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NAME: Geoffrey Murray Cartwright Dale

BIRTH: 10 Sep 1918 Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 11 Dec 2017 Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada - Northumberland Hills Hospital

FATHER: Dr. Gordon M Dale

MOTHER: E Helen Marjorie Cartwright

NAME: Geoffrey Edward Dale

BIRTH: 25 Oct 1924 23, London Road, Southampton, Hampshire, England

DEATH: 14 Aug 1977 Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford, Kent, England

FATHER: Myer Blumenthal

MOTHER: Mabel Tutton

NAME: geoffrey henry dale

BIRTH: 18 Sep 1886 pershore

DEATH: 9 Jan 1975 South Shields Tyne and Wear

FATHER: Thomas V Dale

MOTHER: mary braithewaite

NAME: Geoffrey Newton Dale

BIRTH: 19 Jan 1904 Willitoft, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: Sep 1973 York, Yorkshire East Riding, England

FATHER: Ralph Dale

MOTHER: Sarah Ellen Twilley

NAME: Geoffrey Clifford Dale

BIRTH: 10 Dec 1913 Barton, Lancashire

DEATH: Jun 1974 Rochdale, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, England

FATHER: John Raymond Dale

MOTHER: Millicent Eleanor Jeens

NAME: Geoffrey Montagu Cuthbert Dale

BIRTH: Oct 1902 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 23 Jun 1974 Thanet, Kent, England

FATHER: Dr Cuthbert Bracey Dale

MOTHER: Winifreda Nixon

NAME: Geoffrey Alan Dale

BIRTH: 27 Sep 1923 West Ham, Essex

DEATH: 26 December 1988 Dover Kent

FATHER: Philip Allan Dale

MOTHER: Ruby Miriam Creaton

NAME: Geoffrey Dale

BIRTH: 06 Sep 1937 Bulmer, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 30 Jul 1942 York, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Aubrey Dale

MOTHER: May A McCartney

NAME: Geoffrey Arthur Clifford Dale

BIRTH: 14 Apr 1915 Steyning, Sussex, England

DEATH: 23 Oct 1987 Mendip, Somerset, England

FATHER: Arthur William Dale

MOTHER: Evelyn Alice Clifford

NAME: Geoffrey Vincent Dale

BIRTH: 12 Aug 1908 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

DEATH: Feb 1995 Southampton, Hampshire, England

FATHER: geoffrey henry dale

MOTHER: beatrice ethel woods

NAME: Geoffrey William Dale

BIRTH: 21 Jun 1939 Wandsworth, Greater London

DEATH: May 1987 Lewisham, London, England

FATHER: Thomas Dale

MOTHER: Gwendoline Doris Ellen Oldfield

NAME: Geoffrey K Dale

BIRTH: 25 Jan 1935 Hunstanton, Norfolk

DEATH: 1968 Kings Lynn, Norfolk

FATHER: Henry John Dale

MOTHER: Martha Elsie Richardson

NAME: Geoffrey Charles Dale

BIRTH: Dec 1930 Hackney, Greater London

DEATH: Mar 1953 Coventry, Warwickshire

FATHER: Alfred Charles Dale

MOTHER: Mabel Elizabeth Dixon

NAME: Geoffrey Dale

BIRTH: Sep 1950 Standish , Wigan, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 03/ /1955 infirmary Wigan Lancashire England

FATHER: Frank Dale

MOTHER: Violet McNamara

NAME: Geoffrey Raymond DALE

BIRTH: 1917 Burwood, NSW

DEATH: 17 Jul 1976 Tweed Heads, NSW, late of Beaumaris, VIC

FATHER: Raymond Samuel DALE


NAME: Geoffrey Lawrence Dale

BIRTH: 1954 Manchester, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 2015

FATHER: Eric John Dale

MOTHER: Margaret Grey

NAME: Geoffrey Dale

BIRTH: 1906 Manchester, Lancashire, England

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Herbert Dale

MOTHER: Amy Westoby

NAME: Geoffrey David Dale

BIRTH: 1946

DEATH: 1967 Inverloch, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Donald George Dale

MOTHER: Lesley Lorraine Tainton

NAME: Geoffrey Cyril Dale

BIRTH: 10 July 1944

DEATH: 4 July 2004 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

FATHER: Percival Tasman Dale


NAME: Geoffrey Montague Cuthbert Dale

BIRTH: 1902

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Henry Thurston Dale

MOTHER: Edith Anne Brind Kendall

NAME: Geoffrey Dale

BIRTH: 4 October Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 14 June 2001 Leeds, Yorkshire, england

FATHER: Frank Dale

MOTHER: Private

NAME: geoffrey dale

BIRTH: BET APR 1940 AND JUN 1940 scunthorpe

DEATH: 16 AUG 2010 scunthorpe

FATHER: charles m dale

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Geoffrey Graham Dale

BIRTH: 25 May 1963 Camberwell, Greater London

DEATH: Oct 1999 Ashford With Shepway, Kent, England

FATHER: Roger Graham Dale

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Geoffrey Phillip DALE

BIRTH: 30/09/1924 Foleshill, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 1st Qtr 1990 Coventry, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Geoffrey Dale



FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private