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NAME: Nellie Jane Quimby

BIRTH: 8 July 1861 Bucksport, Hancock County, Maine, United States of America

DEATH: 20 March 1930 Bucksport, Hancock County, Maine, United States of America

FATHER: Alvin E Quimly

MOTHER: Jane Amanda Witham

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: 01 March 1912 Douglas, Douglas County, Washington, USA

DEATH: 25 May 1991 Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA

FATHER: James William Quimby

MOTHER: Lulu E Taylor

NAME: Nellie J Quimby

BIRTH: abt 1859 Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 02 Mar 1890 Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Jacob H. Quimby

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Russell

NAME: Nellie A Quimby

BIRTH: abt 1858 New Hampshire

DEATH: 13 May 1914 Littleton, New Hampshire

FATHER: Obediah Bowles QUIMBY

MOTHER: Emily Gordon

NAME: Nellie E Quimby

BIRTH: 11 May 1880 East Rochester, N.H

DEATH: 8 May 1920 Rochester, New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: Larkin James Quimby

MOTHER: Sophia Greenwood

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: 1862 Maine

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Hiram Spooner Quimby

MOTHER: Deborah E. Henston

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: abt 1876 Fenton, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Charles Quimby

MOTHER: Ann Quimby

NAME: Nellie M. Quimby

BIRTH: June 6, 1889 Ft Klamath,Oregon, USA

DEATH: August 25, 1961 Eugene, Lane Co, Oregon

FATHER: Edward Eugene Quimby

MOTHER: Elnora Quimby

NAME: Nellie Elvira Quimby

BIRTH: 5 Feb 1864 West Concord, Essex, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 11 MAR 1944 Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Horace Alonzo Quimby

MOTHER: Nelly Ann Cheney

NAME: Nellie Marion Quimby

BIRTH: 11 JUN 1894 Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 4 JAN 1976 Lyndonville, Caledonia, Vermont, United States of America

FATHER: Edwin N Quimby

MOTHER: Susan Maria Hines

NAME: Nellie L Quimby

BIRTH: abt 1877 Epsom, New Hampshire

DEATH: 16 Feb 1894 Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: Samuel Quimby

MOTHER: May M Smith

NAME: Nellie Belle Quimby

BIRTH: 25 May 1890 Unity, Sullivan, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Irving Wesley Quimby

MOTHER: Josephine Emily "Josie" Reed

NAME: Nellie May Quimby

BIRTH: 26 Mar 1878 Bethehl, Windsor County, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 13 April 1918 Charlestown, Sullivan Co, New Hampshire

FATHER: George Quimby

MOTHER: Fannie Quimby

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: 20 Jun 1915 Spokane City, Washington

DEATH: 18 Dec 1966 San Francisco

FATHER: George W Quimby

MOTHER: Delia Price

NAME: Nellie L /Linda A Quimby

BIRTH: 06 Sep 1863 Haverhill, Essex, MA, USA

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: John W. Quimby

MOTHER: Lucretia Pervere /Pevere

NAME: Nellie Geneva Quimby

BIRTH: 10 Aug 1869 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire

DEATH: 4 Nov 1872 Concord, Merrimack , New Hampshire

FATHER: Charles Titcomb Quimby

MOTHER: Frances Mariah Putnam Haynes

NAME: Nellie Omie Quimby

BIRTH: 2 Apr 1888 N.W. Marco, Ind

DEATH: 26 Aug 1959 Sandborn, Knox, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Marenus Weist Quimby

MOTHER: Sarah Jane Bough

NAME: Nellie M Quimby

BIRTH: 15 MAY 1859 Franklin, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 24 Jan 1929 Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA


MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth / Lizzie Reed

NAME: Nellie Mae Quimby

BIRTH: 23 Aug 1914 Clay, St. Joseph, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 28 October 1918 Mishawaka, St Joseph, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Robert R Quimby

MOTHER: Mary Ellen Hoover

NAME: Nellie May Quimby

BIRTH: 19 Mar 1887 Springfield, Sullivan, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 17 Apr 1917 Sutton, Merrimack, New Hampshire

FATHER: Henry E. Quimby

MOTHER: Mary Ann Little

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: 22 Jun 1879 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 1880 Haverhill, Massachusetts

FATHER: Charles A Quimby

MOTHER: Margaret "Maggie" L Kent

NAME: Nellie Louise Quimby

BIRTH: 20 Sep 1866 Providence, R.I

DEATH: Unknown

FATHER: Smith Quimby

MOTHER: Emeline Oakes

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: Oct 1874 New York

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: John Quimby

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Nellie S Quimby

BIRTH: Oct. 12, 1866 Vermont

DEATH: 22 Jan 1948

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Nellie Quimby

BIRTH: 16 Sept 1874 NY

DEATH: 4 Sept 1963 Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private