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Mckenna family tree

Mckenna family tree

David Stretton (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: MCKENNA
hope this information will be of use to someone.

1 Patrick MCKENNA
Birth: Ireland

Griffith's Primary Valuation (1847-64) recs. both McKENNA & McCLUSKY households in County Tyrone, Ireland.
1859 Griffith's recs. a Patrick McKENNA res. in the townland of GARVAGH, parish UPPER BODNEY, barony UPPER STRABANE, Tyrone. Patrick McKENNA leased a farm of 33 acres, 1 rood & 35 poles, from Lord Dorchester, at a cost of £4.00 (four pounds) for the land and a further 10s (ten shillings) for the buildings.
The next plot of 36 acres, 3 roods & 30 poles, is leased by a James McKENNA for £4.05 (four pounds & five shillings) for the land & 10s for the buildings.
Griffith's also recs. in the same townland a Patrick & Jas McKENNA and several other tenants leasing from Lord Dorchester a mountain of 556 acres & 3 roods for £15.05 (fifteen pounds & five shillings).
Grenham's Irish Surnames rec. that MacKenna is the English form of the Irish surname Mac Cionaoith. The Mac Cionaoith were originally based in Meath, but in early times were brought north into Clogher as hired fighters by the rulers of that territory, and quickly became lords in their own right of Truagh, a territory on the borders of the modern counties of Tyrone and Monaghan. Their power endured down to the seventeenth century, their last chief being Patrick McKenna, who died near Emyvale Co. Monaghan in 1616. Another branch of this family settled in Co. Down in the seventeenth century, near the town of Maghera.
The name is one of the few for which anglicisation, the loss of the "Mac" prefix, has never worked. The surname is still very numerous in the area of the original homeland, to the point where suffixes and local nicknames are necessary to identify the different families of the name. Over the centuries, however, has spread throughout the country.

Spouse: Catherine McCLUSKY
Birth: Ireland

1873 Surname probably recd. incorrectly on Patrick McKENNA's marr. lic. as McCUSKY. Griffiths Primary Valuation (1847-64) doesn't record the surname McCUSKY in Ireland. It does, however, rec. both McKENNA's and McCLUSKY's res. in Ulster, predominantly in County Monaghan and County Tyrone.

Children: Patrick (1825-1909)

1.1a Patrick MCKENNA*
Birth: 1825, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland
Death: 18 6 1909, The Home, 43 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh
Occ: Labourer
Reli: Roman Catholic

1881 Census rec. Patrick McKENNA, labourer, age 55, wife Mary (2nd), age 48, and sons Peter & Bernard res. 161 East Benhar, Whitburn, Linlithgow. At the same address are lodgers James COYLE & William MULLEN.
1891 Census rec. Patrick and son John living at 32 Castle Row, Whitburn, Fauldhouse. Patrick is a widr., age is given as 66 and place of birth Ireland. John's age is given as 34. Both are labourers.
1901 Census rec. Patrick as inmate, widr., age 78, retired wirewoker. PoB Tyrone, Ireland. Res. House for the Aged & Infirmed, Gilmore Place, Newington, Edinburgh. This institution was run by the Little Sisters of the Poor.
1909 death cert. rec. Patrick McKENNA, general labourer, widr. Mary BRYSON, age 75. Res. The Home, 43 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh. Father Patrick McKENNA, general labourer, decd. Mother Catherine McKENNA. CoD senile decay. Sign M. FARRELL, messenger. The Home has since been renamed St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly and is still run by the Little Sisters.

Spouse: Susan CARROLL
Birth: 1830, County Cavan, Ulster, Ireland.
Death: 14 11 1870, Almond, Muiravonshire, Stirling.
Father: Michael CARROLL
Mother: Mary MULLINS

1856/67 on children's birth certificates Susan's maiden name is also rec. CARLE, CARL, CAROL & McCARROLL.
1870 death cert. rec. Susan MCKENNA, aged 40 (mar. Patrick MCKENNA, furnace filler). Res. Almond, Muiravonside, Stirling. Father Michael CARROL, labourer, decd. Mother Mary CARROL nee MULLINS, decd. CoD as comsumption (tuberculosis). Sign. Patrick MCKENNA, his mark, husband.

Marr: 21 7 1850, Falkirk

'No evidence' of marriage is rec. on birth cert. of Michael McKENNA.
A Proclamation of banns dated 23 7 1850, for the Parish of Linlithgow, County of West Lothian, rec. Patrick McKENNA, labourer, res. Linlithgow, b. County Tyrone Father Patrick McKENNA, labourer.
Susan KERDLE, res. Linlithgow, b. County Cavan.
Banns proclaimed, 23rd, 30th June & 7th July.

