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NAME: Dorothy D'Arcy

BIRTH: 15 Mar 1918 Alliance, Flagstaff, Alberta, Canada

DEATH: 24 Aug 2009 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

FATHER: William Alexander D'Arcy

MOTHER: Hazel Estella Smoots

NAME: Dorothy Conyers Darcy

BIRTH: 03 May 1600 Hornby Castle, Nr. Bedale/Leyburn, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 31 May 1666 Hauxwell Hall, West Hauxwell, Nr. Catterick, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Sir Conyers 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth Earl of Holderness Darcy

MOTHER: Dorothy Belasyse

NAME: Dorothy A Darcy

BIRTH: 15 Mar 1921 Philadelphia, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 24 Oct 1999 Pomona, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: William C Darcy

MOTHER: Louisa A Schulz

NAME: Dorothy Violet Darcy

BIRTH: 14 Dec 1912 Irondequoit, Monroe, New York, USA

DEATH: 19 Aug 1980 San Diego, California, USA

FATHER: Michael Francis Darcy

MOTHER: Tessie Violet Stage

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: abt 1532 Aston, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 26 Dec 1553 Howden, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Sir George Darcy Lord Darcy Aston

MOTHER: Dorothea Melton

NAME: Dorothy D'Arcy

BIRTH: 9 May 1912 Lincoln, Lincs

DEATH: 28 Dec 1973 Lincs

FATHER: Lewis Darcy

MOTHER: Lucy Jubb

NAME: Dorothy Edith D'Arcy

BIRTH: 13 Jun 1921 West Derby, Lancashire

DEATH: Dec 1984 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

FATHER: James D'Arcy

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Cook

NAME: Dorothy Irene D'Arcy

BIRTH: 06 Oct 1941 Salt Lake City, Utah

DEATH: 10 August 2007 Spokane, Spokane County, Washington, USA

FATHER: Charles George D'Arcy


NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: Abt. 1655 Newhall, Derbyshire, England

DEATH: Dec 1729 Oxnead Hall, Oxnead, Aylsham, Norfolk, England

FATHER: Edward D'Arcy

MOTHER: Elizabeth Stanhope

NAME: Dorothy Margaret Darcy

BIRTH: 18 Feb 1928 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

DEATH: 10 Mar 1998 Hollywood, Broward, Florida, USA

FATHER: Daniel Joseph Darcy

MOTHER: Agnes Callaghan

NAME: Dorothy G Darcy

BIRTH: 8 May 1911 Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 6 Aug 1981 Gloucester, Essex co, MA

FATHER: James Walter Darcy

MOTHER: Mary Catherine Cavanaugh

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: abt 1904 New Jersey

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: William Darcy

MOTHER: Frances McCann

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: abt 1909 New York, USA

DEATH: 11 Feb 1963 New York, USA

FATHER: John Joseph Darcy

MOTHER: Anna Veronica Finnegan

NAME: Dorothy Agnes D'Arcy

BIRTH: 3 Sep 1888 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 2 Jun 1961 Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: John Joseph D'arcy

MOTHER: Margaret Bergen

NAME: Dorothy Anna D'Arcy

BIRTH: 1908 Carlton, Victoria

DEATH: 1965 Elsternwick, Victoria

FATHER: James Darcy

MOTHER: Henrietta Armstrong

NAME: Dorothy M Darcy

BIRTH: 20 July 1916 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 20 Aug 1998 Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: John H Darcy

MOTHER: Mary A Darcy

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: Abt 1920 Illinois, USA

DEATH: Unknown

FATHER: Charles Russell D'Arcy

MOTHER: Hazel Alice Bodell

NAME: Dorothy Frances D'Arcy

BIRTH: 15 Mar 1899 Ballymena, Antrim, Northern Ireland

DEATH: 8 May 1973

FATHER: Charles Frederick D'Arcy. Arch Bishop of Armagh

MOTHER: Harriet Le Byrtt Lewis

NAME: Dorothy Mary Joyce D'arcy

BIRTH: 1929 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

DEATH: 28/01/2014 Wynnum, Bowman, Queensland, Australia

FATHER: William Young

MOTHER: Florence Rose Voltz


BIRTH: 1928 Chorley, Lancashire, England

DEATH: JAN 1930 27, Pall Mall, Chorley, Lancashire, England



NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: 1600 England

DEATH: 1666 England

FATHER: Sir Conyers 7th Baron Darcy de Knayth Earl of Holderness Darcy

MOTHER: Dorothy Belasyse

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: ABT 1648 Sedbury,Yorkshire,England

DEATH: AFT 13 OCT 1673 Sedbury,Yorkshire,England

FATHER: James Darcy

MOTHER: Isabella Wyvil

NAME: Dorothy Darcy

BIRTH: 1563 Danbury, Essex, , England

DEATH: 2 Feb 1616 Chester, Durham, England

FATHER: Thomas Darcy

MOTHER: Margaret Sulyard

NAME: Dorothy Mabel Darcy

BIRTH: 4 December 1923 Camooweal, Queensland, Australia

DEATH: 30 Aug 1985 Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

FATHER: Edward James Klein Darcy

MOTHER: Olive Caroline Myra Conroy

NAME: Dorothy M D'Arcy

BIRTH: 22 Nov 1931 Liverpool North, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 15 Jun 2008 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private