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Results for "adelman"

Name: Lina Caroline Adelman

Birth: Nov 1866 Ohio

Death: 1934 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, USA

Father: John Peter Adelman

Mother: Mary Ann Keller

Name: Anna Adelman

Birth: 17 Dec 1896 Duelm, St George, Benton, Minnesota, USA

Death: 17 April 1984 St Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota, USA

Father: Paul Kampa

Mother: Paulina Kampa


Birth: 23 Feb 1899 Cazenovia, Richland, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 9 Nov 1970 Cazenovia, Richland, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Jacob W Adelman

Mother: Christina Bauer

Name: Carrie B. ADELMAN

Birth: 9 Apr 1880 East Donegal Twp, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 20 JAN 1962 York, York, Pennsylvana

Father: George Adelman

Mother: Mary Resch Myers

Name: Arthur Adelman

Birth: 13 Nov 1913 Syracuse, New York

Death: 6 Jun 1990 Broward, Florida, United States

Father: Aaron Adelman

Mother: Ida Landesman

Name: Joseph Charles Adelman

Birth: 6 Apr 1888 Bloomington, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Death: 28 July 1948 Scott County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Adolph Adelmann

Mother: Anna Gnerer

Name: Fredrick Jack Adelman

Birth: 09 Jan 1904 New York

Death: 06 Jul 1994 Melrose, Massachusetts

Father: Hyman Adelman

Mother: Hannah Adelman

Name: Daniel A Adelman

Birth: 22 Nov 1946 Oregon

Death: Apr 2014 Gervais, Marion, Oregon, USA

Father: Anton Andrew Adelman

Mother: Dorothy Margaret Itel


Birth: Oct 1893 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Aft. 1945 Miami, Dade Co.,Florida.USA

Father: Jacob Adelman

Mother: Sarah Blumberg

Name: Rubin Adelman

Birth: 1890 Russia

Death: 2 Oct 1965 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Israel Zelig Adelman

Mother: Charlottie Rutstein

Name: Rosa Adelman

Birth: Jul 1858 Germany

Death: 28 Dec 1929 Las Cruces, Doña Ana, New Mexico, USA

Father: Michael Adelmann

Mother: Teresa Ochs


Birth: 1893 Providence, Rhode Island

Death: DEC 1967 Providence, Rhode Island

Father: Isaac Samuel Adelman

Mother: Rose B Charak

Name: Irving Adelman

Birth: 28 Jun 1907 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Jan 1994 Deerfield Beach, Broward, Florida, USA

Father: Samuel Adelman Edelman

Mother: Fannie Edelman

Name: Mary A Adelman

Birth: Mar 1846 Michigan

Death: 09 May 1936 , , Minnesota, USA

Father: Godfried Adelman

Mother: Christina Caroline Feppin

Name: Sylvia Adelman

Birth: 13 Jul 1915 Connecticut

Death: 1 Aug 2001 Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, United States of America

Father: Isaac Adelman

Mother: Amiel "Anna" Etkind

Name: Raymond Michael Adelman

Birth: 05 FEB 1926 St Cloud, Benton, Minnesota, USA

Death: 13 May 2001 Coon Rapids, Anoka, Minnesota, USA

Father: Michael Adelman

Mother: Theodora Ahrens

Name: Vincent Herman Adelman

Birth: 16 Jan 1907 Yellow Bank, Lac qui Parle, Minnesota, USA

Death: 18 March 1989 Bellingham, Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Frank Joseph Adelman

Mother: Kathryn Karels

Name: Charles Henry Adelman

Birth: abt 1925 Johnstown CA, Pennsylvania

Death: 30 Nov 2003 Shippensburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania

Father: Adam Adelman

Mother: Caroline A Mattern

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