Children: James (1852-1920)
Patrick (1854-1910)
John (1856-1898)
Mary Ann (1859-1861)
Michael (1861-1914)
Peter (1863-1884)
Bernard (1866-1866)
Bernard (1867-)

Other Spouses Mary BRYSON

1.1a.1 James MCKENNA
Birth: 1852, Linlithgow.
Death: 25 12 1920, Fleming's Buildings, Linlithgowbridge, Linlithgow.
Occ: Iron dresser, later moulder.
Reli: Roman Catholic

1881 Census rec. James McKENNA, age 29, wife Mary, age 28, and children Mary, James & Susan, living at Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
1891 Census rec. James McKENNA, age 39, wife Mary, age 35, dau. Mary and children, James, Susan, Thomas, Helen, Peter & Michael, living at Linlithgow Bridge, South Side.
1901 Census rec. James McKENNA, age 49, wife Mary, age 47, dau. Mary, son James, dau. Susan, son Thomas, dau. Nellie (Helen), son Peter, and children, Michael, John, Henry & Kate, living at Burgh Mill Road, Linlithgow.
1920 death cert. rec. James McKENNA, iron dresser, widr. Mary MULLEN, age 69. Father Patrick McKENNA, labourer, decd. Mother's name not rec., decd. Sign. P. McKENNA, son, Mill Rd., Lilithgowbridge.

Spouse: Mary MULLINS
Birth: 1854, Ireland
Death: 19 12 1910, Camber Cottages, Linlithgow.
Occ: Outdoor worker.
Reli: Roman Catholic
Father: Thomas MULLINS
Mother: Mary CAIN

1910 death cert. rec. Mary McKENNA, marr. to James McKENNA, age 54 years. Father Thomas MULLEN, roadsman, decd. Mother Mary MULLEN nee KANE, decd. CoD death from exposure. Sign. James McKENNA, his mark, widr.

Marr: 8 2 1875, Linlithgow.

1875 marr. lic. rec.
Banns, Roman Catholic Church
Sign. James McKENNA, labourer, single, age 23.
URes. Muiravonside, Stirling.
Father Patrick McKENNA, labourer.
Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARROL, decd.
Sign. Mary MULLINS, her mark (wits., Elizabeth MacLACHLAN & James McCARTNEY), outdoor worker, single, age 21.
URes. Muiravonsdie, Stirling.
Father Thomas MULLINS, labourer.
Mother Mary MULLINS nee CAIN.
Wits. Catherine DEVLIN & Margaret Ann CONELLY.

Children: Mary (1876-)
James (1878-)
Susan (1880-)
Thomas (1882-)
Helen (1885-)
Peter (1887-)
Michael (1890-)
John (1892-)
Henry (1895-)
Catherine (1897-)

1.1a.1.1 Mary MCKENNA
Birth: 6 3 1876, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Occ: Paper mill worker.

1891 Census rec. Mary, paper mill worker, age 15.

1.1a.1.2 James MCKENNA
Birth: 21 4 1878, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Occ: Moulder

1878 birth cert. sign. Mary MULLINS, grandmother, her mark.

1.1a.1.3 Susan MCKENNA
Birth: 27 4 1880, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Occ: Paper Mill worker.

1.1a.1.4 Thomas MCKENNA
Birth: 23 12 1882, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Occ: Moulder.

1.1a.1.5 Helen MCKENNA
Birth: 19 5 1885, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.

1901 Census rec. Helen as Nellie McKENNA.

1.1a.1.6 Peter MCKENNA
Birth: 25 10 1887, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Occ: Paper Mill Worker

1901 Census rec. Peter McKENNA, age 14, paper mill worker.

1.1a.1.7 Michael MCKENNA
Birth: 11 2 1890, Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.

1.1a.1.8 John MCKENNA
Birth: 8 5 1892, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow.

1.1a.1.9 Henry MCKENNA
Birth: 4 12 1895, Linlithgow.

1895 birth cert. sign. Susan McKENNA, sister.

1.1a.1.10 Catherine MCKENNA
Birth: 21 10 1897, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow.

1897 birth cert. sign. Peter McKENNA, brother.

1.1a.2 Patrick MCKENNA
Birth: 1854, Linlithgow, West Lothian
Death: 2 5 1910, Uphall Police Station, Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Occ: 1881 Railway Guard. 1901 Labourer.

