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Lewis Whitfield

Lewis Whitfield

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Might anyone have a copy of the 1858 Will or Probate of Lewis Whitfield?

Re: Lewis Whitfield

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This is what I show as Lewis Whitfield's will:

South Carolina Archives
The Last Will and Testament of Lewis Whitfield
22 October 1858

The State of South Carolina
Anderson District

I Lewis Whitfield being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of
life and being _______ of disposing of my estate do therefore make, ordain ________,
and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following.

First I will and direct that my just debts and funeral and other expenses of my last _________ be first paid out of my estate.

Second I give devise and bequeath unto my son, Peter Whitfield one mare and one _________
wagon and all my plantation tools. This specified devise I make to him in addition to the pro-
visions hereinafter made for him.

Third I give devise and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Whitfield one mare. This specified
devise I make in addition to the provisions hereinafter made for her.

Fourth I give devise and bequeath all my stock of cattle, hogs, and sheep, also all my house-
hold and kitchen furniture, to my son Peter Whitfield and daughters Martha and Rebecca

Fifth I give devise and bequeath unto my sons Lewis, Benjamin and Peter Whitfield and to my
daughter Martha Whitfield the tract of land whereon I now live containing four hundred and
sixty eight acres or less to be divided amongst them as follows. To my son Lewis Whitfield
that part of my tract being west of ______ creek and all the land on this tract lying west of a
straight line running from an ash corner at the juncture of ______ branch and ______ creek
near the ford to a dead pine on the south line of my tract which corner divides lands between
Samuel Brown and Jordan Burns on my line. The part that I thus give to my son Lewis
contains I suppose about one hundred acres. It adjoins lands of S. Brown and __________.
My son Benjamin Whitfield I give devise and bequeath all that part of my tract of land lying
north of a straight line commencing on a pine tree which stands on the east line of my tract
land which line divides my land from William ______ land. Said pine stands on said line at or
near the edge of the big swamp on the lower edge of said swamp about one hundred yards
above the corner of said line. This Pine may be easily ______ from the ______ ______it is all
the big pine on said line from the last corner up to the swamp. I give as before stated all the
land I own on this tract lying north of a straight line running from said pine to the dead pine on
the north line of my tract. Said dead pine being the same that is designated in my devise
alone to son Lewis Whitfield being the corner between Jordan Burns and Samuel Brown as
above stated containing I suppose about one hundred acres to my son Benjamin Whitfield as
above stated. To my son Peter Whitfield and my daughter Martha Whitfield I give devise and
bequeath all the balance of my home tract of land containing about three hundred and ninety
eight acres more or less to be held ______ by them and if either of them dies before me or
dies leaving no children or child, then the part of the one to become the property of the living
one without any distribution of same amongst any of my other heirs.

Sixth I give devise and bequeath unto my son Drury Whitfield the tract of said land whereon he
know lives in Heart County, Georgia containing one hundred acres more or less adjoining land
of Jonathan ______, John ______ and others.

Seventh I give devise and bequeath unto my son William Whitfield the tract of land where on
he now lives in Pickens District containing about one hundred acres more or less which was
______ by McCoy about twelve years ago. Adjoining lands of ______, ______ and others also
about ten acres of land of the tract whereon Jeptha Whitfield now lives, lying on the left side of
the road leading from ______ to ______, ______ and adjoining said William Whitfield's lands
on the west side. This change of the line from the one ______ by M. S. McCoy is made in
order to place William Whitfield's tract in a better shape.

Eighth I give devise and bequeath unto my son Jeptha Whitfield the tract of land whereon he
now lives and as surveyed by M. S. McCoy about twelve years ago except ______ portions of
it as lies left of the road leading from Fair Play to ______ which belongs to my son William
Whitfield as ______ aforesaid containing one hundred acres more or less and adjoining lands
of ______, J. Gibson and others.

Ninth I give devise and bequeath unto my daughters Mary Gibson and Rebecca Whitfield
jointly the tract of land whereon Jackson Gibson now lives containing one hundred acres more
or less adjoining lands of ______, John Hendrix, and others.

Tenth My son-in-law John Hendrix having purchased from me the plantation on which he lives
at a price so far below its real value, I do not feel disposed to give him further aid in the way of

Eleventh I give devise and bequeath unto my son Peter Whitfield all the money or cash that I
may have hand at the time of my ______ except such potions of as may be ______ to pay my
debts and I further direct that my executor (hereafter mentioned) shall reduce all my notes and
pay over same as above stated to my son Peter and my daughter Martha and divide the same
equally between them.

Twelfth I hereby ______ all ______ by me and nominate and appoint H. R. Vandiver executor
of this my last will and testament as aforesaid. In testimony whereof I have hereunto sub-
scribed my hand and seal on this the twenty second day of October A.D. 1838.

Lewis Whitfield
(His Mark)

Subscribed by the said Lewis Whitfield in our presence and acknowledged by him to each of us and he at the same time published and declared the foregoing instrument so subscribed to be his last will and Testament and we at ______ request and in his presence have signed our names as ______ hereto.

William Fant
Walter C. Dickson
J. H. Harris
South Carolina
Anderson District

Personally appeared Walter C. Dickson and made oath that he did see Lewis Whitfield make his mark as his designation to the above as and for his last will and testament and that he believed at the time of signing the same that testator was of sound disposing mind memory and understanding and that William Fant and J. H. Harris was with himself subscribing ______ to the same and that they all signed in the presence of the testator and of each other. Sworn to and subscribed before me this third day of
January 1859.

Herbert Hammond Walter C. Dickson
South Carolina
Anderson District

I, Herbert Hamond Ordinary of Anderson District do hereby certify that the foregoing last will and testament of Lewis Whitfield deceased was this day admitted to probate in ______ form on the oath of Walter C. Dickson one of the subscribing writers ______ to the same ______ that on the same day H. R.
Vandiver qualified as executor and obtained ______ Testamentary

Give under my hand and seal this 3rd day of January A. D. 1859

Herbert Hammond

Re: Lewis Whitfield

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Thank you. I am researching Elijah Whitfield, b. 1780-1790, d. 1840-1850, most likely in GA. Might you know or have any reason to think that Lewis Whitfield and Elijah Whitfield are kin?

Jeptha B Whitfield

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Surnames: Whitfield, Tant
Jeptha son of Lewis Whitfield died in Georgia. Some say the date is Sept 1922 in White County, Georgia. I do not believe this to be correct as his wife Vanna Tant Whitfield shows up as a widow in the 1900 census. Does anyone have any idea's or have proof that this is his correct date of death? I appreicate any help you can give me.

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