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Results for "blacksmith"

Name: Edith Louise Blacksmith

Birth: 18 Dec 1925 West Point, Lee County, Iowa, USA

Death: 1 Apr 2006 Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA

Father: George Ernest Blacksmith

Mother: Nellie Elizabeth Isaacson

Name: Gertrude Blacksmith

Birth: abt 1902 Missouri

Death: 27 Sep 1979 Ventrua, CA

Father: John Anton Blacksmith

Mother: Dorothy Ellis

Name: Gerald Ray Blacksmith

Birth: 14 November 1905 Lingo, Macon County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 1 April 1989 Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri, USA

Father: John Anton Blacksmith

Mother: Minnie Belle Grubb

Name: Louis Blacksmith

Birth: 2 Nov 1901 Linco, Missouri

Death: 31 Aug 1968 Osceola, St Clair, Missouri, USA

Father: Edward Francis Blacksmith

Mother: Idalie "Ida" Olinger

Name: Charles Russell Blacksmith

Birth: 29 Mar 1930 Missouri, USA

Death: April 6, 1988 Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, USA

Father: Anthony E. Blacksmith

Mother: Mabel May Mahaffey

Name: Wilfred E Blacksmith

Birth: 1906 Missouri, Usa

Death: 1963 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA

Father: Anton Blacksmith

Mother: Elizabeth Josie Collins

Name: John Blacksmith

Birth: 24 Apr 1871 Bohemia

Death: 17 Jan 1956 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA

Father: John Blacksmith

Mother: Josefa Josephine Wodrážková Vodroska

Name: Sylvena Blacksmith

Birth: 29 MAY 1913 Stillwater, Minnesota

Death: 28 APR 1995 Clear Lake, Iowa

Father: Frank Herman Blacksmith

Mother: Sylvena Delilah Broyles

Name: Dorothy D Blacksmith

Birth: abt 1871 Missouri

Death: 7 May 1918 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States

Father: Pilman Riley Ellis

Mother: Sarah Angeline Blew

Name: Joe Blacksmith

Birth: 1905 , , Missouri

Death: Jun 1975 Mabank, Kaufman, Texas, USA

Father: Joseph Blacksmith

Mother: Barbara Rash

Name: Mildred W Blacksmith

Birth: abt 1926 Missouri

Death: 3 March 1975 Rawlins, Carbon County, Wyoming, United States of America

Father: John Franklin Blacksmith

Mother: Mary Ruth Williams

Name: Katherine Hertrich Blacksmith

Birth: 14 Oct 1848 Hoff, , Bayern, Germany

Death: 17 MAR 1941 Batavia, Kane, Illinois, USA

Father: Johann Jacob Hertrich

Mother: Eva Margaretha Sachs

Name: Mary Anna Blacksmith

Birth: 25 Oct. 1853 Bavaria

Death: 20 Nov. 1922 Iowa

Father: John Blacksmith

Mother: Catherine Solman

Name: Anthony J Blacksmith

Birth: 29 Dec 1870 Bohemia, Germany

Death: 27 May 1945 Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA

Father: Antonin Plešmíd Blacksmith

Mother: Terrezza Blacksmith

Name: Anton Blacksmith

Birth: abt 1845 Bohemia

Death: 20 Sep 1924 Lingo, Macon, Missouri, United States

Father: Jan Nepomucký Plešmíd

Mother: Josefa Straková

Name: John Blacksmith

Birth: abt 1910 Illinois

Death: 09/21/2002 Batavia, Kane, Illinois, USA

Father: Frank Blacksmith

Mother: Emma Meyer

Name: Charles Clayton Blacksmith

Birth: 27 Mar 1916 Kentucky

Death: 12 Feb 1990 Orange, California

Father: Arthur Fredrick Blecksmith

Mother: Clara Augusta Glore

Name: Kenneth N Blacksmith

Birth: 23 November 1916 Marleline MO

Death: 5 Aug 1995 Evansdale, Black Hawk, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Johan Blacksmith

Mother: Nellie McGuigan

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