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Name: Andrew QUIRK

Birth: 3 Jun 1903 Ardbeg, Stradbally, Castlegregory, Kerry, Ireland

Death: 15 Dec 1965 New York City (All Boroughs), New York, USA

Father: Andrew Quirk

Mother: Mary Agnes Brick Quirk

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: abt 1838 Ireland

Death: 25 Mar 1884 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Father: Cloubus OH Quirke

Mother: Mary Kellehan

Name: Andrew Micheal Quirk

Birth: 24 Dec 1933 Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 9 Jun 1993 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Timothy Joseph Quirk

Mother: Elizabeth Sullivan

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: 1897 Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

Death: 23 Feb 1969 St Charles Hospital, Nr Ladbroke Grove, London W10

Father: John Quirke

Mother: Hanoria Cronin

Name: Andrew J Quirk

Birth: Dec 1876 New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Death: 9 May 1908 New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Father: Andrew Quirk

Mother: Catherine Flenning

Name: Andrew Raphael Quirk

Birth: 27 Sep 1899 N.Y.C, Woodside Queens, N.Y.S, U.S.A

Death: 19/Oct/1980 Uniondale, Nassau, New York, United States of America

Father: Andrew Terrance Quirk

Mother: Catherine Wright

Name: Andrew G Quirk

Birth: 24 Feb 1924 United States

Death: 22/Sept/1984 N.Y.C,Astoria Queens,N.Y.S,U.S.A

Father: Andrew Raphael Quirk

Mother: Catherine Grace Bloom

Name: Andrew Jackson Quirk

Birth: 23 March 1833 Louisiana

Death: 8 June 1859 St Landry Parish,New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Father: William Clark Quirk

Mother: Mary C Douglas

Name: Andrew Leonard Quirk

Birth: 10 Oct 1874 Branxholme, Victoria, Australia

Death: 24 Jul 1969 Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Patrick Quirk

Mother: Alice Dwyer

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: ABT 1927 Bronx, NY

Death: ABT 1928 Bronx, NY

Father: Andrew Quirk

Mother: Mary Teresa Spillane

Name: Andrew Michael Quirk

Birth: 28 May 1869 Kilgobban, Kerry, Ireland

Death: 6 June 1906 Stradbally, kerry, Ireland

Father: Michael Quirk

Mother: Margret Shea

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: 30 Mar 1880 Cumbola, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania

Death: 23 Aug 1952 Blythe, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania

Father: Patrick Quirk (Kirk)

Mother: Mary Jane Devlin

Name: Andrew "Nootsy" Gardiner Quirk

Birth: 20 Oct 1933 Opelousas, Louisiana, USA

Death: 08 Sep 2015 Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana

Father: William Ralph Quirk

Mother: Mable Cecelia Gardiner

Name: Andrew Michael Quirk

Birth: Jan 22, 1936 Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA

Death: Mar 04, 1995 Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Michael Quirk

Mother: Bridget Scanlon

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: 9 Jun 1909 New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Death: 14 November 1978 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Father: Peter J Quirk

Mother: Agnes Rose Nugent

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: 11 Jul 1877 New Jersey

Death: Not Available Jersey City, NJ

Father: Pierce Quirk

Mother: Ann Sweeney

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: 29 Nov 1711 Andreas, Isle of Man

Death: Not Available

Father: Philip QUIRK

Mother: Catharine CHRISTIAN

Name: Andrew Terrance Quirk

Birth: 03/31/1870 Keyport, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Death: 06/30/1933 Queens County, New York, USA

Father: John Quirk

Mother: Ann Martin

Name: Andrew QUIRK

Birth: 15 Nov 1914 United States

Death: 1 Jun 1920

Father: James J Quirk

Mother: Mary Kennedy

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: Jul 1898 Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

Death: 14 Sep 1898 Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

Father: Patrick James Quirk

Mother: Mary Jane Pook

Name: Andrew Quirk

Birth: Aug 1869 New York

Death: February 1943 Westchester, New York

Father: Nicholas Quirk

Mother: Sarah Ryan Holohan Quirk

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