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Name: Lorene A Blackwood

Birth: abt 1911 Alabama

Death: 17 Dec 1990 Danville, Morgan, Alabama, USA

Father: Isaac Elijah Blackwood

Mother: Annie Sandlin

Name: William Blackwood

Birth: 13 Dec 1789 Dollar

Death: 24 Jan 1875 Cairn Park Street, Dollar.

Father: John Blackwood

Mother: Margaret Baird

Name: Edna M Blackwood

Birth: 1894 Miltonvale, Cloud, Kansas

Death: 19 February 1983 Shawnee Mission, Johnson, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Emile Joseph Regnier

Mother: Hattie Cyr

Name: George Thurman Blackwood

Birth: 1 Jan 1892 Weir, Sunflower, Mississippi, United States

Death: 07 Mar 1954 Drew, Sunflower County, Mississippi, USA

Father: John Blackwood

Mother: Mary Alice Gladney

Name: Alice Blackwood

Birth: 1871 Murphysboro, Jackson, Illinois, USA

Death: 1 March 1952 Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Maximilian ‘Mack’ Blackwood

Mother: Knowiless Lipe

Name: Della D Blackwood

Birth: 12 Aug 1891 Indian Territory, Oklahoma

Death: 1975 Verdigris, Rogers, Oklahoma

Father: Eli R Blackwood

Mother: Flora Carrick

Name: Louisa Blackwood

Birth: 18 Nov 1893 Manchester, Ancoats, Lancas, England

Death: 21 May 1970 Crumpsall, Manchesteer. Lancashire, England

Father: William Jenkins Blackwood

Mother: Sarah Jane Johnson

Name: James Douglas Blackwood

Birth: abt Apr 1848 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, United Kingdom

Death: 3 Aug 1934 Springfield, Delaware, Pennsylvania

Father: William H. Blackwood

Mother: Victoria douglas

Name: Ruth Blackwood

Birth: 1916 Rutland, Rutland, Vermont, USA

Death: 2002 Baltimore, Independent Cities, Maryland, USA

Father: Milton Edwin Blackwood

Mother: Maude Evelyn Curtis

Name: Mabel Frances Blackwood

Birth: 21/06/1905 Idana, Clay, Kansas, USA

Death: 16 NOV 1983 last address - Tulsa, Osage Co, Oklahoma

Father: Samuel Martin Blackwood

Mother: Eva Elizabeth Manwarren


Birth: 28 Apr 1855 Buena Vista, Jasper Co, Iowa

Death: 30 Mar 1927 Newton, Jasper, IA

Father: Joseph Wilson Blackwood

Mother: Mary Susan Shaner

Name: Robert David Blackwood

Birth: 5 Apr 1904 Cullman, Alabama

Death: 17 May 1966 Arab, Marshall, Alabama

Father: Henry B. Blackwood

Mother: Anna Cora Lee

Name: George Blackwood

Birth: 5 Oct 1903 Stillwell, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1968 Westville,Adair County,Oklahoma

Father: Isaac Blackwood

Mother: Annie Gettingdown

Name: John Blackwood

Birth: 13 May 1847 Lunsford, Alabama

Death: 5 June 1924 Mountain Grove, Wright Co., MO

Father: William Blackwood

Mother: Tabitha Cornelius Blackwood

Name: John E Blackwood

Birth: 26 Aug 1850 Cleveland, Blount, Alabama, United States

Death: 26 August 1937 Cleveland, Blount County, Alabama, USA

Father: Alford Blackwood

Mother: Nancy Lucinda Stephens

Name: Ralph B. Blackwood

Birth: 14 Nov 1878 Pembroke, Washington, Maine, USA

Death: 7 Sep 1933 San Francisco, California, USA

Father: Jotham Sewell Blackwood

Mother: Sarah Trott

Name: Clifford Aubrey Blackwood

Birth: 22 Apr 1896 Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States

Death: 6 Feb 1967 Paris, Henry, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Tobe Daniel Blackwood

Mother: Yuda Tennessee Boden

Name: Andrew Jackson Blackwood

Birth: 12 November 1861 Arkansas, USA

Death: 25 Sep 1941 Seminole, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Andrew Jackson Blackwood****(1/4 Cherokee)

Mother: Mary Melissa Stephenson

Name: James Blackwood

Birth: Abt. 1783 Kinross, Scotland

Death: 15 Feb 1861 Kinross, Kinross-shire, Scotland

Father: William Blackwood

Mother: Christian Beveridge

Name: Thomas Jefferson Blackwood

Birth: 24 Mar 1910 New Hope, Orange, North Carolina

Death: 10 Jan 1981 Chapel Hill,Orange,NC,USA

Father: Winfield Scott Blackwood

Mother: Nannie Eva Riggsbee

Name: James Clifton Blackwood

Birth: abt 1919 Massachusetts

Death: 6 Oct 2005 Plainville, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Robert Bond Blackwood

Mother: Caroline Wheelock Freeman

Name: Ida Cora Blackwood

Birth: 17 Feb 1901 Indian Territory

Death: 7 Jan 1957 Sacramento, California

Father: Isaiah Bradshaw Blackwood

Mother: Cora Ann Allen

Name: Thomas Smith Blackwood

Birth: 30 Sep 1809 Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland

Death: 1895 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: James Blackwood

Mother: Marion Ferguson

Name: Neta J Blackwood

Birth: 8 Aug 1888 Iowa

Death: 16 Dec 1929 Eddyville,Mahaska,Iowa

Father: John Robert Blackwood

Mother: Ida Belle Chambers

Name: Ethel Marie Blackwood

Birth: 5 Mar 1902 Vallonia, Jackson County, Indiana, USA

Death: 31 Oct 1971 Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana, USA

Father: Ira Blackwood

Mother: Eleanora Robinson

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