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James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Surnames: Harris, Gass
Aloha! Researching the families of James Harris & Susannah (Gass), child'n. of Christopher Harris and Capt. David Gass, resided at Ft. Boonesborough. Our lineage migrated into various counties of MO.

S. Viehweg

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Your message regarding James Harris/Susannah Gass is interesting. I agree Susannah is daughter of David Gass.

Do you have any proof James Harris, d 1830/183l Franklin County, TN is the son of Christopher Harris?

If we are on the same family(?), then which children of James and Susannah went to MO. I know two of his sons (I believe he had only 3) went to AR and then on to TX. They were both Cumberland Presbyterian ministers. James and Susannah did have daughters: Sarah, Rebecca, Marthy
(Martha who believe married Pendergrass), Rhoda and Susannah. These are from Will of James.

Ann Gary

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Surnames: Harris, Gass, Dent, Skinner
Aloha! The Harris and Gass families were amongst the Boone party(ies). I have been able to contact a few other long time researchers on these extended families and have obtained pieces of info here and there. In the will of Christopher Harris, he mentions son James. In the will of David Gass, he mentions daughter Susannah Harris. James and Susannah's marriage is recorded in Madison Co., KY 1790.

I don't know the death date for James Harris. I have seen many researchers record him dying abt 1792, but the correct is probably his uncle, also named James, a son of Maj. Robert Harris and brother to Christopher. The nephew James Harris who married Susannah Gass, is recorded in land transactions 1807.

Their only known daughter by me was my 5th Gr.Grandmother, Rebecca "Becky" Harris. She married Bailey Dent 1815 in Madison Co., KY. In the 1840 census of their household, there is an older gentleman listed in the household b: betw. 1770-1780. Samuel Dent, Bailey's father, died in 1834. So possibly this is James Harris? I am unable to find James Harris in census prior to 1840. The 1800 census schedules for Kentucky no longer exist as they were burned by the British during the War of 1812. 1810, 1820, 1830 - Unable to locate in census. If migrated to MO with family members, there are no 1820 schedules known to exist for Missouri Territory.

Their daughter Annie Elizabeth "Aneliza" Dent was born 1816 Madison Co., KY. This is my 4th gr. grandmother. She married Richard C. Skinner 1833 MO. He being born in Madison Co., KY 1812.

Any assistance in clarifying these lineages and information you may have on these lines would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share my family information, however, I am still in the process of inputting my data.

S. Viehweg

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Surnames: Harris, Gass, Pendergrass, Morris, Morrison, McCord, Province, Rosborough, McCollom, Stephenson, Sloan
Very interested in your posting.

The James Harris I am researching appears to be born 24 Aug 1759, in Rowan, NC. (Remember in 1759 NC was actually part of VA) with parents possibly Samuel Harris and Rebecca Morris/Morrison. This James Harris seems to be the same James Harris who died at age 71 on 29 Sept 1830; buried in Old Bean's Creek Cemetery, "A large cemetery with many field stones." Inscription #39: To the memory of James Harris, a Revolutioner who departed this life Sept the 29th, 1830, aged 71 years. This is from Cemetery Records of Franklin County, TN, compiled by Franklin County Historical Society, 1986. Age would be correct with this birth and death date.

There is also a record showing a James as son of Christopher and Agnes McCord Harris. Agnes was second wife of Christopher.

DNA does not place my James Bright Harris in group of Christopher Harris. http://
Ms. E.W. Wallace is in the Christopher group and her research is excellent!!

If you have not been keeping up with the Harris Group DNA project, please check this as well as Mr. Gohr's work. I have just ordered a upgrade of my James B DNA from 37 marker to 67 marker as there is a Robert Harris in our group and the 37 marker I have matches closely with his.

I know from record of 1879 that my ancestor, James Bright Harris, was born in Middle Tennessee 28 Sept 1809.

James Harris, died 1830 left a Will (Book 1, pp.89-90) showing wife, Susannah; sons Samuel, David G. and James B. Daughters: Sarah, Rebecca, Marthy, Mary, Rhoda and Susannah. I am requesting a full copy of this will in hopes of finding some land, etc. to have a better documented record.

