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Name: Emily Bolt

Birth: 1852 Redruth, Cornwall, England

Death: Sep 1922 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: Matthew BOLT

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Hosking

Name: Harry joseph Bolt

Birth: 1920 Floyd County, Georgia, USA

Death: 1985 Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Joseph Louis Bolt

Mother: Willie Mae Hall

Name: Minnie L. Bolt

Birth: 13 Mar 1870 Goose Creek, Clay, West Virginia, USA

Death: 15 Jan 1919 Mckendree, Fayette, West Virginia, USA

Father: Harvey Gabriel Bolt

Mother: Martha Pauline McGraw

Name: Alice Bolt

Birth: abt 1910 South Carolina

Death: 5 Feb 1998 Anderson County, South Carolina, United States

Father: Guy Beard

Mother: lila hall

Name: Ronald Ben Bolt

Birth: 28 Mar 1897 Fairbury, Jefferson, Nebraska, USA

Death: Feb 1981 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona, United States of America

Father: Henry Albert Bolt

Mother: Ruth DUNNE

Name: William H Bolt

Birth: abt 1903 Virginia

Death: 18 Jun 1927 Grayson, Virginia, USA

Father: Malon Cronniger Bolt

Mother: Emma Virginia DALTON Bolt

Name: Joel David Bolt

Birth: 16 Jan 1959 Harris, Texas, USA

Death: 25 Mar 2006 Goldthwait, Mills County, Texas, USA

Father: Joel David Bolt

Mother: Betty Jean Steve

Name: Charles Earnest Bolt

Birth: 7 Dec 1930 Texas

Death: 24 Jan 2003 Leesburg, Camp, Texas, United States

Father: William Bolt

Mother: Nola Ensley Stewart

Name: Clarence Leonard Bolt

Birth: 16 Sep 1921 Boyd, Kentucky

Death: 26 Oct 1991 Alachua, Florida, United States

Father: Kenton R. Bolt

Mother: Elva Blankenship

Name: Floyd Bolt

Birth: 18 Mar 1918 Whelen Springs, Clark County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 26 Mar 1994 Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Floyd Chastain Bolt

Mother: Lena W Elia

Name: Asbury Tilman Bolt

Birth: 31 Jan 1843 Fayette County, Georgia, United States

Death: 20 Mar 1932 Lindale, Floyd, Georgia, USA

Father: Isham J Bolt

Mother: Emily Harvell

Name: William Von Bolt

Birth: 13 Jul 1920 SC

Death: 25 Jan 2003 Atlanta, GA

Father: Clifton Duane Bolt

Mother: Edna Lula Hester

Name: Omer Bolt

Birth: 15 Apr 1922 Babb Town, Laurens, South Carolina, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1998 Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina, USA

Father: Eugene Hamilton Bolt

Mother: Lillie Pearl Nelson

Name: Ada Bolt

Birth: 24 Apr 1908 Randolph County, Alabama, USA

Death: March 8, 1995 Dadeville, Tallapoosa, Alabama, USA

Father: William Lincoln Bolt

Mother: Mary T Clark

Name: Oscar Bolt

Birth: abt 1900 Oklahoma

Death: JAN 1958 Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Allen Bolt

Mother: Ella Kitchens

Name: Juliana M Bolt

Birth: 15 Dec 1866 Carroll, Virginia, United States

Death: 02 Sep 1934 Pulaski County, Virginia

Father: Andrew Jackson Bolt

Mother: Sarah Catherine Marshall Bolt

Name: John Bolt

Birth: 09 May 1924 Anderson County, Texas

Death: 23 Jul 1992 Athens, Henderson, Texas, USA

Father: John Obidor Bolt

Mother: Eula Emily Fitzgerald

Name: Elizabeth Bolt

Birth: 21 May 1901 Martinsville, Indiana, USA

Death: May 1994 Speedway Indiana

Father: William Bolt

Mother: Emily Jennie Jessup

Name: George Edward Bolt

Birth: 22 May 1882 New York

Death: June 1968 Batavia, Genesee, New York, United States of America

Father: George Bolt

Mother: Eliza Sophia Shaw

Name: William Edward BOLT

Birth: 14 Jan 1896 Texas, USA

Death: Feb 1986 Junction, Kimble, Texas, USA

Father: Edward Ellis Bolt

Mother: Lottie Tisdale

Name: Nannie Maud Bolt

Birth: 14 Jan 1888 South Carolina

Death: June 21, 1921 Home

Father: John Albert Bolt

Mother: Mary McCoy

Name: Mary Bolt

Birth: 28 Jul 1880 Pickens, Pickens, South Carolina, United States

Death: 11 Jun 1968 Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Father: Oliver Bolt +

Mother: Mary Helena Morgan

Name: Gaines Arthur Bolt

Birth: 6 July 1893 Lanett, Chambers County, Alabama, United States of America

Death: 29 May 1976 Lanett, Chambers County, Alabama, USA

Father: William Berry Bolt

Mother: Sarah Webb

Name: Jennette Bolt

Birth: 25 Sep 1838 Hamblin Twp, Brown, Indiana, USA

Death: 1915 Charleston, Washington, Kansas, USA

Father: Charles Bolt

Mother: Mahala Ferguson Walker

Name: Ebeltje Bolt

Birth: 18 Jan 1850 Bierum, Holwierde

Death: 24 Jul 1930 Grove Hill Cemetery, Union Grove Twp , Whiteside, Illinois

Father: Derk "Dick" Bolt

Mother: Geessien Merema

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