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NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 04 May 1920 Warren, Bradley, AR

DEATH: 09 Oct 2008 Park Hill, Cherokee, OK

FATHER: Thomas Wilson Quimby

MOTHER: Hattie Lee Sparks

NAME: Thomas Bloomer Quimby

BIRTH: 26 Nov 1857 Adams, Washington, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 07 Sep 1933 Buffalo, Wilson, Kansas, USA

FATHER: Hiram Henry Quimby

MOTHER: Lucetta Frances Brabham

NAME: Thomas C. Quimby

BIRTH: 11 Feb 1799 Sutton, Caledonia County, Vermont

DEATH: 19 Jan 1885 Lyndonville, Caledonia County, Vermont

FATHER: Daniel Quimby

MOTHER: Dolly Burleigh

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 31 Jan 1777 Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 16 March 1859 Thetford, Orange, Vermont

FATHER: Jonathan (Ensign?) Quimby

MOTHER: Mary Molly George

NAME: Thomas Jefferson Quimby

BIRTH: 1840 Lyndon, N.H

DEATH: 30 Mar 1900 Granite, Or

FATHER: Thomas C. Quimby

MOTHER: Delia Gilman


BIRTH: ca. 1797 Lewiston, Maine, USA

DEATH: 1 June 1874 Maine, USA


MOTHER: Jane Hart

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 27 OCT 1771 Danville, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 1811 Danville, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: David Col Quimby

MOTHER: Mary Wadleigh

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 22 Aug 1885 Maryland

DEATH: 19 May 1969 Stevensville, Queen Annes, Maryland, USA

FATHER: John E Quimby

MOTHER: Hattie Price

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 1835 Gibson County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 1900 Bradley County, Arkansas

FATHER: Caswell K Quimby

MOTHER: Classie Hopper

NAME: Thomas D Quimby

BIRTH: 19 Jun 1933 New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, USA

DEATH: 5 Jul 2012 New Castle, Lawrence Co, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: John Courtney Quimby

MOTHER: Josephine Mulroy

NAME: Thomas David Quimby

BIRTH: 26 Oct 1866 Bradley County, Arkansas, United States of America

DEATH: 13 May 1922 Bradley County, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Thomas Quimby

MOTHER: Susan E. McKinney

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: ABT 1822 Clifton, England

DEATH: 3 Jan 1880 Warwickshire, England

FATHER: Thomas Quimby

MOTHER: Jane Wilson


BIRTH: Abt. 1817 York York Co Maine

DEATH: 12/31/1907 Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States


MOTHER: Sarah B Cloutman

NAME: Thomas K Quimby

BIRTH: 11 Dec 1801 Salisbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 09 Oct 1852 Maine, USA

FATHER: Deacon Ebenezer Quimby

MOTHER: Hannah Colby

NAME: Thomas C Quimby

BIRTH: 6 Jun 1913 Maryland, United States

DEATH: 29 Jun 1994 Queenstown, Queen Annes, Maryland, United States of America

FATHER: Thomas Quimby

MOTHER: Margaret E (Maggie) Coleman

NAME: Thomas Howard Emerson Quimby

BIRTH: 20 Jun 1918 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

DEATH: 20 Nov 1998 Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine

FATHER: George Irving Quimby

MOTHER: Ethelwynn Sweet

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: Abt. 1798 Clifton Campville, Staffs


FATHER: John Quimby

MOTHER: Anne Nicholls

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 1579 Farnham, Surrey, England

DEATH: 1606 Farnham, Surrey, England

FATHER: Thomas Quinby

MOTHER: Florence Balch

NAME: Thomas Robert Quimby

BIRTH: 19 Jan 1874 Maryland

DEATH: 1931

FATHER: John Thomas Quimby

MOTHER: Sarah Jacobs

NAME: Thomas William Quimby

BIRTH: Abt. 1868 Cannock Chase, Staffs

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: William Quimby

MOTHER: Caroline Scattergood

NAME: Thomas Quimby

BIRTH: 31 Aug 1813 New Castle, Westchester, New York

DEATH: 3 Mar 1891

FATHER: William Quinby

MOTHER: Phebe Howland

NAME: Thomas Gilman Quimby

BIRTH: 08 Aug 1874 Hawleyville, Page Co, IA

DEATH: 10 Feb 1957 St. Joseph, Buchanan Co, MO

FATHER: William Willey Quimby

MOTHER: Mary J Margerum

NAME: Thomas Bayne Quimby

BIRTH: October 13, 1906 Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: January 10, 1983 Hollis Center, York, Maine, USA

FATHER: Almon A Quimby

MOTHER: Catherine D Bayne

NAME: Thomas Wilson Quimby

BIRTH: 05 Feb 1894 Pottersville, Bradley, Arkansas

DEATH: 14 Feb 1947

FATHER: Thomas David Quimby

MOTHER: Mary Jane "Mollie" Dickey

NAME: Thomas Robert Quimby

BIRTH: 1824 Kent, MD

DEATH: 24 December 1892

FATHER: Elijah Queen Quimby

MOTHER: Private