Liverpool parish records

Liverpool has played a central role throughout Britain's history. The city's docks have ushered in industrial revolution, suffered from civil war, and welcomed generations of arrivals from Ireland, Wales and further afield. Follow your family's story through these changing times with our Liverpool parish records.

  • Our new Church of England and Catholic registers let you visit your ancestors' key events in over 3 million records through more than four centuries of Liverpool life. Follow the trail of births, marriages and deaths to piece together your family's Merseyside story.

    Church of England registers

    The Church was a central part of everyday life through the 18th and 19th centuries, as most people stuck to the established religion. Parish registers are the most comprehensive records of your ancestors' vital events until civil registration started in 1837 – and even after that date they can fill in frustrating gaps.

    Catholic registers

    In the early and mid-1800s, Liverpool saw a huge influx from abroad – particularly from Ireland, as immigrants fled the Great Famine. Follow the fate of these ‘new scousers’ and their descendants in the registers of the Catholic churches that sprung up to accommodate them.

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    Irish records

    Discover details of Irish immigrants' previous life back home, in our huge range of records from Ireland – including the crucial census substitute Griffith's Valuation.

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  • Liverpool’s past

    Putting your ancestors' stories in the context of wider history always gives you a better understanding of their lives – and nowhere is this more true than in Liverpool.

    From the slave trade in the 17th century to the coming of railways 200 years later, world events have directly influenced the city's people. Follow these simple steps to trace the effects on your family:

    • 1Record your family

      Follow your ancestors' lives in our new parish records and use your family tree to keep track of their birth, marriage and death dates.

    • 2Compare the dates

      Read the timeline below to see what impacted your forebears' lives. Perhaps events around the world brought about their arrival in Liverpool? Or maybe changes in Merseyside can explain sudden disappearances?

    • 3Look for clues

      Our timeline may suggest good next steps for your research. Mass migration would point you towards passenger lists; warfare would suggest military records; while changes in working habits might have you looking in occupation records.

    The development of a city

    Track the ups and downs that affected the Liverpudlians in our parish records

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    Shipping records

    Trace your forebears' arrivals in and departures from Liverpool in our passenger lists. UK, Incoming Passenger Lists 1878 – 1960, includes thousands of immigrants from around the world, while similar collections from America, Canada and Australia record those who left our shores.