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Name: Joseph M Wolf

Birth: 19 Jun 1911 Spokane County, Washington, USA

Death: 9 Jun 1994 Spokane County, Washington, USA

Father: John Andrew Wolf

Mother: Goldie M. Alward

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 7 February 1835 Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, USA

Death: 08 JUL 1887 Clarksville, Texas

Father: Benjamin Wolf

Mother: Louisa English

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 18 Mar 1894 Yugoslavia

Death: 7 Mar 1972 Rapid River, Delta, Michigan, USA

Father: Blas Blaz Volf / Wolf

Mother: Ana Anna Tomac

Name: Joseph Albert Wolf

Birth: 20 Oct 1877 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States

Death: 04 Jan 1934 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States

Father: John Alois Wolf

Mother: Elizabeth Baumbusch

Name: Joseph Moses Wolf

Birth: 12 Mar 1863 Achern: Achern, Bühl, Baden, Germany

Death: 18 Mar 1919 Aiken, South Carolina

Father: Simon Andreas Wolf

Mother: Maria Anna Glaser

Name: Joseph B Wolf

Birth: 30 Oct 1884 Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Jan 1964 Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: William J Wolf

Mother: Geraldine Esray

Name: Joseph Herman WOLF

Birth: 28 Feb 1905 Pennsylvania

Death: 09/15/1995 Wilkinsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Joseph Wolf

Mother: Ursula Furrer

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 13 Jan 1844 Ohio

Death: 19 May 1913 Harrison, Ohio, USA

Father: George Wolf

Mother: Eve Holtzman

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 13 Sep 1919 Bankston, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Death: 24 Nov 1990 Bankston, Iowa, USA,

Father: Peter Wolf

Mother: Caroline Breitbach

Name: Joseph J Wolf

Birth: abt 1911 Russia

Death: 24 Mar 1993 Aberdeen Brown South Dakota

Father: Joseph A Wolf

Mother: Walburga Schwan

Name: Joseph Albert Wolf

Birth: 22 Aug 1915 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Death: 3 Feb 2001 Wheatfield, Niagra County, New York, USA

Father: Frank Christian Wolf

Mother: Elizabeth Lillian White

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 25 May 1879 Illinois, USA

Death: 22 May 1938 Haven, Reno, Kansas

Father: William Webster Wolf

Mother: Hester Ann Kelly

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 11 Nov 1905 Maryland, USA

Death: July22, 1975 Frederick County, Maryland, USA

Father: Morland Wolf

Mother: Fannie M Brown

Name: Joseph John Wolf

Birth: 1798 Pennsylvania

Death: 29 Aug 1888 Oil City, Venango, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Jacob Wolfe

Mother: Eva Christena Koenig/King*

Name: Joseph Mitchell Wolf

Birth: abt 1869 Pennsylvania

Death: 13 Mar 1902 Gloucester City, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: William L Wolff

Mother: Margaretta P. Crouse

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 1854 Owls Head, Franklin, New York

Death: 16 Dec 1925 St Lawrence County, New York

Father: Francis Chalaoup (Wolfe)

Mother: Marie Aurelie Benoit dit Livernois

Name: Joseph Farkas Wolf

Birth: 28 Aug 1890 Hungary

Death: October 1965 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: John János Farkas Wolf

Mother: Rosalia/Rozália Seper Seper Méhes SÜL

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: Sep 1889 Missouri

Death: 3 Dec 1962 St. Louis MO

Father: Henry W Wolf

Mother: Anna Worazeck

Name: Joseph Wolf

Birth: 7 Jul 1870 Strassburg, Russia

Death: 03 Apr 1945 Nepoleon, North Dakota

Father: Heronimus Wolfe

Mother: { Marianna FISHER

Name: Joseph D. Wolf

Birth: 30 Sep 1890 Livingston, Indiana, USA

Death: 1956 Whitley Co., Indiana

Father: Michael Thomas Wolf

Mother: Mary Riordon

Name: Joseph Francis Wolf

Birth: Aug. 17, 1911 Kansas City, Kansas

Death: Sep. 18, 1975 Kansas City, Kansas

Father: Rudolph T. Wolf (Volf)

Mother: Marija (Mary) Stimac

Name: Joseph Frederick WOLF

Birth: abt 1906 Tennessee

Death: 25 Jul 1946 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

Father: Albert George Wolf

Mother: Julia Murphey

Name: Joseph Zussman Wolf

Birth: 1887 Kovno, Kauno, Lithuania

Death: 26 Mar 1967 MInneasota

Father: Hirsch (Hershel) Wolpe

Mother: Minnie (Mina) Lebowitz

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