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William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

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Surnames: Gullion - Wiley - Kelly - Pattie - Neill
Who were parents of William Gullion found in Hickman Co KY census 1830? Anyone who likes a nice genealogy puzzle and has research on the Gullion family, I'd like to hear from you. I know that there are researchers on the Gullion line for the family that moved to Switzerland Co IN who may shed some light on this issue. Research shows:

Rev War Pension Appl Jeremiah Gullion (1758-1815) lists chdn:
George Gullion b. Mar 1795
William Gullion b. Jul 1787
Thomas Gullion b. Apr 1781
Rachel Gullion b. Apr 1783
Mary Gullion b. Aug 1789
Jeremiah Gullion b. Aug 1793
Jean Gullion b. Jan 1798
William Gullion b. Jun 1802 (William above b. 1787 has died??)
Thomas Gullion children: William born May 1801 and Nelly Gullion born Apr 1803. (Two William Gullion's, born Jun 1802 and May 1801 -- which one came to Hickman Co KY??)

Marriage record, 15 Jul 1800, Thomas Gullion to Elizabeth Kelly, daughter Eleanor Kelly.

11 May 1810, inventory of estate of THOMAS GULLION, Gallatin CO KY, by Jeremiah Gullion (father or brother of Thomas?) and Jarrett Demint. Thomas appears to have died intestate. Anyone have record of will or estate settlement of Thomas Gullion?

Mar 1810/1819?, Gallatin Co KY, Elizabeth Gullion, widow, md George NEVEL/Noel. Bond signed Geo. Nevel & Samual KELLEY. (Is this widow of Thomas GULLION? Samual Kelley her brother? father? anyone have record of George Nevel/Noel family 1810 or 1820 time?)

Oct 1819, will probate of Jeremiah Gullion of Rev War, names heirs (among others) son Thomas Gullion, deceased, heirs unnamed; also names William Gullion a lot containing 22 acres drawn by John Brown as guardian for William Gullion . . (so Jeremiah's William had a guardian so he's less than 18 years in Oct 1819 -- this William born after Oct 1801 roughly. Thomas' William born May 1801 so he's 18 years old in May 1819, he'd not have been a minor in Oct 1819 when Jeremiah's will probated. Jeremiah's William born Jun 1802 -- he'd not be 18 until Jun 1820. We're really splitting hairs here, but APPEARS that the William Gullion in Hickman Co KY in 1830 census is son of Jeremiah Gullion of Rev War fame, the "Indian spy and fighter."

But let's look a little further . .

Jun 1820, Gallatin Co, William Tandy appointed guardian to Eleanor Tandy, infant daughter of Thomas Gullion, deceased. (Eleanor born Apr 1803)

27 Jun 1826, marriage records Gallatin Co KY, William GULLION to Elizabeth WILEY. Signed Wm Gullion, Cyrus Wiley, Consent Elizabeth Wiley, Wit: Cyrus Wiley & Reuben McEndre. (Whether born in 1801 or 1802, William old enough to marry in 1826, so is this son of Jeremiah or Thomas?)

William Gullion, 1830 census, Hickman Co KY:
1 male under 5
2 males 20-30 (born 1800-1810 - William & ???)
2 females under 5
1 female 5-10 (born 1820-1825)
1 female 30-40 (born 1790-1800 - is this Elizabeth WILEY and Luke WILEY next door her brother or relative?)
next household: Luke WILEY w/family

1835, William Gullion md. Sarah Ann Coulter, Hickman Co KY. So mother of his children shown in 1830 census has died.

1840 Census, HIckman Co KY, William Gullian, age 30-40, female age 20-30, 4 males under age 15 and 3 females age 5-19.

1843, Estate settlement of Isabella (Pattie) Gullion, widow of Jeremiah Gullion of Rev War, Carroll Co., KY, names among children, William Gullion of Kentucky. Some of her other living children are named as living in Indiana.

1846, Mississippi Co MO, Estate settlement, William GULLION, administratrix Sarah Gullion, names heirs Marilda Gullion, Matilda Gullion, Mary Isabella Gullion, Jeremiah Gullion, William H. Gullion, Fielden K. Gullion, George W. Gullion and James E. Gullion.

Jul 1848, Mrs. Sarah Gullion marriage to Richard Hardin, MIssissippi Co MO.

1850 census, Mississippi Co MO, shows:

Richard Hardin, age 40, b. VA
Sarah A. Hardin, age 32, b. KY (born ca. 1818)
Benjamin R. Hardin, age 1, b. KY
C. N. Coulter, age 12, b. KY
William H. Gullion, age 12, b. KY
Fielding Kelly Gullion, age 10, b. KY
George W. Gullion, age 8, b. KY
James E. Gullion, age 7, b. KY

Mary Gullion, age 20, and Jeremiah Gullion, age 16, both born KY, named as heirs of William Gullion, not living with Sarah (Gullion) Hardin, but living with the Branscumb family in Missippi CO MO. Marilda and Matilda have married to James White and John William White. These 4 children of William probably by his first wife and the children living with Harding family were Sarah and William Gullion's. Jeremiah Gullion, son of William was born 9 May 1834 per Jeremiah's bible record. He's the 4th child of William and born before William's marriage to Sarah Coulter, so a nice fit for the marriage of William and Elizabeth (Wiley) Gullion in Gallatin Co. in Jun 1826. This Jeremiah's mother may have died at his birth in 1834.

