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NAME: Delia S Davidson

BIRTH: 18 Mar 1893 Batesville, Independence, Arkansas, United States

DEATH: 3 Jan 1985 Newport, Jackson, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: John Allen Davidson

MOTHER: Mary Louise "Mollie" Pankey

NAME: Delia S. Davidson

BIRTH: 5 December 1870 Rye Cove, Scott County, Virginia, United States of America

DEATH: 6 November 1945 Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, United States of America

FATHER: James Logan Davidson

MOTHER: Rebecca A. Taylor

NAME: Delia Adelia Davidson

BIRTH: 26 Feb 1845 New York, United States

DEATH: 06 Jan 1925 New Jersey, United States

FATHER: Roger Franklin Davidson

MOTHER: Jean Bertram

NAME: Delia Raymond Davidson

BIRTH: 9 Dec 1793 Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT., USA

DEATH: 27 Nov 1852 Baltimore,, Maryland, USA

FATHER: Nathaniel Raymond

MOTHER: Dolly Wood

NAME: Delia May Davidson

BIRTH: 26 Feb 1895 Lyndon, Vermont, USA

DEATH: About 1946 Wellesley, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Edward Davidson

MOTHER: Mary Anne O'Brien

NAME: Delia Chloe Davidson

BIRTH: 17 Sep 1881 Hull, Sioux, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 1 Aug 1949 Los Angeles County, California, USA

FATHER: Charles Lybrand Davidson

MOTHER: Nancy Jane Gaddis

NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: 29 April, 1907 Oneida, Scott, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 10/18/1978 Oxford, PA

FATHER: Andrew Jackson Davidson

MOTHER: Savannah Ellis

NAME: Delia Arbella Davidson

BIRTH: 16 SEP 1875 Baughman, Knox County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 16 NOV 1970 Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Luke Davidson

MOTHER: Ruth Ann Hoots

NAME: Delia J Davidson

BIRTH: abt 1888 Texas, USA

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: Henry Davidson

MOTHER: Emma Liza Locklin

NAME: Delia Stowe Davidson

BIRTH: 13 Jan 1804 Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut

DEATH: 25 November 1887 New Haven, Connecticut, USA



NAME: Delia Josephine Davidson

BIRTH: 20 May 1872 Iowa

DEATH: 29 January 1968 Hennepin, Minnesota

FATHER: Ludvig Edvard Heggelund Davidsen

MOTHER: Ida Davidson

NAME: Delia Mabel Davidson

BIRTH: 15 Oct 1894 Windsor, Dane, Wisconsin, United States

DEATH: 7 Aug 1932 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, United States

FATHER: Ole Larson Davidson

MOTHER: Marthe J Linde

NAME: Delia E Davidson

BIRTH: 28 Nov 1907 Oklahoma

DEATH: Mar 1976

FATHER: John Daniel Davidson


NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: Jun 1888 Lapasse

DEATH: Not Available

FATHER: George Davidson

MOTHER: Margret Marcil

NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: 19 Jun 1914 Oklahoma

DEATH: 29 Jan 2007 Pryor, Mayes, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Robert Alvin Davidson

MOTHER: Ruth Ella Parks-Davidson

NAME: Delia Justina Davidson

BIRTH: 20 Jan 1953 MT. Holly, New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 5 Mar 2006 New Jersey, USA

FATHER: William L. Davidson

MOTHER: Delia F. Lewis

NAME: Delia Adaline Davidson

BIRTH: abt 1831 Tennessee

DEATH: 17 Apr 1888 McNairy, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: Harvey Love Davidson

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Hicks

NAME: Delia Signora Davidson

BIRTH: 24 Apr 1905 Goodhue County, Minnesota, USA

DEATH: 03 May 1905 Goodhue County, Minnesota, USA


MOTHER: Engeborg Anna Osteros

NAME: Delia Signora DAVIDSON

BIRTH: 24 Apr 1905 Roscoe, Goodhue, Minnesota, USA

DEATH: 3 May 1905 Roscoe, Goodhue, Minnesota, USA


MOTHER: Engeborg Anna Osteros

NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: 3 Oct 1916

DEATH: 27 June 1993

FATHER: Prosper Davidson

MOTHER: Georgina Bruneau

NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: 13 Mar 1821 Wayne, Wayne, Ohio

DEATH: 26 May 1838 Porter, Cass, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Armstrong Davidson

MOTHER: Rebecca Speers

NAME: Delia V. Davidson

BIRTH: May 1865 Illinois

DEATH: 1922

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Fannie Townsen

NAME: Delia Ophelia Davidson

BIRTH: 31 MAR 1903 Geneva County, AL

DEATH: 01 APR 1979 Columbus, Muscogee County, GA

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Delia Davidson

BIRTH: 1840 Bibb County, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 9 Jun 1913 Bibb County, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private

NAME: Delia L. Davidson

BIRTH: 1827 Vermont, United States of America

DEATH: 18 January 1916 Colorado, United States of America

FATHER: Private

MOTHER: Private