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NAME: Katie Belle Watkins

BIRTH: 17 NOV 1913 McKinnon, Houston, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 20 November 1993 Taylor Springs, Montgomery County, Illinois, United States of America

FATHER: Frank Alex Watkins

MOTHER: Lena Carr Ella Cathey

NAME: Katie Lee Watkins

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1889 Jefferson County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 29 Oct 1957 Jefferson County, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Solomon W Watkins

MOTHER: Louisa N Ham

NAME: Katie Elizabeth Watkins

BIRTH: 17 Dec 1895 Johnston Co North Carolina

DEATH: 29 October 1960 Raleigh, Wake Co North Carolina

FATHER: Henry Blake Watkins

MOTHER: Ida Warrick

NAME: Katie Rebecca Watkins

BIRTH: 11 March 1877 Alabama

DEATH: 15 May 1971 Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, United States of America

FATHER: John Thomas Watkins

MOTHER: Sarah Matilda Faircloth

NAME: Katie A Watkins

BIRTH: 14 Nov 1876 ALABAMA

DEATH: 29 Jan 1916 Alabama, United States

FATHER: James Thomas Watkins

MOTHER: Martha Jane Clemmons

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 25 Nov 1908 Mantee, Webster, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: DEC 1973 Wetumka, Hughes, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Jim Tom Alford (Aka Jennings)

MOTHER: Sulie Watkins

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 10 October 1894 Marshall County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 07 AUG 1937 McCracken County Kentucky

FATHER: Silas Long Watkins

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Stringer

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 1 Aug 1887 Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 5 Mar 1966 Saint Joe, Searcy, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: John Wesley Watkins

MOTHER: Susie D. Simmons

NAME: Katie Amelia (Mallie) Watkins

BIRTH: 1 Nov 1886 Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, Wales

DEATH: 25 March 1958 Canton, Cardiff

FATHER: Jacob Picton Watkins

MOTHER: Dinah Llewellyn

NAME: Katie B Watkins

BIRTH: Aug 1884 Georgia

DEATH: Oct 1964 Hillsborough, Florida, United States

FATHER: Richard H Watkins

MOTHER: Ella Watkins

NAME: Katie Ruth Watkins

BIRTH: 12 DEC 1922 Ardmore, Limestone County, Alabama

DEATH: 7 MAY 2009 Gulf Breeze, Florida


MOTHER: Edna Elizabeth Harwell

NAME: Katie Obera Watkins

BIRTH: 30 Dec 1908 Mississippi

DEATH: 4 May 1980 Morton, Scott, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: E Daniel Watkins

MOTHER: Effie Janie Sistrunk

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 28 February 1886 Choctaw County, Oklahoma, United States of America

DEATH: 15 Jul 1967 Fort Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States of America

FATHER: Mitch Record

MOTHER: Martha Hearn Newsom Record

NAME: Katie Knox Watkins

BIRTH: 15 December 1867 Tennessee

DEATH: 4 April 1925 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

FATHER: John Watkins

MOTHER: Ann Chamberlian

NAME: Katie Marie Watkins

BIRTH: 22 Dec 1905 DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas, United States

DEATH: 09 Jun 1989 DeWitt, Arkansas Cty, Ar

FATHER: John Callaway Watkins

MOTHER: Frances (Frankie) Elizabeth Brassel

NAME: Katie Lou Watkins

BIRTH: 5 May 1926 Newton, Newton, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 13 Dec 2009 Lawrence, Newton, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: Joseph Watkins

MOTHER: Jannie Jordan

NAME: Katie Florence Watkins

BIRTH: Abt. 1874 Lichfield, Staffordshire, England

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Edwin Watkins

MOTHER: Charlotte Gains

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 18 Apr 1876 Cardiff, Wales

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Ezekiel Watkins

MOTHER: Emma Whitchurch Lee

NAME: "Katie" Katherine Watkins

BIRTH: Aug 1896 Wadley, Jefferson, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 30 Nov 1970 Wadley, Jefferson, Georgia, United States

FATHER: Silas Ira Watkins

MOTHER: Louisa C Watkins

NAME: Katie Evelyn Watkins

BIRTH: 10 December 1885 Angle, Pembrokeshire

DEATH: Jun 1969 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

FATHER: James Richard Watkins

MOTHER: Sarah Lawless ( Lawley )

NAME: Katie Frances Watkins

BIRTH: 30 Nov 1861 New York

DEATH: 26 May 1948 Austin, Potter, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Francis A Squires

MOTHER: Sarah L Hamblin

NAME: Katie Belle Watkins

BIRTH: 23 Nov 1884 Larue Co., Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 30 Nov 1965 Hardin County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Winfield Scott Watkins

MOTHER: Pelena Harp Watkins

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 13 May 1891 Alabama

DEATH: 22 Sep 1984 Little Rock Arkansas

FATHER: London Watkins

MOTHER: Priscilla Watkins Blackwell

NAME: Katie S. Watkins

BIRTH: Aug 1890 Milton County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 23 May 1972 Lithia Springs, Douglas, Georgia, United States of America

FATHER: Randall Dozier Watkins

MOTHER: Mary A Cochran

NAME: Katie Watkins

BIRTH: 11 June 1883 Tennessee

DEATH: 1971 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Eliza P Watkins