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NAME: Phoebe M Moore

BIRTH: 02 DEC 1837 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 7 Apr 1926 Altadena, Los Angeles County, California


MOTHER: Martha Webster

NAME: Phoebe Ann Moore

BIRTH: 27 February 1845 Belmont County, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 18 February 1922 Retsil, Kitsap County, Washington, USA

FATHER: John Peter "Jap" Moore

MOTHER: Cynthia Lillie Huffman

NAME: Phoebe N Moore

BIRTH: 27 June 1891 Johnson Co., Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 25 Jan 1975 Williamsport, Johnson Co., Kentucky, United States of America

FATHER: James Franklin MOORE

MOTHER: Sarah (Sally) Prater

NAME: Phoebe Jane Moore

BIRTH: 25 Mar 1827 Canandaigua, Ontario, New York

DEATH: 05 Nov 1857 Bainbridge, Berrien, Michigan

FATHER: Fairbanks Moore

MOTHER: Aseneth Moore

NAME: Phoebe Electa Moore

BIRTH: 14 Sep 1849 Effingham Co. Illinois

DEATH: 6 May 1924 Kahoka City, Clark, Missouri

FATHER: William Delance Moore

MOTHER: Sarah Jane Smith

NAME: Phoebe Belle Moore

BIRTH: 25 Oct 1905 Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: 3 Sep 1994 Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Charles Henry Moore

MOTHER: Eva Ward

NAME: Phoebe Moore

BIRTH: 5 Jan 1846 Harrison County, Indiana

DEATH: 30 Mar 1925 Kenton, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Charles Phelps Moore

MOTHER: Emeline Burch

NAME: Phoebe Moore

BIRTH: November 8, 1859 Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: August 11, 1918 Gorton, Manchester, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Abraham Moore

MOTHER: Mary Ann Cookson/Cuxon/Cuxson

NAME: Phoebe Ann Moore

BIRTH: 9 Oct 1836 Cumberland Co, Ohio

DEATH: 03 Dec 1922 Monmouth, Warren, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Andrew Moore

MOTHER: Margaret Kleckner

NAME: Phoebe Mason MOORE

BIRTH: 13 Jul 1887 Guyra, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 07 Feb 1959 Armidale, New South Wales - AUSTRALIA

FATHER: William Mason Moore

MOTHER: Elizabeth Dawson

NAME: Phoebe Ann Moore

BIRTH: December 1830 Michigan, United States of America

DEATH: 6 Aug 1913 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan

FATHER: Charles B Moore

MOTHER: Betsey E. Parsons

NAME: Phoebe Ann Moore

BIRTH: 11 Dec 1881 Cassville, Ocean, New Jersey

DEATH: 02 Jul 1955 Point Pleasant, Ocean, New Jersey

FATHER: Brazilla P. Moore

MOTHER: Alice L. Hankins

NAME: Phoebe Glenn MOORE

BIRTH: 4 Feb 1893 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 2 Feb 1989

FATHER: William A. Moore

MOTHER: Margaret Katharine STONER

NAME: Phoebe Pearl Moore

BIRTH: Aug 1896 Fulton Co., Illinois

DEATH: 21 Mar 1969 Illinois

FATHER: Sylvester Ward Moore

MOTHER: Mary Viola Gee

NAME: Phoebe Ann Moore

BIRTH: Dec 1865 Stanhope, Durham, , England

DEATH: 1908 Ft Supply, Woodward County, Oklahoma, USA


MOTHER: Phebe/Phoebe Hedley

NAME: Phoebe Jane Moore

BIRTH: 7 Sept 1902 Union Dist, Wood Co, WV

DEATH: 18 May 1978 Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA

FATHER: James Alexander Moore

MOTHER: Mary Evelyn "Evie" Smith Moore

NAME: Phoebe Moore

BIRTH: abt 1803 Hempnall, Norfolk, England

DEATH: April 1887 Depwade, Norfolk

FATHER: Henry Moore


NAME: Phoebe Elizabeth Moore

BIRTH: 24 Jan. 1858 Marlborough Twp., Carleton Co., Province of Canada

DEATH: 21 April 1938 Plympton Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Isaac Moore

MOTHER: Mary Ann Ross

NAME: Phoebe Moore

BIRTH: 29 Oct 1901 Iredell County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 4 Nov 1988 Mocksville, Davie, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: John N Moore

MOTHER: Rebecca Cass

NAME: Phoebe W Moore

BIRTH: 23 July 1850 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 30 Oct 1928 San Fordyce, Hildago Co, Tx, USA

FATHER: William Cameron MOORE

MOTHER: Eleanor "Ellen" Maddox

NAME: Phoebe A Moore

BIRTH: Feb 1887 Ohio

DEATH: 31 Jan 1965 Trumbull County, Ohio, United States

FATHER: Samuel Riley Moore

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Jolley

NAME: Phoebe Ada Moore

BIRTH: 30 Mar 1890 Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 14 Feb 1952 Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: John Thomas Moore

MOTHER: Sarah Dorcas Isbell

NAME: Phoebe Moore

BIRTH: abt 1869 Darfield, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: July 1912 Rotherham, Yorkshire West Riding

FATHER: Thomas moore

MOTHER: Faith Fox

NAME: Phoebe Elizabeth Mae Moore

BIRTH: 2 Apr 1877 Neoga, Cumberland, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 22 July 1968 Mattoon, Coles, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Tilman Harrison Moore

MOTHER: Matilda Hornbeck

NAME: Phoebe Marinda Moore

BIRTH: 26 Jul. 1866 Knox County, Illinois, United States of America

DEATH: 1941 Murray, Clarke County, Iowa, United States of America

FATHER: John A Moore

MOTHER: Tamer W Condreay