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Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: 6 Mar 1802 Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland

Death: 28 Mar 1882 Lisbon, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Michael Quirk

Mother: Catherine Keating

Name: Thomas Culver QUIRK

Birth: Sept. 7, 1901 St Landry Parish, Louisiana, United States

Death: 4 FEB 1984 Tuskegee, Al.

Father: Thomas Culver Quirk

Mother: Marie Jeanette Derbes

Name: Thomas Christoper Quirk

Birth: 9 Jan 1886 Watertown, Massachusetts

Death: 21 Sep 1993 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts

Father: Thomas C Quirk

Mother: Delia Quirk

Name: Thomas Culver Quirk

Birth: 5 Oct 1850 Opelousas, St Landry, Louisiana, United States

Death: 23 Dec 1934 St Landry Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: Thomas Culver Quirk

Mother: Charlotte E Quirk

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: 1806 Patrick, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Death: 14 Apr 1890 Patrick, Isle of Man

Father: Thomas Quirk

Mother: Catherine "Triney" Moore

Name: Thomas Francis Quirk

Birth: 11/24/1864 New York

Death: 05 Aug 1927 Kouts, IN

Father: Thomas Quirk

Mother: 49 Callahan

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: 1909 Massachusetts

Death: Oct 1986 Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Thomas Jerome Quirk

Mother: Elizabeth Connor

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: 22 July 1846 Isle of Man

Death: 2 July 1930 Cambridge, Henry County, Illinois, USA

Father: Thomas Quirk

Mother: Margaret Corris

Name: Thomas Francis Quirk

Birth: abt 1879 Ohio

Death: 26 Aug 1967 Madison lake county ohio

Father: Thomas Quirk

Mother: Caroline BURNS

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: Mar 1863 New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, USA

Death: Jan 23, 1906 New Albany, Indiana

Father: Patrick Quirk Kirk

Mother: (Mary) Bridget Butler Quirk

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: abt 1827 Ireland

Death: 5 Aug 1909 East Nissouri, Oxford, Ontario, Canada

Father: Thomas Quirk

Mother: Mary Connor

Name: Thomas C Quirk

Birth: 10 Nov 1849 Waterford, Ireland

Death: 27 Apr 1910 Watertown, Massachusetts

Father: John Quirk

Mother: Elizabeth Condon

Name: Thomas Joseph Quirk

Birth: 19 Mar 1933 Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA

Death: 11 Sep 2015 Clyde, Haywood County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Alfred QUIRK

Mother: Helen Haeser

Name: Thomas Culver Quirk

Birth: 30 Jul 1925 Ferry Pass, Escambia, FL

Death: Jun 1975 Napa, Napa County, California 94558

Father: Thomas Culver Quirk

Mother: Patrea Philips Herrington

Name: thomas Quirk

Birth: abt 1827 Ireland

Death: 16 July 1902 Daviess County, kentucky

Father: Thomas John Quirk

Mother: Katherine Sinnott

Name: Thomas William Quirk

Birth: 6 Sep 1879 Kansas, USA

Death: 17 Jul 1952 Floydada, Floyd, Texas, USA

Father: Patrick James Quirk

Mother: Mary Hill

Name: Thomas Joseph Quirk

Birth: 4 Apr 1889 Chicago, Cook, IIllinois, United States of America

Death: 01 Mar 1970 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Michael Quirk

Mother: Ellen Deasey

Name: Thomas Quirk

Birth: Nov 1875 Ireland

Death: 19 Nov 1951 North Adams , Berkshire County, Massachusetts

Father: John Quirk

Mother: Margaret Quinsey

Name: Thomas S Quirk

Birth: 20 Nov 1894 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: 8 Dec 1970 East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States

Father: William John Quirk

Mother: Frances Jones

Name: Thomas Frank QUIRK

Birth: 11 Feb. 1872 Marion, Fayette, Ohio

Death: 14 May 1942 Genoa City, Vernon, Wisconsin, United States

Father: David Quirk

Mother: Rosabella Murray

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