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Results for "charles wolf"

Name: Charles F Wolf

Birth: 23 Sept.1864 Marion, Grant County, Indiana USA

Death: 30 Sept. 1945 Trafalgar, Johnson, Indiana, USA

Father: Friedrich Wulf

Mother: Gertrude Egen

Name: Charles Edward Wolf

Birth: 21 AUG 1877 Ohio

Death: 3 Jan 1935 El Paso, Texas, USA

Father: Daniel Isaac Wolf

Mother: Sarah Staudt

Name: Charles Herbert Wolf

Birth: 20 Aug 1891 Norfolk, Arkansas

Death: 15 Dec 1978 El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: Stonewall Lackey

Mother: Dora L Peel

Name: Charles Henry Wolf

Birth: 27 Apr 1844 Hanover, Germany

Death: 20 Jul 1905 Norborne, Carroll County, Missouri

Father: Gottlieb Wolf


Name: Charles Leroy Wolf

Birth: 14 Jun 1915 Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Oct 1985 Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George W Wolf

Mother: Cora May Metz

Name: Charles Norman Wolf

Birth: 20 April 1898 Kansas

Death: 3 JAN 1975 Chaunte, Neosho Co., Kansas buried in Mt. Hope Cementery Humboldt, Ks.

Father: Gustave Karl Wolff

Mother: Effie Mae Blakley

Name: charles charlie wolf

Birth: 15 April 1899 Texas

Death: 17 Sept 1970 Johnson City, Tx Blanco Co.

Father: William Leonard Wolf

Mother: Susan Rebecca Bird

Name: Charles Wesley Wolf

Birth: Sep 1869 Mechanicstown, Frederick, Maryland, USA

Death: 15 Nov 1948 Bells Mills, PA

Father: George Wolfe

Mother: Cordelia Roberts

Name: Charles E. Wolf

Birth: July 23, 1918 Webster, Monroe, New York, USA

Death: 29 Nov 2003 Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA

Father: William Carl Wolf

Mother: Ellen Jane Ernisse

Name: Charles Allen Wolf

Birth: 23 Aug 1875 Jefferson County

Death: 24 Apr 1963 Coolsprings, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jacob E. Wolf

Mother: Mary Christina Yoder

Name: Charles Rudolph Wolf

Birth: 14 Aug 1869 Key West, Monroe County, FL

Death: 31 Jul 1922 Key West, Monroe, Florida, USA

Father: Samuel WOLF

Mother: Sarah Ellen ALBURY

Name: Charles F Wolf

Birth: June 6th, 1890 Kentucky;United States of America

Death: 17 July 1971 Jefferson, Kentucky

Father: Louis Robert Wolf

Mother: Ella N. Unz

Name: Charles Daniel Wolf

Birth: 22 Feb 1893 Akron, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania

Death: 9 Oct 1974 Akron, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel Peter Wolf

Mother: Laura E. Cooper

Name: Charles R. Wolf

Birth: 31 AUG 1911 Ohio

Death: 27 May 1993 Ashland, Ohio, USA

Father: Harry Wolf

Mother: Maude Mae Coble

Name: Charles H Wolf

Birth: 10 Feb 1881 Blakely, Scott, Minnesota, USA

Death: 06 Jun 1963 Le Sueur County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Joachim Wolf

Mother: Carolina Schmidt

Name: Charles David Wolf

Birth: 1806 Baden, Germany

Death: 1872 Newfoundland, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David Fridrich Wolf

Mother: Christina Raez

Name: Charles Elmer Wolf

Birth: 9 May 1886 "The Corner", Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 31 Jul 1946 Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Wesley Wolf

Mother: Lydia Ann Summer (Somers)

Name: Charles Ray Wolf

Birth: 20 Jun 1893 Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

Death: 11 Aug 1956 Olmsted, Minnesota, USA

Father: William DUBS

Mother: Quinnie Tell Zellers

Name: Charles Edwin Wolf

Birth: Mar 1852 Ohio

Death: 13 Oct 1911 Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, USA

Father: John W Wolfe

Mother: Rebecca Swadner

Name: Charles Morris Wolf

Birth: 5 Jul 1876 Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Apr 1962 Rockeleller, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Wolf

Mother: Helena Kramer Derk

Name: Charles I. Wolf

Birth: abt 1895 Hungary

Death: 11 May 1957 New Britain CT

Father: Johann Wolf

Mother: Josefa Jud

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