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Name: Lillie V Bahn

Birth: 10 Apr 1908 Hopewell, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1999 Seven Valleys, York, Pennsylvania

Father: Samuel Bahn*

Mother: Mary Godfrey

Name: William Sylvester Bahn

Birth: 5 Jun 1916 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Death: 2 Jul 2003 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Clarence Wrackley Bahn

Mother: Mary M QUIGLEY

Name: Dorothey Rebecca Bahn

Birth: 14 Mar 1906 Pennsylvania

Death: 3 April 1975 York, York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Harry Elijah Bahn

Mother: Rosa Ellen Rohrbach

Name: Elmer R Bahn

Birth: 1909 Froid, Roosevelt Montana

Death: 3 Jan 1994 Ellensburg, Washington

Father: Lester Austin Bahn

Mother: Augusta Veis Neiss

Name: Selma Bahn

Birth: 1888 Norget Pukarp

Death: 8 Sep 1966 Saint Louis, Minnesota

Father: Carl Edvard Carlson

Mother: Amanda Louisa Skold

Name: Magdalena Bahn

Birth: 05 May 1800 York, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: July 18, 1869 Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

Father: Henrich Schwartz

Mother: Anna Zech

Name: Lydia Bahn

Birth: 16 JAN 1807 York Co, PA

Death: 07 Mar 1871 Windsor Twsp

Father: Joseph Heistand Kauffman

Mother: Catherine Huber

Name: Julia Ann Bahn

Birth: 1825 Shrewsbury, York, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 22 Oct 1905 Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Bahn

Mother: Mary Magdalena Schwartz

Name: Emma Carrie Bahn

Birth: 6 Apr 1875 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 03 Feb 1947 Conewago, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Frederick M. Bahn

Mother: Emma Jane Neiman

Name: Alvin C. Bahn

Birth: 1875 PA

Death: 09 Oct 1940 West Manchester, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Adam Bahn

Mother: Annie Reeser

Name: Samuel N. Bahn

Birth: 18 April 1834 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 15 September 1873 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Bahn

Mother: Anna Bahn

Name: Joseph Bahn

Birth: 24 Mar 1822 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 29 August 1909 Dallastown, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Adam Bahn

Mother: Anna Liebhart

Name: Elmer Franklin BAHN

Birth: 05 Sep 1875 Pennsylvania

Death: 1949 York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Adam Bahn

Mother: Annie Reeser

Name: Mary Ann Bahn

Birth: 28 Dec 1844 Brodbecks, York, PA. USA

Death: 25 Apr 1932 Codorus, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Libhart Bahn

Mother: Susanna Tyson

Name: Charles A Bahn

Birth: 14 Feb 1881 York County, Pennsylvania

Death: 20 Jun 1927 York, York Co, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Henry Nelson Bahn*

Mother: Sarah Jane Smith

Name: Rebecca Bahn

Birth: 05 Dec 1850 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Feb 1926 York Co., PA

Father: Jacob L Bahn

Mother: Elizabeth Frey Bahn

Name: Levi Bahn

Birth: May 05, 1836 Spring Garden Twsp, York, Pennsylvania

Death: 23 May 1916 Springettsbury, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Bahn

Mother: Lydia Bahn

Name: Chester B Bahn

Birth: abt 1894 United States

Death: 8 Jan 1962 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: John George Bahn

Mother: Minnie E Sochle

Name: Milton Bahn

Birth: 21 Dec 1886 York County

Death: 1 January 1934 Loganville, York, Pennsylvania, USA


Mother: Leah Lehman

Name: Gilbert bahn

Birth: 25 Apr 1922 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA

Death: 3 July 2013 Moorpark, Ventura, California, USA

Father: Chester Bert Bahn

Mother: Irene E Schuyler

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