I'l like to hear your thoughts on this conundrum!
Celtic Lady

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

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Surnames: Gullion, Pattie (Patty), Kelly
No thoughts; just confusion :)

I'm also researching this line. My 4G Grandfather was Jeramiah Gullion (Rev War fame) and my 3G Grandfather was his son, Thomas.
Do you have the record of Jeremiah's pension application, or can you point me in the right direction to find it? I'm also looking for any other original documentation sources on this family.

Nancy Filbert

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

Celtic Lady (View posts)
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Hi, Nancy. Thomas Gullion only had two children, Eleanor (Nellie) and William. Eleanor married Mark Tandy and William married ? For a long time I believed that this William Gullion, son of Thomas, was my direct ancestor who came to Hickman County KY about 1840. Other researchers thought Thomas' son, William Gullion, had gone to Switzerland Co IN. The analysis I did on the Message Board is my thinking on the subject today -- my William was perhaps (can't even say probably) the son of Old Jeremiah of Rev War. What is your line to Thomas?

I ordered the Rev War Pension Application of Jeremiah years ago from the National Archives in D.C. and I'm sure it could still be ordered from there. There are also pension application for Jeremiah's two brothers, Robert and John -- there isn't much information in those that add to Jeremiah's. The estate settlement of Thomas Gullion is Gallatin Co KY Will Book A, page 183, Appointment of Guardian fo Eleanor Gullion is Gallatin Co KY Will Book B, page 203, Will of Jremiah Gullion is Gallatin Co Will Book A, page 489. Fayette Co KY Circuit Court Bk A, page 39 and 40, pages 460-461, and Fayette Co KY Deed book Q, page 392-393, has an indenture record that will make your head spin -- no one has ever been able to determine exactly the relationships of the Gullions in that record. Fayette Co KY Tax Lists, 1787- 1804, lists Gullion names, including Patrick Gullyun "very old man". The Lexington Kentucky Gazette, Oct 10, 1805, has "Died, on Tuesday morning last, Mr. Patrick Gullion, a citizen of this town. The age of Mr. Gullion was not known to any person in this place, but it has been considered as considerably upwards of 100 years. He has been a citizen of Lexington for about 20 years and when he first here was called a very old man." Fayette, Henry, Gallatin counties in KY have marriage records of the Gullion's into early 19th century. I never did much research on the the family in Indiana as my William Gullion came to the bootheel of MO and died before 1850, leaving a number of children, including a Jeremiah Jr who was my great-great grandfather. The name is spelled O'Gullion in some of the very early records, and there are O'Gullion men in Virginia, Hugh, Barnabas, Duncan, probably some others, that none of us researchers has ever found the magic link to Patrick/Edmund/Jeremiah Gullion/O'Gullion, though I think most of us believe they are of common origin. Duncan O'Gullion was a Tory, perhaps his brothers also, and I've thought perhaps there was a rift in the family because of loyalties to the Crown of England and to the colonial effort that Jeremiah, John and Robert fought for. Hope this helps you move forward. I haven't done much with the gullion line for several years, went on to research other lines. Good luck on your Gullion's -- interesting family. Linda

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

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Hi Linda,

Thanks for the info.
My undocumented Gullion line is
Patrick (b. Ireland d. Lexington, KY)
Henry (b.1718/23 d. aft 1810)
Jeremiah (b 28 Nov 1758 Westmoreland County PA [?] d. Apr 1815 Gallatin County KY)
Thomas (b. 3 Apr 1781 Kentucky d. 10 May 1810)
William (b. 1801 Kentucky d. ?)
Jane (my Great-Grandmother) (b. 1 Mar 1842 Boone County IA d. 1932)
Are our "Williams" the same person? I have Jane marrying William Spencef Bolen in Indiana (again undocumented).