Another researcher worked on son, Samuel, who he says was born 07 Oct 1794 KY. (Later Census records indicate he was born in KY) He was also a Cumberland Presbyterian minister and he and my James B followed same migratory line - TN, AR and then TX. Both were ministers in Washington (later Benton Co came out of this) County, AR and in Cherokee County, TX. Well documented.

In James B's household on 1850 and 1860 Census Chreokee County, TX was a Martha P_____(Writing on one census not legible; on other spelling atrocious), but I am told this should be Pendergrass. Martha was born in KY

Names of children of Samuel and James B are very similiar as shown on census.

I agree a James Harris married Susannah Gass 02 Dec 1790 as shown in born Rowan Co, NC and in Madison Co, KY. (Probably same place in 1790) And agree Will of David Gass mentions daughter, Susannah Harris. Also have indexes showing several land transactions; some just James Harris; some James and Susannah. Also a Power of Attorney from James and Susannah to John Gass.

Last Record I see with Susannah's name is 13 Oct 1807; this would go with my James B being born in TN Sep 1809.

Also in Madison County Deed Records: Edward Harris of Newburn, NC grants 750 acres on both sides of Muddy Creek to James Harris - I have seen date both 1798 and 1802.
Witnesses: James Harris, Archibald Harris and Andrew Province.

Marriage Records in Madison Co. KY:
Rebecca Harris-Andrew Province, 9 Aug 1792
Parmaria Harris-Robert McCord, Dec 31, 1795
Samuel Harris-Sarah Province, 2 Sept 1795

With Census evidence (and 1879 obituary for James Bright) showing births in both KY and TN, it is evident family was in both states earlier being KY.

I hate to make this message longer, but am listing some Random records/notes I have from Franklin County, TN.

FRANKLIN CO. TN records:

Edward Harris of Newbern, North Carolina grants his power of attorney to John Strother 9 Jun 1808 (pp251-252)

John Strother, agent for Edward Harris in his lifetime and attorney in fact for James Harris, William Harris, Samuel Harris, heir of Andrew Harris,
Samuel Harris, Abner Harris, Eli Harris, Margaret Rosborough, Mary McCollom, wife of James McCollom, Rebecca Province, wife of Andrew Province, Martha Sloan, wife of Robert Sloan,Permelia McCord, wife of Robert McCord, Lydia Stephenson, wife of John Stephenson, who are heirs of the said Edward Harris states the will of said Edward Harris. Heirs: brother James Harris, sister Peggy Rosoborough, Andrew Province, Robert McCord and "a sister I expect to move here." Mentions Mrs. Blount 22 May 1815 (pp6-8) Samuel Harris to Isaac Halen Harris and Samuel Overton Harris his sons 100 acres. l Oct 1814 (p 182)

James Harris, William Harris, Samuel Harris, Abner Harris, Eli Harris, Margaret Rosborough, James McCallin and wife Mary, Andrew Province and Rebecca his wife, Robert McCord and Pemlia his wife, Thomas Stephenson and wife Lidia, and Samuel P Harris to John Murrow a tract of land on the Elk River 20 Aug 1816 (pp 362-363)

Eli Harris of Wilson Count TN, attorney for the heirs of Judge Harris of
Newberrn North Carolina to John McGowan administrator of Andrew McGowan a tract of land 15 Oct 1818 (pp 150-151 Samuel A Harris to John Harris part of a tract of land originally granted to Edward Harris 4 Dec 1818 ( 160) Eli Harris, attorney for heirs of Edward Harris to Samuel A Harris a tract of land originally conveyed to James Harris 5 Oct 1818 (p164)

James Harris Sr to his daughter Sarah Harris 125 acres 8 Nov 1825 (p 298)

James Harris died leaving widow Susannah Harris and three sons, to wit, Samuel, James and David G Harris, David G Harris to Samuel Harris 25 May 1835 (pp 237-238)

There are too many James Harris! I feel we should correspond direct should you wish. Your mention of a Maj. Robert Harris could be the Robert Harris shown in Group 3A of DNA. (I do not at this time go with the Harris alias Calvert trend for my James B based on family lore).

From your positive knowledge of your 5th Gr.Grandmother, Rebecca "Becky" Harris marrying Bailey Dent 1815 Madison Co, KY I don't believe we are researching the same James Harris. Now, the question is which James actually married Susannah Gass?
Ann Harris Gary

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Surnames: Harris
Aloha! Thanks for the addt'l information. Your right, there is so much more and many James Harris'. I'll write more and send what I have on the Harris families in a seperate email. I descend from two Harris lines seemingly of the same family. Both need further research on my behalf.

