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NAME: George Henry Smith

BIRTH: abt 1865 Hull, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 22 10 1904 Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding

FATHER: Samuel Smith

MOTHER: Jane Kay


BIRTH: 10 Dec 1826 South Shields, Durham, England

DEATH: 1 May 1863 Ratcliffe, Middlesex, England

FATHER: George Jackson Smith

MOTHER: ANN Vickerman

NAME: George Washington Smith

BIRTH: 12 Aug 1826 Hamilton, Hamilton, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 28 May 1897 Lone Star, Gentry, Missouri, USA

FATHER: George Washington Smith

MOTHER: Sarah Anna "Hannah" Cupp

NAME: George Stovall Stokes Smith

BIRTH: 11 APR 1748 Cumberland, Cumberland, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 18 Mar 1810 Keene, Jessamine, Kentucky

FATHER: Thomas Smith

MOTHER: Mary Martha Frances Stovall

NAME: George Washington Smith

BIRTH: 22 Feb 1895 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

DEATH: 24 Mar 1974 Merrillville, Lake County, Indiana, United States of America

FATHER: Harriman Herman Smith

MOTHER: Marthea Anderson

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 1746 Adel, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 22 Dec 1829 Dunstern, Adel, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Edward Smith

MOTHER: Mary Reynolds

NAME: George Jackson Smith

BIRTH: Jul 1859 Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 20 Jun 1899 Greenfield, Adair, Iowa, USA


MOTHER: Hannah Louise Harriman

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: November 1838 Heather, Leicestershire, England

DEATH: 7 Feb 1896 Burntwood, Staffordshire, England

FATHER: Thomas Smith

MOTHER: Ann Wain

NAME: George Gilbert Lincoln Smith

BIRTH: 3 Sep 1893 Sydney, NSW, Australia

DEATH: 23 Apr 1921 Mornington, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: William Edwin Smith

MOTHER: Maria Louisa Lincoln

NAME: George Wishart Smith

BIRTH: 11 May 1837 Falkland, Fife, Scotland

DEATH: 19 11 1901 Newington, Midlothian, Scotland

FATHER: Thomas Smith

MOTHER: Mary Robertson

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 5 July 1825 Ireland, United Kingdom

DEATH: 9 Sept 1898 Harrison County, Harrison, Ohio

FATHER: John Smyth

MOTHER: Martha McQuaid

NAME: George S Smith

BIRTH: 07 Mar 1859 Shelby County, Texas

DEATH: 25 Jun 1928 Shelby, Texas, USA

FATHER: Sharrod Alonzo Smith

MOTHER: Nancy Sumrall

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 11 Feb 1846 Ludworth, Durham, England

DEATH: 02 Mar 1917 Virden, Macoupin, Illinois, United States of America

FATHER: William Smith

MOTHER: Mary Cummings

NAME: George Nelson Smith

BIRTH: 20 Jun 1832 St Albans, Franklin, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 11 Jan 1897 Northport, Leelanau, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Rev George Nelson Smith


NAME: George Washington Russell Smith

BIRTH: 10 Jan 1827 Huntsville, Madison, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 14 Jul 1908 Dickens, Taney, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Simeon Peter Smith

MOTHER: Ellender Nellie Lee

NAME: George Polk Smith

BIRTH: 1805 Hempfield twp, Westmorland, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 14 Nov 1892 Canoe, Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Jacob Schmidt

MOTHER: Barbara Mary Ludwig

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 1838 Norfolk, England

DEATH: 12 July 1910 Dysart, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: James Smith

MOTHER: Jane Smith

NAME: George August Smith

BIRTH: 1778 Solihull, Warwickshire - Hampshire, England

DEATH: 5 Jan 1855 Hobart, Tasmania

FATHER: William Jones Smith

MOTHER: Susanna Randall

NAME: George Washington Smith

BIRTH: 12 Apr 1906 Peggs, Cherokee, Oklahoma, USA

DEATH: 11 May 1983 Pryor, Mayes, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Jacob Washington "Jake" Smith

MOTHER: Elizabeth Angeline Wilson

NAME: George A Smith

BIRTH: Abt. 1851 Taylor, Cambria, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 31 May 1889 Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

FATHER: William Steven Smith

MOTHER: Nancy Agnes Shook

NAME: George Hugh Smith

BIRTH: 2 Feb 1834 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 6 Feb 1915 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

FATHER: Rev George Archibald Smith

MOTHER: Ophelia Anne "Phelia" Williams (Smith)

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 5th October, 1809. Coldhome', Rothiemay, Banffshire, Scotland

DEATH: 1st June, 1880. Coldhome', Rothiemay, Banffshire, Scotland

FATHER: Charles Smith

MOTHER: Ann Milne

NAME: George P. Smith

BIRTH: 06 Mar 1841 Fulton, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 11 Nov 1909 Fulton, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Henry Hardin Smith

MOTHER: Mary Ann Lockheart

NAME: George Smith

BIRTH: 01 JUL 1750 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: Abt. 1836 Campbell County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Robert Smith

MOTHER: Margaret Vaughn

NAME: George Hogan Smith

BIRTH: 23 Dec 1871 Sparbu, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

DEATH: 13 Jan 1961 Waconia, Carver, Minnesota, USA

FATHER: Hans Petter Andreassen

MOTHER: Ane Alberta Hansdatter Naust