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Think you don’t have enough information to start your family tree?
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Simply enter what you know.
Type in your first name, last name, birth date and place and those of your parents (if possible).
Don’t worry if you don’t have more facts. This is the start of the treasure hunt.

Ask your family for more.
Family history is a wonderful excuse to pick up the phone or share a meal with siblings, grandparents and other loved ones. Use this time to ask your relatives about names, dates and places they remember from your shared heritage.

Let us fill in the blanks for you.
Ancestry will use every fact you enter to search billions of historical records, photos and family trees for missing details about your ancestors. The more you add to your tree, the more we can help you grow it. You’ll see hints (    ) in your tree when we think we’ve found one of your ancestors in our collections.

Watch your family tree come to life.
Organise all the images and information you gather about your family history in one safe, convenient place online. Create an individual "Person Page" including a timeline for everyone in the tree. Then upload photos, attach historical records, record audio and add it to your tree as well.

Share your tree with friends and family.
Send an email inviting family members to view your tree or even add new details, photos or images. Or make a gift of your tree by creating a professionally printed family history book or family tree poster from it using MyCanvas.