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Hubberstey - Preston ENGLAND

Hubberstey - Preston ENGLAND

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I live in Australia. My family came here in 1970. Some of the family names sound familiar. I am not sure how accurate the info is, it is partially based on stories my grandfather told me. Research from Australia is also difficult here goes.

My paternal GGM was a Hubberstey from Preston. Her name was Annie Hubberstey and she married Robert Holden in 1901. Annie was born in 1873 & Robert in 1871 (all dates are approx).

Annie's parents were James Hubberstey b. 1828 d. 1902 & Ann Lever b. 1834 d. 1901

Annie's siblings were:
William Hubberstey b 1860/1 married Mary Rose Cooke & then Emily Elizabeth Lynch. Children to Mary were Cicily Annie b. 1897 & Mary b. 1899. I think there was another daughter to Emily.
Selina Hubberstey b 1863 married Anothony Livesey b. 1871.
Robert Hubberstey b. 1876 married to Esther Worsley. I believe that they had several sons.
Mary Hubberstey married James Balderston(e?). I think he was a farmer's son from Balderstone.

James Hubberstey's parents were William Hubberstey b. at Denham Hall married to Deborah Whittle of Elston.
Their children were:
James as above
Robert Hubberstey d. 1892 unmarried
Mary Hubberstey b.1825 d. 1893 married to Henry Eaton Blackledge.

William Hubberstey's parents were Robert Hubbersey d. 1794 married in 1767 to Mary William Watson of Preston.
Their children were:
Robert married Cicely Fazackerly
William as above.

Robert's parents were William Hubberstey d. 1771 m. 2/12/1732 to Mary Eccles of Alston d. 1745.
Their children were:
Elizabeth married John Wilcock
Mary married ? Turner
Robert as above.
Dorothy married Edward Simpson of Simpson Fold, Wheelton.

William's parents were Robert Hubberstey of Sorbrose House d. 10/10/1727 married Mary Culcheth.

I don't know Robert's parents. His wife's father was Hector Culcheth d. 1727 and she had a sister named Isobel d. 1730.

Sorbrose House is near Salmesbury Hall as one of the people on the notice board stated.

I have a some family stories if anyone is interested. If anyone has any more info I would be keen to hear of it.

Regards Jacqueline.

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Surnames: Hubberstey Whittle
Great Information.

I have traced our line back to William's (married to Deborah Whittle) brother Thomas who married a Barbara Hawksworth.

Thomas and Barbara has 6 children (Catherine, John, William, Thomas, Robert, and Helen)

Son Thomas (b. 1808) married Ann Postlewhite. They had 4 children (Thomas, Barbara, John, Robert).

Son Robert (1842) married Elizabeth Kershaw (m.1866). They had 5 children (Thomas William (1), Margaret Ann, Joseph, Barbara, and Thomas William (2)). Robert died young and Elizabeth remarried, to a Roger Whittle. Daughters Barbara and Margaret Ann also both married Whittles (brothers John and Wilfrid))

Thomas William (b.1872) married Margaret Berry and they had 5 children including John Robert, my grandfather, b 1899.

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Surnames: Hubberstey hubbersty
Quite interesting. With possibly a Sarbrose House connection to today.

There currently is a Robert Hubberstey I believe at Sarbrose House, Nabs Head Lane, Samlesbury. Unfortunately I also live overseas so I have not talked to them yet.

By the 1901 census James's son William was living at Sarbrose, and James was living with his wife Ann and son Robert at Tan Pit Farm Fullwood.

As you noted Robert subsequently married Ester Worsely and had I believe 5 children (3 boys including an eldest son Robert). It seems quite possible that this line of Hubbersteys still lives at Sarbrose.

I have put some of my research on Hubbersteys on-line at

I'd love to hear any other information you may have.


