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RECORDS | 22 03 2017

Search 3 million new Welsh records

Our new Welsh Poor Law and Gaol Records contain three million personal details, that could tell you if a relative was ever given relief under the Poor Law or sent to prison.

Many people received aid via Poor Law Unions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries – including the elderly, orphaned, abandoned, unemployed and sick. Your relative’s details could be listed along with thousands of others who were given money, food, clothing and even jobs during the period.

If one of your Welsh ancestors was suspected of committing a crime, they are likely to be found in the lists of prisoners from the County Gaols and Houses of Correction in the area. Delve into the archive to find their names, aliases, offences and sentencing.

RECORDS | 23 01 2017

New Jersey records available to search

Jersey may not seem central to the UK but its history shows just how important this island of some 100,000 people has been. Jersey’s dukes went on to become kings of England after the Battle of Hastings. The island successfully repelled French invasion over the centuries. It was also of key strategic importance during World War II.

With the release of our Jersey parish registry, you can explore your links to the island for the very first time. With records on baptisms, burials and marriages dating back as far as 1540, you can now discover an entirely new family connection.

RECORDS | 16 01 2017

Explore 400,000 NEW London occupational records

We have just released 400,000 new records that offer fascinating insights into working life in London. Dating back as far as 1681, these four distinct collections let you find family from a variety of jobs and lifestyles.

TS Exmouth Training Ship Records, 1876-1918, will help you trace any boys from your family who were trained aboard the Exmouth. Gamekeepers’ Licences, 1727-1839, will show you which ancestors were gamekeepers and where they worked. Freedom of the City Admission papers, 1681-1930, reveal relatives associated with the City Guilds. And with Stock Exchange Applications for Membership, 1802-1924, you can trace relatives licensed to trade commercial stocks.

RECORDS | 08 01 2017

Pick up the thread and help solve the mystery

Calling all hero detectives.

We’re collecting a casebook of family mysteries that need solving. Simply head to our Facebook page. Using your knowledge of Ancestry you might be able to suggest a new lead and help other members pick up the thread of their family history once again.

Whatever you do, be sure to get involved. By sharing your experience of Ancestry, you could be the one to solve the riddle and earn a reputation as a super-sleuth.

RECORDS | 10 12 2016

This Royal decision changed a family tree for 80 years

In 1936, the King did something almost unheard of. He abdicated and changed the face of the British Royal Family forever. After her father unexpectedly became king, our current Queen Elizabeth II suddenly found herself next in line to the throne.

So what did your relatives do around the same time that may have affected your own family tree?

Our extensive historical records can show you:

  • Build your family tree with birth, marriage and death records
  • See the wealth and status of your family with our National Probate Calendar
  • Look for relatives who fled trouble within our passenger lists
  • Check if prior scandals affected your ancestors with our older Divorce Records

RECORDS | 30 10 2016

Are there really witches in your family tree?

Can you find witches in your family's past? It sounds ridiculous, but back in the 17th century, people really believed that sorceresses were living among them.

The truth is more serious. Hundreds of women - and some men - were accused of witchcraft and persecuted for their perceived crimes.

With our new records, you can discover the names of those suspected of 'cavorting with the Devil' and find out exactly where they came from.

RECORDS | 11 10 2016

Does your DNA reflect the outcome of historic British battles?

Harold versus William. Saxons versus Normans. Northern versus Western Europe.

The Battle of Hastings in 1066 and other clashes in the region have shaped the genetic makeup of people living in the UK today. But what was the result when it comes to your DNA? Are you more Northern than Western European?

AncestryDNA will tell you.

With a simple test, you can better understand your European ancestry, some of which may have been affected by the Norman Conquest 950 years ago. See how this and other wars could have influenced your genetic makeup and whether Harold or William’s exploits played any role in defining who you are today.

RECORDS | 06 10 2016

1 million new medical records

If your ancestor was a member of the medical profession, there’s a good chance you’ll find their details in our exciting new collection.

We’re releasing more than 100 years of medical records, covering 1 million professionals. Search our six unique registers and you’ll find more than just UK doctors and nurses.

You might discover an ancestor who worked on the sub-Continent between 1615-1930. Or even those on the Masseuse and Physiotherapy Registry who were involved in anything from Medical Electricity to Medical Gymnastics.

RECORDS | 03 10 2016

Find your family in Oxfordshire

From Banbury to Bicester and Woodstock to Waterstock, our new Oxfordshire parish records cover the entire county right back to Tudor times.

Whether your ancestors were drawn here by the famous university or to work the farmland, you can search 2 million baptisms, marriages and burials up to the mid-20th Century.

This Oxfordshire collection adds yet another important county to our growing number of parish records from around the country.

RECORDS | 09 09 2016

Historical photos from all over the UK

Now you can take a historical tour of the UK in even more detail. We've added 300,000 new images to our City, Town and Village Photos, 1857-2005.

See for yourself what life was like in your ancestors’ home towns. Find out what has changed in the place you were born. And even spot local landmarks that stood the test of time as everything (and everyone) around them changed.

Whether it’s your first time searching our photos or you’re returning to see what’s new, this is a rare chance to catch a true-to-life glimpse of the past.

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