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It’s exciting watching the stars of Who Do You Think You Are? as they delve into their family history. But it’s not just celebrities who have incredible stories in their past. Discover the TV-worthy tales in your own family tree with our expert advice.

WDYTYA? goes stateside

For 2010, Who Do You Think You Are? has had a Hollywood makeover! A special series, filmed in the US and shown in the UK as one-off episodes, follows seven celebrities on their journeys to discover their family histories. From the California Gold Rush to the Salem witch trials, European aristocracy to the beaches of Africa, from the Civil War to the Holocaust, each star's discoveries reveal incredible details from their past.

Because these episodes are shown irregularly in the UK, it's difficult to keep track of them. That's where we come in. Keep checking this page for details of upcoming programmes, and sneak previews of the celebrities' discoveries. Then check back after the show for a full recap, and tips to help you uncover similar stories in your own family history.


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WDYTYA? TV Episode on BBC1

Matthew Broderick: Sunday 3rd October

Discover the heroics of the comedy actor's military ancestors, from the American Civil War to World War I. Find out more here

US TV Series 2010 Celebrity Stories

Sarah Jessica Parker:
Discover the Sex and the City actress' fascinating links to the Californian Gold Rush and Salem Witch Trials.
Find out more here

Susan Sarandon:
Follow the Hollywood star's mission to find out why her grandmother abandoned her mother at an early age.
Find out more here

Brooke Shields:
Explore the differences in the film star's roots, as Italian nobility meets poverty and hardship.
Find out more here

Lisa Kudrow:
Explore the harrowing story of the Friends star’s Jewish family, and enjoy an unexpectedly happy ending.
Find out more here

Matthew Broderick:
Discover the heroics of the comedy actor's military ancestors, from the American Civil War to World War I.
Find out more here