1881 Census records Patrick living with brother John at 26 Stankard Row, Uphill. His age is recorded as 24.
1901 Census records Patrick, aged 47, as living at a lodging house, in Broxburn, along with 26 others.
1910 death cert. rec. Patrick McKENNNA, general labourer age 56 (single). Father Patrick McKENNA general labourer, decd. Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARROL, decd. CoD 'Not Certified'. Sign. Police Sergeant A Robertson.
Register of Corrected Entries gives cause of death as fracture of ribs and shock, certified by Dr Scott, Broxburn. Patrick's age at time of death is recorded as 56.
The Glasgow Herald dated 3 5 1910 reports that Patrick McKENNA was killed by a runaway horse. The horse was slightly injured.

1.1a.3 John MCKENNA
Birth: 19 7 1856, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Death: 11 7 1898, Combination Poor House, Linlithgow.
Occ: 1881 Stillman at oil works.

1856 birth cert. rec. mother's maiden as Susan McCARROLL.
1881 Census records John living with brother Patrick at 26 Stankard Row, Uphill. His age is recorded as 22.
1898 deat cert. rec. John McKENNA, labourer, single, age 42. Res. Combination Poor House Linlithgow. Father Patrick McKENNA, decd(?). Mother Susan CARROL, decd. CoD Pneumonia. Sign. Thomas KEIL, porter.

1.1a.4 Mary Ann MCKENNA
Birth: 8 2 1859, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Death: 17 12 1861, Lilithgowbridge, St. Michael's, Linlithgow.

1859 birth cert. rec. mother's maiden name as Susan CARLE.
1861 death cert. rec. Mary Ann McKENNA, 2 years. Father Patrick McKENNA, iron works labourer. Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARLE. CoD gastric fever. Sign. Patrick McKENNA, his mark.

1.1a.5 Michael MCKENNA
Birth: 26 4 1861, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Death: 12 10 1914, 14 Watsonville, Motherwell
Occ: Coal Miner
Reli: Roman Catholic

1861 birth cert. rec. name as Michael McKANA Father Patrick McKANA. Mother Susan CARROL. Date of parent's marr. 1850 July 21st Falkirk (no evidence).
1891 Census rec. Michael McKENNER, Unm., 29, coal miner, and common law wife Mary STRAIN, Unm., 23, housekeeper, & daur. Mary McKENNER, age 1, res. at Stere? Row, East Benhar, Fauldhouse, Whitburn, Linlithgow. Also at this address is Kate (Catherine) STRAIN (Mary's sister), visitor, age 5.
1901 Census Michael, Mary and children (Mary, James, Helen & John) living at 16 Rothesay Place, Inveresk, Musselburgh, Midlothian. Also lodging at same address Daniel & Patrick STRAIN (Mary's brothers). Michael's age is given as 39 and Mary's as 33.
1914 death cert. rec. Michael McKENNA, coal miner, age 50 (mar. Mary STRAIN). Father Patrick McKENNA, general labourer, decd. Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARROLL. CoD asthma & cardiac failure. Sign. Denis STRAIN, brother in law, Park St. House, Motherwell.

Spouse: Mary STRAIN
Birth: 2 1 1870, South Bridge St., Bathgate, Linlithgow
Death: 11 8 1949, 5 Craigie St., Lochore
Occ: 1889 Domestic Service. 1891 Housekeeper.
Reli: Roman Catholic
Father: Patrick STRAIN (1844-1912)
Mother: Mary MCILVANEY (1849-1901)

1949 death cert. rec. Mary MCKENNA age 80 (wid. Michael MCKENNA coal miner). Res. 5 Craigie St. Lochore. Father Patrick STRAIN, shale miner, decd. Mother Mary STRAIN nee McILVANEY. CoD cardiac degeneration. Sign. Peter McKENNA, son, 3 Capledrae Rows, Glencraig.

Marr: 24 2 1893, St. John Cantius & St. Nicholas RCC, Broxburn, Uphall.

1893 Marriage Licence records:
Banns, Roman Catholic.
Sign. Michael MCKENNA, miner, bach, age 31.
URes. Whitburn.
Father, Patrick MCKENNA, labourer.
Mother, Susan CARROL, dec'd.
Sign. Mary STRAIN (her mark), domestic serv., spin, age 24.
URes. Whitburn.
Father, Patrick STRAIN, labourer.
Mother Mary McILVENNA.
Min., Father William O'NEILL, RCC
Wits, James McOSCAR & Ellen STRAIN (bride's sister).

