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Name: Cora B Smith

Birth: abt 1879 Michigan

Death: 30 July 1964 Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA

Father: Benjamin Stearns Raymond

Mother: Lucinda DeCamp

Name: Cora Smith

Birth: 1 Sep 1890 Georgia

Death: 24 Oct 1991 Coffee County, Georgia, United States of America

Father: James Daniel Smith

Mother: Mary Mollie Jordan

Name: Cora A Smith

Birth: 22 Nov 1903 Kansas

Death: 27 Jan 1998 Belleville,Republic,Kansas,USA

Father: Thomas Jefferson Ryman

Mother: Essie May Young

Name: Cora Smith

Birth: 15 May 1865 Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, United States

Death: 25 Aug 1943 Whittier, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: William Smith

Mother: Sarah Ann Corkins

Name: Cora Ethel SMITH

Birth: 10 Jan 1897 Denton, KS

Death: 17 Mar 1996 Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa, USA

Father: Finley B. Smith

Mother: Alta Alameda Claver

Name: Cora Smith

Birth: 2 July 1886 Clifton, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 3 Feb 1973 Saint Louis, Saint Louis County, Missouri, USA

Father: Zachariah Thomas Smith

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth Leigh

Name: Cora Lee SMITH

Birth: 12 May 1908 Bryant, Jackson, Alabama, USA

Death: 30 Jan 1947 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Dock Edward Smith

Mother: Daisy Stephens

Name: Cora Smith

Birth: 16 Apr 1882 Dyersburg, Dyer, Tennessee, USA

Death: 30 Nov 1951 Union City, Obion, Tennessee

Father: Benjamin C. Smith

Mother: Aycenia Vicenna Dearmore

Name: Cora V Smith

Birth: Nov 16, 1880 Winnsboro, Wood Co, TX

Death: 17 Nov 1941 Miller Farm, Anderson Co, Texas

Father: John Frank Webb

Mother: Salina V Weems

Name: Cora T. Smith

Birth: Jul 1859 Belchertown, Worcester, Massachusetts

Death: 6 Mar 1915 Massachusetts, United States

Father: Artemas Henry Whitney

Mother: Jerusha Sellon Percival

Name: Cora Smith

Birth: 7 Sep 1886 Mississippi

Death: 27 October 1954 Perkinston, Stone, Mississippi, USA

Father: George P. Smith

Mother: Mary Ladner

Name: Cora N Smith

Birth: abt 1902 Dakota City Neb

Death: 9 Dec 1952 San Luis Obispo, California

Father: John Percy Smith

Mother: Dollie Tipton

Name: Cora E. Smith

Birth: May 1891 Arkansas

Death: 25 Sep 1977 Encinitas, San Diego, California, USA

Father: William Alexander Wheeler

Mother: Mary Phipps Wheeler

Name: Cora Bell Smith

Birth: 19 September 1872 Iowa, USA

Death: 15 Feb 1904 Penawawa, Whitman, Washington, USA

Father: John Riley Lee

Mother: Juliett Didiot

Name: Cora E Smith

Birth: 2 Feb 1880 Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Death: 22 Dec 1954 Scott, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph B. Smith

Mother: Lucy Oddy

Name: Cora Ross Smith

Birth: 11 Feb 1871 Scott County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 22 Apr 1910 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi

Father: Robert Oden Smith

Mother: Martha Shropshire

Name: Cora Mae Smith

Birth: 15 Jan.1898 Bracken, Kentucky, USA

Death: 13 May 1984 Chatham, Bracken, Kentucky, USA

Father: Cord Smith

Mother: Mary Edwards

Name: Cora Marie Smith

Birth: 22 Dec 1881 Harrison County, Iowa

Death: 07 Jul 1969 Summit, Roberts Co., SD

Father: Frazee Adams SMITH

Mother: Samantha Ann Haggard

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