S. Viehweg

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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I am researching Christopher Harris married Agnes McCord and Marya Dbney and thought Agnes was my ancestor but now thinking it is Mary Dabney. My great grandfather is Thomas Frederick Harris born 1828 in Dubois Indiana and it is said his father and mother were born in KY on a census but I can't locate who it is. I think it is a William or Benjamin but most leads say William and then I lose the thread. Thomas married to Juley Ann Simmons.
I did the DNA (my brother did it) and I am in Group 6 if anyone reading this is in the DNA groups through or Ancestry.
I recently saw something on Gass associated with Harris line which could be mine so have to look for it.

Donna Harris Peirson

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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I am in Group 6 on DNA research through Ancestry. I am descended from Christopher and Mary Dabney. I thought it was with his other wife Agnes but my Group 6 is showing more of Mary Dabney so must be my link. I have hit a blank wall with great grandfather Thomas Frederick Harris though born in Dubois, Indiana to Juley Ann Simmons. Can find his parents and census said they were born in Kentucky. I think might be William but can't find the right William. If I find this link then I believe I go back to the Overtons and Mourning Glenn and the Claibornes.
Donna Harris Peirson

Re: James Harris & Susannah Gass - Boonesborough, Madison Co., KY

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Donna, James Harris who married Susannah Gass 2 Dec 1790 in Madison Co. KY is the son of Samuel and Rebecca Morrison Harris (grandson of James and Mary McIlhenny Harris) and is in Group 3 Harris DNA. Susannah is named as Susannah Harris in Will of her father, David Gass, 1806.

James as son of Samuel Harris is proven:
(1) Will of Samuel Harris Will Bks I, IA, & II, Iredell Co. NC 1788-1845 (Original Bks in Clerk of Court's office, Hall of Justice, Statesville, NC): "...Item I Bequeath to my seven children (viz) James Harris, William Harris.... all the land I hold on the Western Waters in the Western Territory South of the Ohio to be equally divided..."
(2) This was also deeded to James Abstracts of Deeds, Iredell Co., NC, Vol l 1788-1797: A: 141-141. 27 Mar 1790 "Samuel Harris to James Harris, his son of Maddison Co. VA for 5 pds, 1250a in Western Dist. adj. Saml Harris Jr. part of 5000A orig grant to Saml Harris 1788.."
(3) North Carolina Land Grants in TN 1778-1788 Western District #3001 - SAMUEL HARRIS: 5,000 acres on the North Fork of Loosahatchee River
(4) History of Shelby County, TN (Goodspeed, 1887, pg 789) "But long previous to this treaty North Carolina, while Tennessee was yet under territorial government, made numerous large grants to individuals, mostly at the rate of L10 for every 100 acres so granted. The first grant recorded in the register's books of Shelby County is North Carolina Grant, No 17, to SAMUEL HARRIS for 5,000 acres, lying on the North Fork of Looshatchie River, near the mouth of that fork..."
(5) WD from James Harris to his daughter, Sarah Harris, dated 8 Nov 1825 and recorded Deed Record, Book F&K, page 198 Franklin Co. Archives, TN: "...containing one hundred and twenty five acres, Situated lying and being in Shelby County on the waters of Looshatchey, it being part of a tract originally granted to SAMUEL HARRIS by Grant No. 17.."
(6) Will of James Harris Will Record Book 1808-1876, page 89 Franklin Co. TN: "...bequeath to my wife Susannah the plantation... divided amongst all my children viz. Sarah, Rebecca, Samuel, Marthy, Mary, Rhoda, David, Susannah and James... Execs sons Samuel Harris, David G. Harris and James B. Harris" dated 30 May 1828:

That Susannah Harris was Susannah Gass is proven by Land Patent to David GASS Harris in Arkansas.

That Rebecca Harris, daughter of James and Susannah Gass Harris did not marry Bailey Dent in 1815 is proven by WD selling plantation in 1836 in Franklin Co, TN (P/178)wherein Rebecca Harris is shown as single.

All of this indicates this is not your James Harris. Good luck on your research,

Ann Gary
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