Children: Mary Strain (Illegitimate) (1889-)
James (Illegitimate) (1891-)
Susan (Illegitimate) (1892-1892)
Helen (1894-)
John (1896-)
Andrew (1902-)
Annie (1908-1977)
Peter (1910-)

1.1a.5.1 Mary Strain MCKENNA
Birth: 10 4 1889, 2 Pumpherston Manse, Mid Calder, Midlothian
Occ: Field worker
Reli: Congregationalist

1904 marriage lic. rec. age as 18. Mary's actual age was 16.

Spouse: James COWAN
Birth: 1885
Occ: Coal miner
Reli: Congregationalist
Father: William COWAN
Mother: Agnes McAULAY
Marr: 23 9 1904, The Manse, Larkhall, nr Motherwell

1904 marr. lic. rec.
Banns, Congregational Church.
Sign. Jame COWAN, clipper in coal mine, bach., age 19.
URes. 73 Meadowhill, Larkhall, Lanark.
Father William COWAN, coal miner, decd.
Mother Annie COWAN, nee McAULAY.
Sign. Mary Strain McKENNA, field worker, spin, age 18.
URes 93 Meadowhill, Larkhall, Lanark.
Father Michael McKENNA, coal miner.
Mother Mary McKENNA, nee STRAIN
Min. James RAE
Wits. Thomas McCUTCHEON & Maggie WOOD

1.1a.5.2 James MCKENNA
Birth: 26 7 1891, East Benhar, District of Fauldhouse, Linlithgowshire

1.1a.5.3 Susan MCKENNA
Birth: 29 12 1892, Whitburn
Death: 30 12 1892, Whitburn

1893 deat cert. recs. Susan MCKENNA age 11 hours, illegitimate(?). Father Michael McKENNA, coal miner. Mother Mary STRAIN, housekeeper. CoD weakly from birth. Sign. Mary STRAIN, her mark, mother.

1.1a.5.4 Helen MCKENNA
Birth: 25 2 1894, Carldub, Uphall, Linlithgowshire
Reli: Roman Catholic

1894 birth cert. rec forename as Helen but it is also rec. as Nellie.

Spouse: Owen SANAGHAN
Birth: 1891, Motherwell, Lanark
Occ: Coal Miner
Reli: Roman Catholic
Father: John SANAGHAN (1851-)
Mother: Mary O'NEIL (1857-)
Marr: 4 4 1913, Blackwood, Lesmahagow, Lanark

1913 marriage licence rec.
Banns, Roman Catholic
Sign. Owen SANAGHAN, coal miner, bach., 22,
URes. Draffan, Lesmahagow.
Father John SANAGHAN, coal miner.
Mother Mary SANAGHAN, nee O'NEIL.
Sign. Nellie McKENNA, spin., age 18.
URes. Draffan, Lesmahagow.
Father Michael McKENNA, coal miner.
Mother Mary McKENNA nee STRAIN
Wits. Edward SANAGHAN & Elizabeth ROBERTSON

1.1a.5.5 John MCKENNA
Birth: 14 6 1896, East Whitburn, Whitburn, West Lothian

1.1a.5.6 Andrew MCKENNA
Birth: 30 11 1902, Inveresk, Musselburgh, Midlothian.

1.1a.5.7 Annie MCKENNA
Birth: 2 8 1908, Watsonville, Motherwell, Lanarkshire
Death: 24 8 1977, Ferrybridge, Knottingley, West Yorks
Burial: Knottingley, West Yorkshire
Reli: Roman Catholic

1908 birth cert. rec. name of father as Michael McKENNA.
1935 marriage lic. incorrectly rec. name of father as Patrick McKENNA.
1977 death cert. rec. Annie MARTIN nee McKENNA wid. David Young MARTIN, colliery face worker. UA 8 Byron Cl., Ferrybridge. Sign. James MARTIN, son, UA 65 Pontefract Rd., Ferrybridge. CoD acute pulmonary oedema.

Spouse: David Young MARTIN
Birth: 19 2 1912, 14 Montrose St, Lochore, Fife
Death: 23 7 1965, Sycamore Ave, Knottingley, West Yorkshire
Burial: Knottingley, West Yorkshire
Occ: Coal Miner
Reli: Church of Scotland
Father: James Cathro MARTIN (1882-1941)
Mother: Agnes Fitzsimmons NICOLL (1871-1938)

1902 birt cert. rec. father's occ. as coal miner.

