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Where did the Loveladys come from?

Where did the Loveladys come from?

Jeff White (View posts)
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A silly question but my I am a Lovelady, well almost. My great grandfather changed our name from Lovelady to White (my grandfather said he thought Lovelady wasn't tough enough for a cowboy) but my grandfather doesn't know where it originated from. Is it Irish or English? I haven't been able to find out. Any information would be appreciated.



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Jeff, I think the Lovelady name is Irish.
My Mother is a Lovelady.

Irish and English?

Jeff White (View posts)
Posted: 962062829000
Carol, I was just told by someone else that Lovelady is British. My great grandfather claimed that he was full-blooded Irish but my grandfather said there wasn't any truth to that because my grandfather said his father had something against the English so said he was Irish. I don't know though...



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Just getting started on family tree.I always thought the Loveladys were a small family.Boy how the tree has grown.great grandfather John Franklin Lovelady married to M.A. Bowen Dec.25, 1884.any information?

England I do believe

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Your grandfather sounds like mine did. He said we were from germany.I was surprized to find this page on the web the Lovelady Shields "The Country House Hotel" located on the banks of River Nent and foothills of Alston moor in Cumbria, England.


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I have some history on the Lovelady family done by a pretty reliable source. She says
that the Lovelady family is probably from Ireland and that the name was perhaps first spelled"Lovelatty".

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address is

Origin of Lovelady

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I am not really quite sure myself the origin of the name.. I know it appears in both Ireland and Britain and that Loveladys are there today. I can tell you the story that my grandmother Bell Sisco whose mother was Hannah Rebeccah Lovelady and her many of her Lovelady cousins told me. They told me that the name was ... made up that the original ancestor was a Scotsman who had married an Irish girl against his family wishes. They sailed to America and to avoid being found out by his family he changed his name to Lovelady in as much as he had made this bold step... because he "loved the lady." It certainly is a romantic account but does have some backing in as much as the progenitor Lovelatty in NC became a judge and was considered a scotsman. In as much as I heard this story from several of my Lovelady kin it sounds possible but can not be more specific and may or may not pertain to my specific family line if it is correct.
In as much as your own family changed the name can see how it might have came about.
Good Luck,

Origin of Lovelady's

John (View posts)
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The name Lovelady first surfaces in 12th century England and means philander. I believe we must have been of the Norman nobility as they were the only ones to have surnames at that time. We were then involved in the Norman invasion of Ireland and became more Irish that the Irish. My part of the family came to Virginia rom Londonderry around 1650.

message#70 alabama loveladys

Sue Standley (View posts)
Posted: 974662430000
Madison Lovelady was a brother to my great great grandmother Martha Jane Lovelady.Their parents were Henry and Sarah Lovelady. Madison was born in Alabama in about 1840. Martha Jane was born in 1838 in Alabama, and died in 1860 inPocahontas Ark. If you have any info. Email me at

Origin of Lovelady Surname

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In search for my Hinson/Henson family, I find that my gggggggrandmother was a Lovelady. My ggggggrandfather left Scotland and immigrated to NC in 1783.

Not sure if that helps at all.
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