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Name: Yvonne Florence Williams

Birth: 11 Nov 1926 Blackwell, Kay, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 23 Sep 2010 California, USA

Father: Vernon Russell Williams

Mother: Ethel K. Knisley

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 20 Jun 1933 Missouri

Death: 26 May 1990 Chesterfield, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA

Father: Bert Allen Williams

Mother: Margaret A LaChance

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 11 Jan 1939 Newport News, Virginia, USA

Death: Sep 2015 New Jersey, USA

Father: Lorenzo Clarence Williams

Mother: Audrey Parsons

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 7 JUL 1941 Salinas, CA

Death: 7 APR 2013 McArthur, CA

Father: Rudolph Rheingans

Mother: Anna Augusta Schrock

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 2 Jan 1941 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 22 Apr 2001 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Walter McRae

Mother: Hattie Williams

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 28 SEP 1937 Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

Death: 23 NOV 2015 Trumansburg, Tompkins, New York, USA

Father: Albert Tunnicliffe

Mother: Virginia M.F. Fischer Tunnicliffe

Name: Yvonne Deloise Williams

Birth: 7 Apr 1937 Mobile Mobil, Alabama

Death: 7 Sep 2006 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

Father: John Solomon Williams

Mother: Floretta Rowe

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 11 Dec 1945 Peoria, Illinois

Death: 24 Apr 1981 , Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: Gilbert T Brakebill

Mother: Annabell Scherman

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 09/11/1933 Mississippi, USA

Death: 18 Apr 2011 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA

Father: McKinley Guy Williams

Mother: Geneva Mildred Baker

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 1949 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Death: 24 Dec 2021 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Warren G Harden

Mother: Albenda E. Harden

Name: Yvonne Corliss Williams

Birth: July 12 1950 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Death: May 2014 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Father: Eddie Hodge

Mother: Emogene Gillard

Name: Yvonne Geraldine Williams

Birth: 5 Nov 1930 Albany, Oregon

Death: 28 Oct 2000 Sublimity, Marion, Oregon, United States of America

Father: Ferris Clifford Williams

Mother: Leafa Vera Stewart

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: Aug 08 1936 Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Death: 10 Dec 2016 Sault Sainte Marie, Algoma, Ontario, Canada

Father: George Williams

Mother: Catherine Last

Name: Yvonne Doris Williams

Birth: 22 Sept 1925 Stratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2013 Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada

Father: Gilbert Henry Williams

Mother: Barbara Salmond

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 28 May 1948 Rayville, Richland, Louisiana, USA

Death: 2009 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States of America,

Father: Lonnie Lee Williams

Mother: Inez Bradley

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 26 October 1935 Eden, Rockingham County, North Carolina, United States of America

Death: 15 February 2019 High Point, Guilford County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Carl Williams

Mother: Alice Gillie McCollum

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 04 Jan 1927 St-Antoine-de-Kent, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada

Death: 2005 H.G.D. Moncton, Westmorland, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada

Father: Camile Joseph Williams

Mother: Exelda Boudreau

Name: Yvonne Cecile Williams

Birth: 26 Jan 1941 Webster, West Virginia, United States

Death: 11/04/2009 Port St. Lucie

Father: Farley Hugh Williams

Mother: Lucille H. Thompson

Name: Yvonne Annie Williams

Birth: 25 Jan 1911 Wingo, Graves County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 04 AUG 1953

Father: Jesse Harmon Williams

Mother: Lela Susan Lawrence

Name: Yvonne Williams

Birth: 16 Sep 1948 Chicago Cook, Illinois

Death: May 1978 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Father: James Ivory Fish

Mother: Thelma Jefferson

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