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Results for "dorothy smith"

Name: Dorothy Smith

Birth: 15 Oct 1905 Pendleton County, West Virginia

Death: 3 Jun 1993 Arthur, Grant County, West Virginia

Father: Charles Edward Smith

Mother: Leurena Susan Mowery

Name: Dorothy Smith

Birth: 23 Nov 1818 Sussex, Virginia, United States

Death: 17 May 1903 Fayette, Tennessee, United States

Father: Robert Graves

Mother: Susan Adams

Name: Dorothy Jane Smith

Birth: 12/17/1918 Glad Brook Iowa

Death: 4 Mar 2002 Kokomo, Howard, Indiana, United States

Father: William Perry Smith

Mother: Dolly Hammond

Name: Dorothy Mae Smith

Birth: 8 JUL 1923 Marion, Grant, Indiana, USA

Death: 21 October 2008 Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

Father: Lawrence William Smith

Mother: Florence Emily Achor


Birth: 25 Nov 1916 Salem, Harrison County, West Virginia, United States

Death: 12 Jan 2006 Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia, United States

Father: William Smith

Mother: Chloe Joyce Davis

Name: Dorothy Evelyn SMITH

Birth: 27 Apr 1917 Texas

Death: 11 Aug 1995 Van Zandt County, Texas, USA

Father: Ules Levi Smith

Mother: Lethie Ann Harris

Name: Dorothy Smith

Birth: 6 Apr 1913 Cook, Illinois, United States

Death: 18 May 1997 Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Father: Henry Poggensee

Mother: Emma Martha Weiss

Name: Dorothy Fessenden Smith

Birth: 31 May 1931 Monroe, Fairfield, Connecticut

Death: 25 Jan 2009 Oxford, New Haven, Connecticut

Father: Henry James Smith

Mother: Hazel Mildred Smith

Name: Dorothy Louise Smith

Birth: 28 Feb 1911 Lucas County, Iowa

Death: 19 Feb 2008 Iowa

Father: Lester Frank Smith

Mother: Daisy Marie Pickerell

Name: Dorothy Smith

Birth: 1855 East Holywell Earsdon

Death: by 18 Nov 1929 Earsdon, Northumberland, England

Father: John LEATHAM

Mother: Frances Anne Arkless

Name: Dorothy E Smith

Birth: 28 Jul 1917 Pike Co, IL

Death: 4 Jun 2002 San Jose, Santa Clara, California, USA

Father: George Thomas Smith

Mother: Beulah Mae Howland

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