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John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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Surnames: Skjeggstadstuen, Midun
I would like to find more information on John Gunderson Skjestadstuen and Pign Life Iversdatter Midun. I believe they are the unmarried father of Marthine. And Marthine may have a half sister. If they aren't married, then would her records be sealed? Is that why I can't find her? Any suggestions?

Pign Life Iversdatter Midun/Midtune died when Marthine was about five years old, but we aren't sure if she died in the US or Norway. Most likely the US. But I can't find any death information on her. I can't find anything on her at all except some records in the Gausdal church records, Oppland County =
Norway.In Digitalarkivet
Martine born Mai 7, 1870 to
Unmarried John Gunderson Skjeggstadstuen and pign(maiden) Life Iversdatter Midun.
there is a note that the father went to America.
In the 1865 census I find
Skjeggestuen- Ostre Gausdal, Oppland=20
John Gunderson, Unmarried, age 36
Ingeborg Gunderson Tjener ( houskeeper-kind of) age 34-Ungift = (unmarried)
His daughter- Ingeborg age 8
So- they were not married at this point- will look for marriage record , =
but he wasn't married in 1865 or 1870

Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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you appear to be very new at Norwegian records. Martine's mother is Lisa, not "Life" Andersdatter. The word you are reading as "Midun" actually says "ibidun", usually shortened to "ibid" - which means "ditto". In this case it means that the unmarried maiden (pign), Lisa Iversdatter, was also residing at Skjeggestadtuen.

The record also says that when Martine was born, John Gundersen was 37 years old and Lisa Iversdatter was 24 years old. The note that says the father went to America also mentions that this was his 3rd illigitimate child and her 1st. The records are not sealed for illigitimate births. Martine has two half-siblings, both older than her.


Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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Your John Gundersen Skjeggestad left the parish for America on 7 Apr 1870. John Gundersen was not married when he left Norway in 1870 and had not been married previously.

#18, bottom, right side

Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Gausdal, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1873), Inn- og utflyttede 1870, side 511.
Permanent sidelenke:

#19 is his sister, Ingeborg Gundersdatter. His daughter Ingeborg did not leave with them.

Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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Here is the birth record for the half-sister of Martine that is listed in the 1865 census at Skjeggestadtuen:

Born 8 May 1858 in Gausdal
Mother: maiden, Thonette Johansdatter Engelandsbakken
Father: John Gundersen Skjeggestad

Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Gausdal, Ministerialbok nr. 8 (1850-1861), Fødte og døpte 1858, side 142.
Permanent sidelenke:

Ingeborg Johnsdatter was born at Engelandsbakken farm in Gausdal. The Ingeborg Gundersdatter living with John Gundersen in the 1865 census is his sister. Apparently, John Gundersen had another illigitimate child between 1865 and 1870 (after Ingeborg but before Martine).

Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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Lise Iversdatter in 1865 and emigration 1873

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Here is Lisa (spelled "Lise" here) in 1865:

Lisa and her daughter Martine left Gausdal for America on 12 Apr 1873, together with Lisa's parents:

#8 - #11

Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Gausdal, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1862-1873), Inn- og utflyttede 1873, tittel- og registersider m.m. 0, Dagregister 0, side 514.
Permanent sidelenke:

Do you descend from Lisa's daughter Martine? Exactly what other information are you looking for?

Re: Lise Iversdatter in 1865 and emigration 1873

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Surnames: Iversdatter
Yes, Martine is my mother's grandmother. I just read all of these and I am still processing. One observation that jumps out first is that it appears that Iver died at sea on May 12. Do they have death certificates then? And if so, who would have it? If they died at sea, that means they were buried at sea, right?

I have more questions, but I have to process what you gave me first. Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

Quite frankly I'm really confused about lastnames so my head is reeling right now. Is her last name as it appears in the passenger lists?

Engeband, Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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What was his birthdate? I have Jun 1830 from the 1900 US Federal Census. Can you get a day on that? Do you know who his parents are?

How do I enter his name in the record? would it be firstname = John, middlename = Gundersen, last name = Skjestadstuen? I've seen a LOT of different spellings on this now and I am confused about what is right.

And equally as confused on how to enter where he is from in Ancestry. Would it be Ostre Gausdal, Oppland, Norway? How do I say where he is from correctly?

In the 1900 US Federal Census it says that there was an aunt to Martines spouse, but doesn't say which side of the family and puts ditto marks for her last name which they spelled Shaggestad (incorrect) so it's not clear which side she was on, if she was Martine's aunt Engeband or Ole Gunderson's aunt Engeband (Shaggestad evidently...they just drew a line for the last name, but under John ditto the last name (implying to me that her last name is some form of Shaggestad rather than gunerson even though the question is relationship to head...which would be Martines spouse Ole Gunderson.

Re: Engeband, Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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Surnames: Skjeggestad
I am also getting conflicting messages on John's parents.

That said...we possibly have two different families in the same cemetery (Lone Rock, Moody, South Dakota, USA), or maybe three, with names so similar that its hard to differentiate. It would be useful to know this Johns parents name. (There might be a John, Jon, and Johan that are getting mixed up.)

Mom has Mrs. Ole (Martine) Gunderson's obituary and is relaying over the phone so I can't see it, but she said that it says In an obituary for Mrs. Ole (Martine) Gunderson, it says the father jhon (probably mispelled)skjeggestad and mother is Elice Hagen. Father's father is Gunder Skjeggestad. Can you confirm that?

I apologize for a bad keyboard. New computer with bad keys. it hates to shift. :-(

Re: John Gunderson Skjestadstuen

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What would Ingeborg's name be then? How would I enter her into What would be first, middle, last name? and how would I say where she is from?
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