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Surnames: Hubbersty
Hello all,

I just came across this thread whilst looking for information on our family line. My grandmother was a hubbersty, the sister to robert hubbersty who owned sorbrose house in samlesbury. This has been passed generation to generation to oldest male son. There is a grave on the property the oldest that we know of with the name gwyllim (spelling may not be accurate) and hes thought to be the oldest hubbesty/occupant to the house but i cannot find information on this. The house itself has an incredibly interesting history and i would love to speak to someone wh may be a long lost relative or knows anything about this house that can explain for example why there would be roman catholic altar and accessories in the roof attic of a farmhouse!? Anyway i look forward to a reply if anyones still reading!!


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Surnames: Hubberstey/Simpson
I am interested in the Hubberstey family as I am researching the historical owners of our house/land in Lower Simpson Fold, Higher Wheelton. Dorothy Hubberstey married Edward Simpson of Lower Simpson Fold in 1760. The last Simpson to live here seems to be William Simpson born 1771. He is recorded as 70 yrs in the 1841 census.I am thinking William may have been a son of Edward and Dorothy. I am also interested in the link with Denham Hall in your post. The Denham Hall estate borders our land. Is there anyone out there interested in the Dorothy line? Or who knows anything about the early Simpsons?

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Here is what I can find
1. Dorothy was one of 4 children of William Hubberstey and Mary Eccles - married Dec 2, 1732. (So with Dorothy's father being William, a son called William would not be unusual)
2. Seems to have been the first to marry. I have her having 2 children with Edward Simpson - Maria Simpson July 29, 1763 and Gregorius Simpson April 1761. There may have been more children, but I have not seen any records. Marriage was July 5, 1760 (Gregorius being the name of Edward's father)
3. Her brother Robert married Feb 14, 1767 (to Mary Watson), and her sister Mary on Feb 11, 1767 (to John Wilcock).
4. William Hubberstey (1 above) was the son of Robert Hubberstey and Isabel Culcheth. I can't be sure on this because the records conflict, but I believe Robert's mother was named Dorothy. This might account for the fact that one of Robert's daughters was Dorothy and one of William's daughters was Dorothy. Along the same line my guess would be that Robert's father was named William.
5. The Hubbersteys lived at Sorbrose House in Samlesbury until very recently. My blog on Hubberstey history is ...
6. The marriage (Dorothy and Edward) shows up in the Brindle Registers (where the priest always wrote Hubberstey as Huberche) on July 5, 1760 page 84.
7. A bit of contrary evidence (William as son of Edward and Dorothy) is that Dorothy was the godmother to the daughter of John Wilcock (and Elizabeth Hubberstey) in 1771, so if she had had a son in the same year you would expect it to have been in the same registers, but it is not. Also there was a daughter

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Surnames: hubbersty, teebay
There are Hubbersty's buried in st Mary's Fernyhough, Catherine Hubbersty married George Teebay, he died 16 dec 1839 and had a son Robert who died 15 aug 1827.aged 19 George Teebay was related to my ancestor.
Robert Hubbersty of Sharoe Green d. feb 10 ? ,85 yrs his wife Jane died jan 2-? ,87 years son Jon died mar 3 1876
Thomas Hubbersty died may 24 1903 aged 61 jane died sept 1st 1885, aged 49, children: elizabeth alice died 25th may 1878 age 5, john joseph ? james thomas 19th jan 1912 aged 34
henry hubbersty of Haighton, died dec 16th 1902 aged 73, Catherine Ann nov 6 1877 age 36, mary died in infancy
thomas hubbersty died oct 21 18-3 age 60. Alice ap 25 1882 age 76, children: peter ap 6th 1865 age 20, william nov 11 1871 age 37, eliz mar 15 1876 age 46, george 29th march 1881 age 48 robert sept 8th 1882 age 44
william hubbersty of broughtonfeb 1st 1882 age 65 margaret june 28th 1906 mary june 22 1925 age 63, some of the graves arn't clear, the church registers are at Preston records office and i haven't been able to check them yet
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