Marr: 12 7 1935, St. Kenneth's RCC, Lochcraig, Lochore, Fife

1935 marriage licence rec. Banns, Roman Catholic Church.
Sign. David MARTIN, coal miner, bach, age 23.
URes. 66 Waverley St., Lochore.
Father James MARTIN, coal miner.
Mother Agnes MARTIN nee NICOL.
Sign. Annie MCKENNA, domestic servant, spin., age 26.
URes. 1 Capledrae, Cardenden.
Father rec. as Patrick McKENNA (?), coal miner, decd.
Mother Mary McKENNA nee STRAIN.
Min. Father William McCABE, St. Kenneth's RCC., Crosshill, Glencraig.
Wits. John DEVINE & Mary SANAGHAN.

Children: Michael McKenna (1939-)

1.1a.5.7.1 Michael McKenna MARTIN
Birth: 17 8 1939, 17 Capeldrae Auchterderran Fife
Occ: Coal miner

Spouse: Ann Craigie WALLACE
Birth: 19 12 1936, Burnie Street, Lochgelly, Fife
Father: William WALLACE (1910-1997)
Mother: Agnes Marshall RAE (1912-1995)
Marr: 17 1 1959, St Andrew's Church Lochgelly Fife

Children: Anna (1959-)

1.1a. Anna MARTIN
Birth: 7 8 1959, Fourthpark Maternity Hospital Kirkcaldy

1.1a.5.7.2 James MARTIN

1.1a.5.7.3 David MARTIN

1.1a.5.8 Peter MCKENNA
Birth: 1910

1.1a.5.9 Daniel MCKENNA

1.1a.6 Peter MCKENNA
Birth: 5 11 1863, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Death: 11 11 1884, 82 Binnend, Burntisland, Fife.

1863 birth cert. rec. mother's maiden name recorded as Susan CARLE. Sign. Patrick McKENNA, his mark. Date of parent's marriage recorded as 1849 July 21st, Falkirk.
1884 death cert. rec. Peter McKENNA, oil work labourer, single, age 22. Res. 82 Binnend, Burntisland. Father Patrick McKENNA, oilwork labourer. Susan McKENNA nee CARLE, decd. CoD phthisis pulmonalis (tuberculosis). Sign. Patrick McKENNA, his mark.

1.1a.7 Bernard MCKENNA
Birth: 16 1 1866, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Death: 15 7 1866, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow

1866 birth cert. rec. mother's maiden name as Susan CARL.
1866 death cert. rec. Bernard McKENNA age 6 mths. Father Patrick McKENNA, labourer. Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARROL. Cause of death recorded as 'Unknown'. Sign. Patrick MCKENNA, his mark, father.

1.1a.8 Bernard MCKENNA
Birth: 26 5 1867, Linlithgowbridge, St Michael's, Linlithgow
Occ: Coal miner
Reli: Roman Catholic

1867 birth cert. rec.mother's maiden name Susan CAROL.
1881 Census rec. Bernard, age 14, labourer living with father Patrick McKENNA and step-mother, Mary, in Whitburn, Linlithgow.
1891 Census rec. Bernard, age 23, shale miner, lodging with Thomas WARDROPE his future father-in-law, in Bathgate, Linlithgow. PoB is rec as Ireland.
1901 Census rec. Bernard, age 32, coal miner, PoB Boness (Linlithgow), wife Mary, age 26, and children, Peter, Susan, James & John, are living at 31 Rothesay Place, Inveresk, Musselburgh. At the same address are lodgers Alexander WARDROPE (Mary's brother), age 18, coal miner & John McGUIRE (wit. Bernard's wedding), age 30, coal miner (PoB Ireland).

Spouse: Mary Binning WARDROPE
Birth: 16 5 1875, Bathgate, Linlithgow
Occ: Dressmaker.
Reli: Roman Catholic
Father: Thomas WARDROPE (1852-)
Mother: Mary FLEMING (1851-)

1891 Married father's lodger Bernard McKENNA. Her age rec. on marriage licence as 18. Actual age according to birth cert. 16.

Marr: 31 12 1891, St. John's, RC, Portobello, Edinburgh.

