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NAME: George Payzant Jess

BIRTH: 17 JUL 1870 Scotts Bay, Kings Co., NS

DEATH: 26 Oct 1949 Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, USA

FATHER: George Louis Jess

MOTHER: Mary Etta Ells

NAME: George Armstrong Jess

BIRTH: 14 Feb 1894 Penns Grove, Salem, New Jersey, United States

DEATH: 21 SEP 1978 Penns Grove, Salem, New Jersey, United States of America

FATHER: William H Jess

MOTHER: Christie Bacon

NAME: George Marvin Jess

BIRTH: 08 Sep 1899 Puyallup, Pierce, Washington, USA

DEATH: 16 Mar 1979 Grand View, Owyhee, Idaho, USA

FATHER: George Payzant Jess

MOTHER: Metta Eva Isabell Tiedeman

NAME: George Jess

BIRTH: 15 Oct 1819 Nova Scotia

DEATH: 15 Sep 1903

FATHER: John Louis Payzant Jess

MOTHER: Unity Parker

NAME: George Jess

BIRTH: 1753 North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, United States

DEATH: 26 Feb 1823 Habitant, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada

FATHER: Joseph Jess

MOTHER: Martha Haxton

NAME: George Hans Jess

BIRTH: 20 October 1889 Farwell, Howard, Nebraska, USA

DEATH: 22 January 1954 Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska, USA

FATHER: Jurgen Jess

MOTHER: Webcke Margaretha "Minnie" Obermiller

NAME: George ( Charlotte ) Jess

BIRTH: 1785 Scots Bay,Kings,Nova Scotia,Canada

DEATH: 2 Feb 1851 Scot's Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

FATHER: George Jess

MOTHER: Lisette Payzant

NAME: George Louis Jess

BIRTH: 13 JUN 1831 Scotts Bay, Kings Co., NS

DEATH: 03 Jul 1887 Scots Bay, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada

FATHER: George ( Charlotte ) Jess

MOTHER: Charlotte Huntley

NAME: George Joseph Jess

BIRTH: 18 May 1912 Cedar Bayou, Texas United States of America

DEATH: 15 Sep 1958 Lake

FATHER: Edward J Jez Jess

MOTHER: Vinecence Hellstein

NAME: George Beynon Jess

BIRTH: 14/01 1895 Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon, England

DEATH: 17/09 1939 Plymouth Charles the Martyr, Devon, England

FATHER: William John Jess

MOTHER: Bertha Freda Bennett

NAME: George Louis Jess

BIRTH: 4 JUL 1895 Scots Bay, Kings, NS

DEATH: 08 Oct 1983 Wolfville, Kings, NS

FATHER: Otis Ambert Jess

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth Lockhart

NAME: George Benjamin Jess

BIRTH: 25 Dec 1882 Wisconsin

DEATH: 22 JUN 1941 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California, United States

FATHER: Stoddard Jess

MOTHER: Caroline Helen 'Carrie' Chenoweth

NAME: George Henry JESS

BIRTH: 15 Aug 1872 St Matthew, City Road, England

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Carl Hinrich Claus "Charles Henry" Jess

MOTHER: Elizabeth Francisca Bernardina BRASSE

NAME: George Henry Jess

BIRTH: 30 June 1924 Miami County, Ohio

DEATH: 27 November 1984 New Knoxville, Auglaize County, Ohio

FATHER: Frank Augustus Jess

MOTHER: Ersta "Jennie" SHIPLEY

NAME: George Friedrich Jess

BIRTH: 16 Jul 1845 Schleswig, Schleswig-Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

DEATH: 10 Jun 1903 Spokane. WA

FATHER: Claus Jess

MOTHER: Christina Marg. Helwig

NAME: George Edgar Jess

BIRTH: 1 October 1945 Ohio

DEATH: 13 July 2004 Piqua, Miami County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: George Henry Jess

MOTHER: Marian Charlyne Muter

NAME: George Neilson Jess

BIRTH: 12 Aug 1848 Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland

DEATH: 2 Jul 1886 6 North Street, Springburn, Lanarkshire, Scotland

FATHER: James Jess

MOTHER: Ann Neilson

NAME: George Jess

BIRTH: abt 1873 Wisconsin

DEATH: 1950

FATHER: John Jess

MOTHER: Emma Thrush

NAME: George Washington Jess

BIRTH: 12 Jul 1844 Gloucester City, Camden, New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 27 Jun 1918 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Samuel Jess

MOTHER: Mary Ann Stanger

NAME: George Lee Jess

BIRTH: 15 FEB 1911 Wichita, Kansas

DEATH: 21 DEC 1960 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, United States

FATHER: Frank Jess

MOTHER: Vlasta Kolarik

NAME: George Carl Herman August Jess

BIRTH: Abt 1841 Preetz, Holstein, Germany

DEATH: 1926 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Fritz Jess

MOTHER: Charlotte Kusel

NAME: George John Jess

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1894 Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, USA

DEATH: 02 Oct 1977 Spokane, Washington, USA

FATHER: George Friedrich Jess

MOTHER: Anna Catherina Oye

NAME: George Louis A Jess

BIRTH: 1 Apr 1895 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 16 Dec 1966 Glendale, Los Angeles, California, USA

FATHER: August Jess

MOTHER: Cora M Niner

NAME: George Payzant Jess

BIRTH: 24 Mar 1901 Kentville, 1654155, Nova Scotia, Canada

DEATH: 28 Sep 1993 Lakewood, Oconto, Wisconsin, United States of America

FATHER: Abraham Edwin Jess

MOTHER: Elizabeth "Jane" Pryor

NAME: George Alexander JESS

BIRTH: 08 OCT 1896 Philadelphia, PA

DEATH: 06 JUN 1976 Langhorne, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private