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Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: Jan 11 1934 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Aug 13 1999 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Leon Winfield

Mother: Athaliah Pauline Boston

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: abt 1933 Illinois

Death: Not Available

Father: Grant Hendrickson

Mother: Lillian Christine Christensen

Name: Yvonne Beverly Wiley

Birth: 16 August 1930 San Diego, California

Death: 17 Jul 2013 Sutherlin, Douglas, Oregon

Father: Gerald Chester Headrick

Mother: Edna Eleanor Edmonds

Name: Yvonne Jeanette Wiley

Birth: 25 Feb 1925 Sparks, Washoe County , Nevada

Death: 30 April 2015 Bend, Deschutes, Oregon, United States

Father: Authur Clarence Wiley

Mother: Ethel May Winter

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: 01 Nov 1946 Newark, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Death: 17 Nov 2018 East Stroudsburg, Monroe, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas Wiley

Mother: Edith Jackson

Name: Yvonne Frances Wiley

Birth: 22 Jul 1914 Greencastle, Putnam, Indiana, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1991 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Frank Oliver Wiley

Mother: Pearl Eva Marie Meyers

Name: Yvonne E Wiley

Birth: 20 Jun 1931 Chicago, Illinois

Death: 18 Oct 1992 Clark, Nevada, USA

Father: Talford Calophie Wiley

Mother: Tressie Billie Marinellie

Name: Yvonne Louise Wiley

Birth: 20 Dec 1925 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Death: 31 Jan 2009 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Father: William Thomas Wiley

Mother: Lily Ruth Sayer

Name: Yvonne Cecile Wiley

Birth: 20 Feb 1938 Ruby, Louisiana

Death: 5 May 1998

Father: Cecil Leon Wiley

Mother: Bera McCann

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: 24 Sep 1959

Death: Not Available

Father: James Albert Wiley

Mother: Dora Josie Mascarenas

Name: Yvonne Anita Wiley

Birth: 18 Mar 1935 Holmes County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 15 Oct 1994

Father: Austin Wiley

Mother: Susie Saffold

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Lendsy Jerome Wiley

Mother: Private


Birth: 12/15/1951 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Death: 10/11/2007 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Private


Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: 5 Jul 1964 Flint, Michigan

Death: 31 Dec 2014

Father: Private

Mother: Doris A. Wiley

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: 1911 Belgium

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Yvonne Joyce Wiley

Birth: 1935

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Yvonne Wiley

Birth: 12 March 1941

Death: 06 May 2006 Riviera, Palm Beach, FL

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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