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Results for "samuel wolf"

Name: Samuel Everett WOLF

Birth: 1909 Anderson, McDonald, Missouri, USA

Death: January 1973 Tucson, Pima County, Arizona

Father: Samuel David Wolf

Mother: Gertrude May Mather (Wolf)

Name: Samuel C WOLF

Birth: Nov 1861 Pennsylvania

Death: 13 Jan 1929 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Wolf

Mother: Agnes Ellen Anderson

Name: Samuel N Wolf

Birth: Nov 1839 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 5 March 1914 Leechburg, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Isaac Wolf

Mother: Maria Waltenbaugh

Name: Samuel Wilson Wolf

Birth: 14 Sep 1886 Waterloo, Iowa, USA, Black Hawk county

Death: December 24, 1917 Keota, Iowa, USA

Father: Daniel W Wolfe

Mother: Allice Jane Leighton

Name: Samuel S Wolf

Birth: 1818 Ohio, USA

Death: 5 Oct 1895 Stark County, Ohio, USA

Father: John Wolf

Mother: Elizabeth Elisabeth Sanor Zehner

Name: Samuel Y Wolf

Birth: 04 May 1812 OR 01 May 1814 Mifflin, Cumberland Co., PA

Death: August 1, 1892 Cumberland county, PA

Father: John Wolf

Mother: Susannah Yingling

Name: Samuel Hammond Wolf

Birth: 11 Mar 1850 St Clair, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 26 Nov 1929 ONeil, Holt, Nebraska, USA

Father: John Henry WOLF

Mother: Elizabeth Hancock

Name: Samuel William Wolf

Birth: 1838 Lower Augusta, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1884 Oregon

Father: Abraham Wolf

Mother: Susanna Fasold

Name: Samuel L Wolf

Birth: 12 Jul 1864 Pamona, Jackson, Illinois, United States

Death: 14 Feb 1925 Jackson County, Illinois

Father: Philip Wolf

Mother: Margaret Ellen Lindsey

Name: Samuel Fackenthal Wolf

Birth: 5 May 1860 Durham, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 Aug 1930 Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Wolf

Mother: Hannah Fackenthall

Name: samuel wolf

Birth: 14 June 1914 Aiken County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 4 August 1981 Aiken County, South Carolina, USA

Father: Jacob Wolf

Mother: Julia (Golda) Kamenoff

Name: Samuel Wolf

Birth: 01 Jan 1857 Hamilton, Steuben, Indiana, USA

Death: 9 Dec 1921 Butler, De Kalb, Indiana, USA

Father: Daniel Wolf

Mother: Mary Polly Walter

Name: Samuel E Wolf

Birth: abt 1865 Pennsylvania

Death: 25 May 1945 Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Jacob Wolf

Mother: Martha Jane Zeigler

Name: Samuel Wolf

Birth: abt 1889 Russia

Death: 1969 NY

Father: William Wolf

Mother: Leah Avnet

Name: Samuel WOLF

Birth: 6 May 1859 Huntington County, Indiana, USA

Death: 1938 Indiana

Father: Henry Jacob Wolf

Mother: Anna Bauman


Birth: 1 Sep 1835 Jackson, Perry, Ohio, United States

Death: 20 Sep 1917 Perry, Ohio

Father: John "Mock" Wolf

Mother: Rebecca A Reed

Name: Samuel Wolf

Birth: 8 Jun 1912 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 2 May 1984 Pa

Father: David Wolf

Mother: Anna Kristal

Name: Samuel Caleb Wolf

Birth: 9 Jan 1879 Virginia, United States

Death: 3 Mar 1944 Los Angeles California

Father: Samuel Wolfe

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Maugans

Name: Samuel Wolf

Birth: abt 1846 Indiana

Death: 10 December 1922 Grant, Indiana, United States

Father: Jonas Wolff

Mother: Elizabeth Lugar

Name: Samuel Wolf

Birth: 20 Jan 1836 Clinton, Indiana, USA

Death: 12 Jul 1916 Lagrange, Indiana, USA

Father: Leonard Jr. Wolf

Mother: Elizabeth Wolf

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