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NAME: Mary Etta Piper

BIRTH: Oct 1860 Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States

DEATH: 1909 Marion County, Kansas, United States of America

FATHER: Caleb Piper

MOTHER: Juretta Ann Bridges

NAME: Mary Ella Piper

BIRTH: 1 Dec 1906 Benton, Kennebec, Maine, USA

DEATH: 23 Dec 1993 West Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA

FATHER: Oscar Skillin Piper

MOTHER: Hortense Ward

NAME: Mary Ellen Piper

BIRTH: 22 November 1874 Carrollton, Carroll County, Iowa

DEATH: 9 August 1963 Carrollton, Carroll County, Iowa

FATHER: Thomas A Piper

MOTHER: Rebecca Ellen Livingston

NAME: Mary Amelia Piper

BIRTH: 25 Mar 1896 Chase County, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 5 Nov 1982 Augusta, Butler, Kansas, USA

FATHER: Albert O Piper

MOTHER: Wilhelminia Piper

NAME: Mary Jane Piper

BIRTH: 13 Feb 1845 Mt Sterling, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 18 MAY 1901 Baldwin City, Douglas, Kansas, United States

FATHER: william george piper

MOTHER: Francis Ann Piper

NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 22 Jul 1832 West Bethlehem, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 14 February 1917 East Bethlehem, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: David Wise

MOTHER: Rachel Garrett

NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 19 Oct 1806 Hawkhurst, Kent, England

DEATH: 30 AUG 1883 Richmond, NSW

FATHER: Thomas Piper

MOTHER: Sarah Boakes

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 15 Oct 1784 Dracut, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: Apr. 12, 1840 Wentworth Grafton County New Hampshire

FATHER: Samuel Piper


NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 12 Dec 1912 Little York, Warren, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 25 Oct 1979 Galesburg, Illinois, USA

FATHER: James Baker Piper

MOTHER: Neva Jane McIntyre

NAME: Mary Clark Piper

BIRTH: 2 AUG 1801 Stratham, Rockingham County, New Hampshire

DEATH: 15 JUL 1882 Stratham, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: Thomas B Piper

MOTHER: Abigail Clark

NAME: Mary E Piper

BIRTH: 28 April 1887 Osseo, Hillsdale County, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 5 May 1976 Litchfield, Hillsdale County, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Charles H Piper

MOTHER: Louisa J Burger

NAME: Mary Ann Elizabeth PIPER

BIRTH: May 1854 Georgia, USA

DEATH: 8 Dec 1922 Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Pvt Thomas L Piper CSA

MOTHER: Mary Anna Tomlin

NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 13 Dec 1778 Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States

DEATH: 4 Dec 1838 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Frances Ayrault

NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 9 Apr 1808 Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, Wales

DEATH: 1885 Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: William Piper Sr.

MOTHER: Sarah Coleman

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 22 Sep 1757 St Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex.Kent or Sussex, England, UK, EUR

DEATH: October 1838 Allegany County, Maryland, United States of America

FATHER: Robert Piper

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth Wenham

NAME: Mary Amanda Piper

BIRTH: 2 June 1863 Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 2 April 1923 Lyons, Burt, Nebraska

FATHER: Lewis Snyder Pfeiffer-Piper

MOTHER: Susan Speicher

NAME: Mary E Piper

BIRTH: 25 Feb 1830 Missouri, United States

DEATH: 11 May 1905 Brownwood, Brown, Texas, USA

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Mary Adeline Huston

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 13 November 1774 Ireland

DEATH: 3 Dec 1860 Myoma, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Peter Piper

MOTHER: Ann Lawrence

NAME: Mary Ann Edith Piper#

BIRTH: 06 October 1887 4 Golden Hill Horfeild Bristol

DEATH: 16 March 1960 6 Shortwood View, Kingswood Bristol

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Florence Emily Coram

NAME: Mary Etta Piper

BIRTH: 19 May 1907 Arizona, USA

DEATH: 12 Aug 1989 Pomona, Los Angeles, California, USA

FATHER: Eli Evans Piper

MOTHER: Nettie Caroline "Carrie" Phy

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 10 May 1818 Brede, Sussex, England

DEATH: 25 JAN 1861 Spring hill farm Narellan Nsw

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Mary Bull

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 4 Jun 1801 Northiam, Sussex, England

DEATH: 11 Sep 1882 Beckley, Sussex

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Eleanor Sevenoaks

NAME: Mary Ann Piper

BIRTH: 28 Nov 1806 Norfolk Island, Australia

DEATH: 8 Jan 1882 Orange, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: John Piper

MOTHER: Mary Ann Sheers

NAME: Mary Dulcibella Piper

BIRTH: 22 Mar 1832 Balmain, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 29 Feb 1920 Gosford, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Henry Piper

MOTHER: Mary Kelly

NAME: Mary Piper

BIRTH: 17 SEP 1824 Norwich, Norfolk, England

DEATH: 4 March 1906 Defiance Defiance County Ohio, USA

FATHER: John Piper