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NAME: Charles T Terry

BIRTH: 17 Jun 1856 Marion, Perry, Alabama, United States

DEATH: 22 Sep 1940 Marion, Perry, Alabama, United States

FATHER: David M Sherlock Lipscomb Terry

MOTHER: Elizabeth Warren

NAME: Charles Terry

BIRTH: 11 Aug 1932 Redding, Jackson, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 16 August 2011 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: Charles E. Terry

MOTHER: Irene M Johnson

NAME: Charles W. Terry

BIRTH: Abt 1839 New Jersey

DEATH: 05 May 1913

FATHER: John Terry

MOTHER: Susannah McDougall

NAME: Charles Ray Terry

BIRTH: 1938 Tennessee

DEATH: 1998 Union City, Obion, Tennessee, United States

FATHER: Jessie Clay Terry

MOTHER: Ruth Moore

NAME: Charles Leveron Terry

BIRTH: 24 Sep 1929 Drew, Mississippi

DEATH: 22 Jul 1960 Galveston, Galveston, Texas, USA

FATHER: Charles P Terry

MOTHER: Liggie Alice Malone

NAME: Charles (4) Clyde, Sr. Terry

BIRTH: 25 Nov 1902 Patrick Co., Virginia

DEATH: 11 Oct 1978 Eden, Rockingham Co., North Carolina

FATHER: Abner Joseph Terry

MOTHER: Mollie Williams

NAME: Charles Martin Terry

BIRTH: 1 Aug 1865 Indiana

DEATH: 21 Feb 1947 Sundance, Crook, Wyoming, USA

FATHER: Robert Branum Terry

MOTHER: Phoebe Lucinda Tryon

NAME: Charles Townsend Terry

BIRTH: 26 Feb 1835 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, USA

DEATH: 6 Jul 1922 Coupeville, Island, Washington, USA

FATHER: Ralph Terry

MOTHER: Maria Vrooman

NAME: Charles Oliver Terry

BIRTH: 1894 Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

DEATH: 1951 Nelson, New Zealand

FATHER: William Alfred Gamman

MOTHER: Annie Matilda Terry

NAME: Charles A Terry

BIRTH: 27 Oct 1853 Kent Co ON Canada

DEATH: 11 Dec 1919 261 Grand Ave E Chatham Kent Co ON Canada

FATHER: John H Terry

MOTHER: Elizabeth Ann Glenn

NAME: Charles Edward Terry

BIRTH: 15 February 1858 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 20 August 1905 Aston, Warwickshire, England

FATHER: Abraham Terry

MOTHER: Sarah Yarnall

NAME: Charles Antonio Vigneron TERRY

BIRTH: 12 Jul 1852 New Bedford,,Massachusetts

DEATH: 9 AUG 1925 New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Elias Terry

MOTHER: Susan Almy Howland

NAME: Charles Lonnie Terry

BIRTH: 25 Feb 1894 Pemberton, Raleigh County, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: October 1979 Oceama. Wyoming, WV

FATHER: Ballard Preston Terry

MOTHER: Susan Victoria Gunter

NAME: Charles Frederick Terry

BIRTH: 1 Dec 1865 Dover, Kent, Ontario

DEATH: 15 FEB 1938 Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Charles Terry

MOTHER: Anne Russell

NAME: Charles Howard Terry

BIRTH: 27 Oct 1840 Montgomery, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 15 Aug 1921 Montgomery County, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Thomas Winters Terry

MOTHER: Susan Akers

NAME: Charles Terry

BIRTH: 26 Nov 1902 West Virginia, United States

DEATH: 30 Apr 1973 London, Madison, Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: George Richard Terry

MOTHER: Mary Frances Henry


BIRTH: 19 Dec 1837 Edmeston, Otsego, New York, United States

DEATH: 26 Aug 1908 Cowgill, Caldwell, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Samuel Terry

MOTHER: Ruth Martin

NAME: Charles Terry

BIRTH: Abt. 8 Jan 1808 Stone Isle of Oxney ,Kent, England

DEATH: January 1876 Camberwell, London

FATHER: William Terry

MOTHER: Barbara Francis

NAME: Charles William Terry

BIRTH: 1 Jul 1896 Newburgh, Orange, New York, USA

DEATH: 27 Mar 1953

FATHER: William H Terry

MOTHER: Etta Jennings

NAME: Charles Albert Terry

BIRTH: 21 Sep 1848 Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 26 Oct 1932 Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Nathaniel Terry

MOTHER: Melvina Reese

NAME: Charles Thaddeus Terry

BIRTH: 11 Jan 1927 Albany Alban, New York

DEATH: 11 Sep 2005 Guilderland, Albany, New York

FATHER: Charles Terry

MOTHER: Clare McMullen

NAME: Charles Oscar Terry

BIRTH: 13 Oct.,1892 Mason Co., W.Va

DEATH: 22 May 1970 Gallipolis Ferry, Mason, West Virginia, United States

FATHER: Albert Frances Terry

MOTHER: MARY Angeline Taylor

NAME: Charles Edwin Terry

BIRTH: 8 Jun 1884 St Augustine, Florida

DEATH: 1964 Florida

FATHER: Robert Henry Terry

MOTHER: Elizabeth Myrtelle Harris

NAME: Charles Jabez 1797 Terry

BIRTH: 29 Jan 1797 Greenville County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 18 May 1853 Greenville County, South Carolina

FATHER: Thomas Terry

MOTHER: Rebecca Nancy "Ann" McDowell

NAME: Charles D Terry

BIRTH: Feb 1864 Maryland

DEATH: 4 Mar 1913 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

FATHER: Charles Terry

MOTHER: Margaret Terry