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NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 4 February 1856 Blair Drummond Moss, Kincardine by Doune, Perthshire, Scotland

DEATH: Mar 18, 1927 Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland

FATHER: William Edmond

MOTHER: Elizabeth Thomson


BIRTH: 1814 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

DEATH: 02 May 1896 Aberdeen, Scotland

FATHER: John H Edmond

MOTHER: Isabel Milne

NAME: Robert Joseph Edmond

BIRTH: September 16, 1929 Boyd County, Kentucky

DEATH: July 12, 1992 Boyd County, Kentucky

FATHER: Roy W. Edmond

MOTHER: Belva Mae Slone

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: abt 1848 Cupar, fifeshire

DEATH: May 23, 1901 Fife, Scotland

FATHER: David Edmond / Ednie


NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 20 Oct 1840 Low Church, Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland

DEATH: 22 May 1902 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

FATHER: George Edmond


NAME: Robert Lewis Edmond

BIRTH: 5 Oct 1913 Cohocton, Steuben, New York, USA

DEATH: 05 Feb 1967 Perkinsville, Steuben, New York, USA

FATHER: Jesse LaVerne Edmond

MOTHER: Bertha Adell Thorp

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: Apr 1864 Filey, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 15 May 1895 Drowned, lost from yawl Trio off Spurn Head in Storm

FATHER: Charles Willis

MOTHER: Rachael Edmond

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 13 Mar 1808 Perthshire, Scotland

DEATH: 1862 Kincardine by Doune, Perthshire, Scotland

FATHER: William Edmond

MOTHER: Margaret Stevenson

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 17th July, 1888 Drymen, Stirlingshire Scotland

DEATH: 1968 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

FATHER: Andrew Edmond

MOTHER: Mary Brown

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: April 1848 Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 02 Mar 1920 of 56 West Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

FATHER: John Edmond

MOTHER: Hannah Pockley

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 15 October 1869 Virginia, USA

DEATH: 31 October 1920 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Walter Scott Edmond

MOTHER: Courtney T. Davis

NAME: Robert Wake Edmond

BIRTH: 21 August 1888 South Shields, Durham, England

DEATH: 1 December 1969 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

FATHER: Thomas Edmond

MOTHER: Eleanor Newell

NAME: Robert Hedderwick EDMOND

BIRTH: 02 Jun 1811 Gorbals, Scotland

DEATH: 15 JUL 1882 Scotland

FATHER: Thomas Edmond

MOTHER: Helen Hedderwick

NAME: Robert (Stevenson) Edmond

BIRTH: abt 1826 Newhills, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

DEATH: 27 Dec 1906 Newhills, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

FATHER: William Edmond

MOTHER: Margaret Stevenson


BIRTH: 24 Oct 1859 Rochester, Beaver County, PA USA

DEATH: 22 Nov 1922 Rochester, Beaver Cnty, Pennsylvania USA

FATHER: Jesse Deemer Edmond

MOTHER: Rebecca Ramsay

NAME: Robert W Edmond

BIRTH: 23 January 1871 Indiana

DEATH: 5 August 1953 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Michael Edmond

MOTHER: Jane C McCorkle

NAME: Robert Walter Edmond

BIRTH: Oct 1879 Dover, Kent

DEATH: 4 Sep 1961 Dover, Kent, England

FATHER: Edward Edmond

MOTHER: Emma Pay

NAME: Robert Pockley Edmond

BIRTH: January 1904 Bewholme, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 13 Aug 1960 Flamborough, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: William Edmond

MOTHER: Harriet Fenby

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 18 Jan 1928 Rochester, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 2 Dec 2006 OH, USA

FATHER: Ralph Arthur Edmond

MOTHER: Syrilla Cornelia Callahan

NAME: Robert Edmond

BIRTH: 20 May 1910 Scotland

DEATH: 12 Dec 1954 Surrey Mid eastern, Surrey, England

FATHER: Robert Wilson Edmond

MOTHER: Elizabeth Allan Edmond

NAME: Robert David Edmond

BIRTH: 15 Jun 1906 Mindenmines, Barton, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 1977 Iowa, United States

FATHER: Ernest Alfred Edmond

MOTHER: Nannie Otilia

NAME: Robert Bannister Edmond

BIRTH: Jan 1875 Driffield, Yorkshire East Riding

DEATH: 03 Nov 1950 German. isle of Man

FATHER: Bryan Edmond

MOTHER: Ann Elizabeth Edmond

NAME: Robert Hedderwick Edmond

BIRTH: 20 OCT 1840 Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland

DEATH: 9 Mar 1884 Paisley, Renfrew, Scot

FATHER: Robert Hedderwick EDMOND


NAME: Robert Baxter Edmond

BIRTH: 12 Nov 1910 Filey, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 21 Febuary 1977 Hull, Yorkshire, England


MOTHER: Mary Jenkinson Edmond

NAME: robert henry edmond

BIRTH: 1896 Kilnwick

DEATH: 3 may 1979 cranswick

FATHER: William Henry Edmond

MOTHER: Annie Carter