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BIRTH: 21 Feb 1853 Chinquepin Twp, Jones County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 22 Aug 1928 Contentnea Neck, Lenoir, North Carolina. USA

FATHER: Nathan Byrd Gilbert

MOTHER: Louisa E Howard

NAME: William Gilbert

BIRTH: 24 June 1758 Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States of America

DEATH: 11 July 1836 Greece, Monroe County, New York, United States of America

FATHER: Jonathan Gilbert

MOTHER: Prudence Harris

NAME: William Frank Gilbert

BIRTH: 24 OCT 1851 Cherokee CO., AL

DEATH: 11 JUN 1927 Henderson Co., TX

FATHER: Daniel Gilbert

MOTHER: Frances Jane "Fannie" Scott

NAME: William Harrison Gilbert

BIRTH: 28 Oct 1843 Carter County, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 11 Nov 1903 Prairie City, Jasper, Iowa, United States

FATHER: William Harrison Gilbert

MOTHER: Jane Martha Henderson

NAME: William Henry Gilbert

BIRTH: 14 Apr 1864 Westminster, Carroll, Maryland, United States

DEATH: 5 Jul 1947 St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C

FATHER: Wendelin J Gilbert

MOTHER: Eva Josephine Hirsch

NAME: William John Gilbert

BIRTH: 1801 London,England

DEATH: 1879 Lauriston, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Michael Gilbert

MOTHER: Anastatia Matthews

NAME: William Henry Gilbert

BIRTH: 23 Jun 1861 Lancaster, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 21 Aug 1940 West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Herbert Gilbert

MOTHER: Maria Jane Gilmour

NAME: William Bryan Franklin Francis Jennings Gilbert

BIRTH: 18 SEP 1894 Monroe County, Missouri

DEATH: 9 NOV 1966 Mount Vernon, Lawrence, Missouri, USA

FATHER: John Thomas Gilbert

MOTHER: Sallie A Houf

NAME: William Gilbert

BIRTH: 1831 Decatur County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 12 Jan 1865 Andersonville Prison in Georgia

FATHER: Alexander Gilbert

MOTHER: Susannah Burke

NAME: William Crawford Gilbert

BIRTH: 2 Aug 1815 Lanarkshire, Scotland

DEATH: 14 Aug 1884 Ludlow, Allamakee, Iowa USA

FATHER: John Gilbert

MOTHER: Marion Renwick

NAME: William H. Gilbert

BIRTH: 16 DEC 1827 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 22 DEC 1911 Olney, Richland, Illinois, USA

FATHER: George Gilbert

MOTHER: Harriett Lind

NAME: William Riley Gilbert

BIRTH: 4 May 1861 New Cannon, Jackson, Alabama, United States

DEATH: 26 January 1930 Dutton, Jackson County, Alabama, United States of America



NAME: William Bookter (1789) Gilbert

BIRTH: 1789 South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 18 Jul 1843 Jefferson County, Alabama, USA

FATHER: William John (1775) Gilbert

MOTHER: Sarah A. Schofield

NAME: William Wright Gilbert

BIRTH: 4 Jun 1883 Kentucky

DEATH: 3 Sep 1958 McCracken County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Rufus William E Gilbert

MOTHER: Mary Eliz Glisson

NAME: William Raymond Gilbert

BIRTH: 02 FEB 1883 Eddyville, Pope County, IL

DEATH: 26 JAN 1973 Springfield, Calhoun County, MI

FATHER: William Henry Harrison Gilbert

MOTHER: Margaret Christine King

NAME: William Sherman Gilbert

BIRTH: 3 August 1901 Perry, Falls, Texas, USA

DEATH: 2 May 1982 Riesel, Texas, USA

FATHER: Charlie Webb Gilbert

MOTHER: Francis 'Fannie' H Boyd

NAME: William Gilbert

BIRTH: 1 Mar 1776 Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 27 Oct 1836 Huntington Twp., Brown Co OH

FATHER: Nathan Gilbert

MOTHER: Catherine Elizabeth Scout

NAME: William Benjamin Gilbert

BIRTH: 4 Jul 1862 Clay County, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 16 Dec 1939 Clarks,Caldwell,Louisiana,USA

FATHER: James Washington Gilbert

MOTHER: Zilpha Elizabeth Slack

NAME: William Gilbert

BIRTH: 14 Dec 1733 Marden, Wiltshire, England

DEATH: 3 Jun 1805 Wanborough, Wiltshire, England

FATHER: John Gilbert

MOTHER: Mary Marshment

NAME: William Francis Gilbert

BIRTH: 17 May 1907 Lehigh Twp, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 9 Jun 1987 Bath, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Joseph Gilbert

MOTHER: Ellen Ella Velvina Marsh

NAME: William John Gilbert

BIRTH: 31 Mar 1879 Stockton, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania USA

DEATH: 16 Nov 1927 Hazleton, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania USA

FATHER: Nicholas Gilbert

MOTHER: Mary Ann Cook


BIRTH: 1846 Polesworth, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: Dec 1930 Atherstone, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: William Gilbert

MOTHER: Mary Baxter

NAME: William John Gilbert

BIRTH: 22 March 1908 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 1974 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: William John Gilbert

MOTHER: Rosetta Frances Parsons

NAME: William Fredrick Gilbert

BIRTH: 10 Sep 1891 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

DEATH: 17 Apr 1920 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Johann Heinrich Adam Gilbert

MOTHER: Margaret "Maggie" Morth

NAME: William George GILBERT

BIRTH: 16 MAY 1877 Bermonsey, London, England

DEATH: 1 SEP 1933 Guys Hospital

FATHER: George Fitzherbert GILBERT

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Pow