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NAME: Abraham Hollingsworth Holmes

BIRTH: 1823 Adams, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 31 Oct 1859 Nodaway, Nodaway, Missouri, United States

FATHER: John 1790 PA Holmes

MOTHER: Sarah Collins

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 1683 Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

DEATH: 20 May 1753 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

FATHER: John Holmes

MOTHER: Sarah Thomas


BIRTH: February 18, 1844 Madoc Township - Hastings County - Ontario - Canada

DEATH: April 9,1936 Carleton, Ontario, Canada


MOTHER: Eleanor (Ellen) Watt

NAME: Abraham Daniel Holmes

BIRTH: 5 Jun 1866 Holmesville, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 28 Dec 1960 Caribou, Aroostook, Maine, United States

FATHER: Daniel Holmes

MOTHER: Rhoda Currie

NAME: Abraham Turton Holmes

BIRTH: abt 1819 Bahama Islands

DEATH: 22 Jun 1908 Nassau NP, Bahamas

FATHER: Abraham T. Holmes

MOTHER: Elizabeth (Betsy) Shepard

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 3 Mar 1750 New Braintree, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 29 Jun 1833 Westford, Chittenden, Vermont, USA

FATHER: Robert Wilson

MOTHER: Hannah. Thompson

NAME: Abraham Colison Holmes

BIRTH: 15 Apr 1836 Ohio, USA

DEATH: 11 Feb 1906 Weller, Richland, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Abraham Colison Holmes

MOTHER: Mary Glenn Morehead

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: Jun 09 1754 Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

DEATH: 07 Sep 1839 Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts

FATHER: Experience Holmes

MOTHER: Hannah Samson


BIRTH: 1640/1 Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass

DEATH: 17 Apr 1722 Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: William Holmes

MOTHER: Elizabeth Madden

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: Abt 1840 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 24 Oct 1880 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: John Holmes

MOTHER: Sarah Beldam

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 18 February 1785 Columbia County, New York, USA

DEATH: 9 August 1862 Chenango County, New York, USA

FATHER: Jedidiah Holmes

MOTHER: Hannah Brown

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 13 May 1797 Harwich,Kent , Ontario

DEATH: 30 JAN 1890 Chatham, Kent County, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Hugh Holmes

MOTHER: Sarah McKirgan

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 5 Jul 1854 Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire

DEATH: Mar 1933 Wandsworth London

FATHER: James Holmes

MOTHER: Elizabeth Abell

NAME: Abraham Dillon Holmes

BIRTH: 24 Oct 1850 Missouri

DEATH: 8 Dec 1901 at home in Big Meadows, Plumas Co., CA

FATHER: Isaac Holmes

MOTHER: Elisabeth Devore

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 1837 Hunsworth Birstal, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: October 1867 Birstall

FATHER: James Holmes


NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 24 July 1816 Clayton, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 24 November 1879 Waterloo Seneca, New York, USA

FATHER: William Holmes

MOTHER: Mary Townrow

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: abt 1876 Fitling, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 1 Apr 1923 Moora, Western Australia, Australia


MOTHER: Fanny/Frances Mason

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: ABT 1842 Mountsorrel, LEICESTER, Leicestershire, England

DEATH: 30 Nov 1887 Mountsorrel Quarry, Leicestershire England

FATHER: William Holmes



BIRTH: 1837 Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 1910 Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Jonathan Holmes

MOTHER: Elizabeth Taylor

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 1690 Pannal

DEATH: May 1773 Kirby Overblow

FATHER: John Holmes

MOTHER: Grace [Holmes]

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 27 Aug 1765 Carlisle, Cumberland, PA

DEATH: 14 Jun 1804 Near Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: Andrew Holmes, Sr., private in Pennsylvania militia during Revolution, constable of his town

MOTHER: Jane Graham Holmes

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 13 October 1791 Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States

DEATH: 02 Jul 1878 Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA

FATHER: Thomas Holmes

MOTHER: Margeret Patterson

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 1832 Clapham, Yorkshire

DEATH: 24 Nov 1909 Kildwick, Yorkshire

FATHER: Abraham Holmes

MOTHER: Isabella Battersby

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 7 nov 1807 Bilsdale, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: Oct / Dec 1872 Helmsley, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Issac Holmes

MOTHER: Isabella Dale

NAME: Abraham Holmes

BIRTH: 9 Jun 1791 Birstall, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

DEATH: 26 July 1840 Birstall, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

FATHER: Richard Holmes

MOTHER: Susanna Hopkinson