carl Buerk

Mother: Mary Barbara Eckert

Name: Roman Buerk

Birth: abt 1925 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 August 2009 Coudersport, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Carl Buerk

Mother: Mary Barbara Eckert

Name: William J Buerk

Birth: 28 May 1919 Benzinger, Elk, Pennsylvania

Death: Jun 1978 Saint Marys, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Albert Christian Buerk

Mother: Caroline Theresa Schwabenbauer

Name: Arthur N. Buerk

Birth: 05/08/1922 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Death: 04/24/2010 Hazelwood, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Lawrence Carl Buerk

Mother: Eugenia Angeline Merritt

Name: Francis J Buerk

Birth: 18 Sep 1914 St Marys, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 22 Feb 1995 St Marys, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Buerk

Mother: Mary A Truffuer

Name: Christian R Buerk

Birth: 19 Sep 1869 Paris, Monroe, Missouri, USA

Death: 16 Nov 1939 Paris, Monroe, Missouri, USA

Father: Thomas Buerk

Mother: Agnes Schlanker

Name: Edna E Buerk

Birth: 3 Dec 1909 Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1989 Clearwater

Father: George J Buerk

Mother: Alice Elizabeth Elfstrom

Name: Clifford A. Buerk

Birth: 1913 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Death: 1985 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Arthur Valentine Buerk

Mother: Hilda Johanna Weiss

Name: Arthur Buerk

Birth: abt 1905 Illinois

Death: 13 Apr 1947 Seattle, King, Washington

Father: Gustave Adolph Buerk

Mother: Mary Wiser

Name: Johanna Barbara Buerk

Birth: 30 JAN 1802 Eppingen, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Death: 5 DEC 1874 Mühlhausen an der Enz, Enzkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Father: Georg Andreas Bürk

Mother: Eva Margarete Groh

Name: Gale Buerk

Birth: abt 1916 Ohio

Death: 3 Jan 1964 Waterville, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Father: August Herman Buerk

Mother: Helen Marie Miller

Name: Betty H Buerk

Birth: 25 Sep 1920 Ohio, United States

Death: 23 Oct 1986 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States

Father: Harold Richard Buerk

Mother: Hope Haworth

Name: gordon carl buerk

Birth: 12 Dec 1914 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Death: 25 Jan 1975 New Westminster, British Columbia

Father: Jacob E Buerk

Mother: Julia Buerk

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