The only original documentation I have thus far is that my grandmother’s death certificate lists Jane Gullion as her mother. I just started working on genealogy in September and have been working on each branch as information becomes available. Then, I’m slowly working backwards to get documentation.
Thanks again, Nancy Filbert

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

Celtic Lady (View posts)
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The Rev War Pension Application of Jeremiah Gullion has a copy of a book that belonged to one of his children, I think it was George, and there is a list of the names and birth dates of the children -- the names include Thomas' two children -- there are two William's born within a year or so of each other. One would be son of Jeremiah, the other son of Thomas. Thus the confusion. Other researchers have claimed William, son of Thomas, as the one who went to Indiana, probably the one that you believe to be your ancestor. I thought for a long time that Thomas' William was my ancestor that came to Hickman Co KY (far western county in KY) with his children. He is in 1840 census there, no wife, but his age and children's ages would bear out the date of William's marriage to Elizabeth Wiley. Also, there is a Cyrus Wiley living next door to William in 1840 census of Hickman Co, again, gives credence to my theory. I have never looked at the Switzerland Co IN William to ascertain if I thought he were Thomas or Jeremiah's son. I now am inclined to believe that my William is the son of Old Jeremiah after I did the careful analysis that I put on the internet that you responded to.

The lineage that you relate in your e-mail, Patrick, Henry, Jeremiah -- may or may not be correct -- we just don't know and probably never will -- there is a record with a couple of Edmund's (Edmund and Edmund P.) sons of Henry Gullion, that we don't quite know how they fit into the picture. I think Henry had two sons named Edmund, one of them died and he named another son same name -- that was no uncommon practice -- sometimes two children in family would have same name and both living; I think that happened when a man remarried and for some reason a second child was named the same, maybe by his 2d wife's previous marriage, maybe she wanted a child named for her mother/father, whatever, and so named one of her children same name -- there weren't any hard & fast rules on naming children, but there were patterns for naming until about 1850 or so. Tons of info on the Gullion web site on this family and some of the researchers, like I, have been doing this for 25 or more years. Just about every stone has been overturned on this family, so gather up the pieces and put them into place for your kin, and add them to the group. I'd like to prove my William's parents, I'd like to know the mystery of the two Edmund's and who Jeremiah's father was, I'd like to know Patrick's wife's name (he probably had more than one since he lived over 100 years -- Mary was the last one), I'd like to know more about their lives in Pennsylvania, I'd like to know where/when they came to this country, I'd like to know the connection between the Hannastown, PA Gullions and the Virginia O'Gullions -- some of it simply isn't documented, some of it may be discovered eventually. Interesting family to research. I loved old Jeremiah and my William. My William left a pretty good record of his estate and heirs, so that was really nice to find. Jeremiah did also -- I loved the "Indian spy and fighter" statement in his will. and his little wife, Isabella, old, needy, asking for a pittance of a pension from Jeremiah's service. Gotta stop. Good luck. Let me hear from you. You can e-mail me directly at -- I'm in Heidelberg Germany now. Linda

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

Sarah (View posts)
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this is a bit strange...i'm a gullion too, though whether i'm related to what you have researched, i have no idea. all i know is that the branch of gullions that spawned my father now live in the general kentucky area...and you did mention ky in there.

i was wondering if you knew anything closer to the present--like whether this is my family or another...though it seems i'm not the first sarah gullion :)

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

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Surnames: GULLION of Kentucky
Sarah, do you have your Gullion parents and grandparents name, dates of birth and places of birth? there is much information on the Gullion line on the internet -- we might find something for you. Linda

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

Sarah (View posts)
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Phillip Bachelor Paul Gullion Sr. was my grandfather, and Jr. is my dad. grandmother was Doris. my dad's first marriage gave me a half-brother, Jeremiah, and he now has two daughters. i have one brother. my great-grandfather was a general in ww2. grandfather was involved in military something. my dad also has a brother, Gutherie, and a sister.

my mom says that at one time someone in my dad's family traced the gullion line back to an original gullion--an immigrant from ireland. they thought he might be an o'gullion. thats about all i know from crash questioning my mom, does this help?

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

Sonia Martin (View posts)
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Surnames: Gullion,Kelly,Young,Wood,Smith,Curtis
We have William Henry Gullion b May 1801 Ky, died 1870. father Thomas. mother Elizabeth Kelly. buried Brown's Wonder Cem, Boone Co., Indiana. married Elizabeth Young Feb 7, 1832 Indiana. daughter Elizabeth Gullion married Cornelius Wood, Indiana Jul 1854. their daughter Sarah E. Wood b 1861 Indiana married Samuel Thomas Curtis. b 1860 Kentucky. I have more info if you are interested...we are trying to find the ancestors of Cornelius and his father (Zedekiah Wood?)

Re: William GULLION KY/MO - Son of Jeremiah or Thomas GULLION??

cELTIC lADY (View posts)
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Hi, Sonia. I believe the William Henry Gullion of Indiana probably the son of Thomas, as you stated; Thomas of course the son of Jeremiah of Rev War. Do you know what happened to Elizabeth Kelly Gullion after Thomas died? Do you have a marriage record for her? She'd have been young and had two young children to raise. There is an Elizabeth Gullion who married George Nevel in KY in either 1810 or 1819, conflicting records on dates, and I believe this woman to be the widow of Thomas, but don't know. My William Gullion was born circa 1800 and is in Hickman Co KY in 1830 with wife and children. Thanks for your response. Would like to know about Elizabeth Kelly.
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