1891 marriage licence rec. Banns, Roman Catholic.
Sign. Bernard McKENNA, coal miner, bach, age 24.
URes. 31 Main Avenue, New Craighall.
Father Bernard McKENNA(?), coal miner.
Mother Susan McKENNA nee CARROL, decd.
Sign. Mary WARDROPE, domestic servant, spin., age 18(?).
URes. 2 Melville St., Portobello.
Father Peter WARDROPE(?), oil maker (journeyman).
Mother Mary WARDROPE nee FLEMING, decd.
Min. Joseph DONLEVY
Wits. John McGUIRE & Jane FORSTER.

Children: Peter (1892-)
Susan (1894-)
James (1898-)
John (1900-)

1.1a.8.1 Peter MCKENNA
Birth: 8 10 1892, Whitburn, Linlithgow.

1.1a.8.2 Susan MCKENNA
Birth: 16 9 1894, Uphall, Linlithgow.

1.1a.8.3 James MCKENNA
Birth: 1 6 1898, Kennedy's Court, Broxburn, Uphall.

1.1a.8.4 John MCKENNA
Birth: 3 8 1900, 31 Rothesay place, Inveresk, Musselburgh.

1.1b Patrick MCKENNA* (See above)

Spouse: Mary BRYSON
Birth: 1837, Edinburgh
Death: 15 7 1885, 82 Binnend, Burntisland, Fife.
Reli: Roman Catholic
Father: Andrew BRYSON
Mother: Catherine BRYSON

1885 death cert. rec. Mary McKENNA, age 48, marr. Patrick McKENNA, oilwork labourer. Father ? BRYSON, surface railwayman. Mother Catherine BRYSON, maiden name unknown. CoD phthisis pulmonalis (tuberculosis). Sign. Patrick McKENNA, his mark, widr.

Marr: 25 2 1873, Linlithgow

1873 marriage lic. rec.
Banns, Roman Catholic. Sign. Patrick McKENNA, his mark, (wits. Ann MANUEL & Elizabeth McLACHLAN) furnance man, widr., age 48.
URes. Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Father Patrick MCKENNA, labourer, decd.
Mother Catherine McKENNA nee McCUSKY.
Sign. Mary BRYSON, her mark, (wits. Catherine DEVLIN & Joan BULL) wid., age 36.
URes. Causewayend, Muiravonside, Stirling.
Father Andrew BRYSON, labourer.
Mother Catherine BRYSON.
Min. James McCARTNEY, RCC.
Wits. Felix McKENNA & Jane BRYSON.

Other Spouses Susan CARROLL


Mary spouse of 1.1b
Susan spouse of 1.1a
James spouse of 1.1a.5.1
Anna 1.1a.
David 1.1a.5.7.3
David Young spouse of 1.1a.5.7
James 1.1a.5.7.2
Michael McKenna 1.1a.5.7.1
Catherine spouse of 1
Andrew 1.1a.5.6
Annie 1.1a.5.7
Bernard 1.1a.8
Bernard 1.1a.7
Catherine 1.1a.1.10
Daniel 1.1a.5.9
Helen 1.1a.1.5
Helen 1.1a.5.4
Henry 1.1a.1.9
James 1.1a.8.3
James 1.1a.1.2
James 1.1a.5.2
James 1.1a.1
John 1.1a.1.8
John 1.1a.8.4
John 1.1a.5.5
John 1.1a.3
Mary 1.1a.1.1
Mary Ann 1.1a.4
Mary Strain 1.1a.5.1
Michael 1.1a.1.7
Michael 1.1a.5
Patrick 1.1a.2
Patrick 1
Patrick 1.1a
Peter 1.1a.1.6
Peter 1.1a.8.1
Peter 1.1a.5.8
Peter 1.1a.6
Susan 1.1a.8.2
Susan 1.1a.1.3
Susan 1.1a.5.3
Thomas 1.1a.1.4
Mary spouse of 1.1a.1
Owen spouse of 1.1a.5.4
Mary spouse of 1.1a.5
Ann Craigie spouse of 1.1a.5.7.1
Mary Binning spouse of 1.1a.8

Re: Mckenna family tree

Sarah (View posts)
Posted: 1063137139000
Classification: Query
Oh How I wish I could tie my McKenna's to this research! What a fabulous job.

I can't even find Wm. Henry McKenna, M.D. in US prior to 1880. Seems the oral history doesn't match any other history.


Re: Mckenna family tree

Dave Stretton (View posts)
Posted: 1063173951000
Classification: Query
Thanks for the reply. All Mckenna's started in the north-east of Ireland. My branch migrated to Scotland others went to the USA. Also many of these Irish migrants couldn't speak any English and in consequence many of their surnames are mispelt.

Hope that helps.

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