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my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600-1800s VA/NC/SC/MD/England

my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600-1800s VA/NC/SC/MD/England

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I'm looking for CORRECT info on my DYAR/DYER ancestors. Here's the breakdown of ancestors I've gotten from cousins, LDS and GenForum. If any sound familiar, or if any of the info below is wrong, PLEASE post or email me w/ the correct names/dates. I appreciate any help you can provide!!

I'll starts w/ my first DYAR/DYER ancestor, my 3rd great-grandmother Amie or Annie DYAR/DYER:

b 5-6-1825 GA
m Nathan SANDERS 5-4-1844 SC
d 6-5-1898 GA

her father
John "Jack" DYAR/DYER
b ABT 1790 MD or NC
m _______ ABT 1810
d 12-1859

his father
b 5-6-1763 Great Falls, Fairfax Co, VA
m Melvina WHEELER 1-2-1790 MD
d 9-4-1839 GA or 6-21-1846 GA

his father
b VA or 1736 in MD
m Ann DYAL or Mary Polly TROLLENDER
d ABT 1804 Russell Co, VA

his father
b ABT 1704 Charles Co, MD
m Suzannah ______ ABT 1735 PG Co, VA
d 1754 MD

and his father
b 1682 West Country, England
m Comfort BARNES ABT 1711 PG Co, MD
d ? PG Co, MD

my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

Cliff Dyar (View posts)
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In addition to the information you have, I have the following: JOHN "JACK" DYAR was born December, 1790. He married POLLY (MARY) (Last Name Unknown). JAMES DYAR married ANN DYER or DYEL (this is a very "muddled" area as to what her last name was). NATHAN SANDERS was AMIE DYAR's first husband. Her second was WILLIAM J. MCCLANE. "JACK" DYAR was the brother of my g-g-grandfather, JOEL HUNTER DYAR, who married RACHEL SANDERS, daughter of ELIAS and MARY SANDERS. The two families helped to settle what is now the HART-FRANKLIN-ELBERT Counties area of Georgia, just across the line from S.C. NATHAN and RACHEL were undoubtedly kin, but I do not know what the relationship was. I hope this is of help. Let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600-1800s VA/NC/SC/MD/GA

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Yes, what you posted WAS of help to me!! I've been trying for so long to get John "Jack" DYAR/DYER's and James' wives names!!

Now let me give you some info- the relationship between Rachel SANDERS DYAR/DYER and Nathan SANDERS: Nathan's father Elias JR, was Rachel SANDERS brother. So they were aunt and nephew. I can give you my SANDERS info if you would like.

On GenForum there was much speculation that James DYAR/DYER's wife was Polly Mary TROLLENDER or Anne DYAL/DYEL/DYELL and that left me totally confused. I wonder if maybe TROLLENDER was the maiden name of John "Jack" DYAR/DYER's wife?

Also, I kept seeing Amie DYAR/DYER's name as Annie. I have a dark copy of Amie/Annie and Nathan SANDERS' son Elias Harrison's death certificate w/ his parents' name on it, but I can't quite tell how Amie/Annie's name is spelled, nor could I tell how they spelled DYAR/DYER. To be honest, I am really tired of typing both spellings of her first name and DYAR/DYER and would welcome ANY correct info on how it is spelled!! I keep seeing both spellings, so I constantly type both in my posts/emails so not to confuse anyone and give/get wrong info.

Now- I have somewhat of a mystery that I hope you could solve for me- I obtained a copy of the 1850 Franklin Co, GA census w/ Elias SANDERS and the ppl living w/ him at the time:

Elias SANDERS 75 Farmer, b in NC
Mary 75 b in SC
Jane DYER 35 b in GA
Julia 12 b in GA

I am wondering, if Jane DYER was Rachel SANDERS daug. of Elias/Mary SANDERs, who m. Joel DYAR/DYER. Maybe she went by her middle name, Jane. I also am wondering if that Julia mentioned on the census was Rachel/Joel's daughter. Do you know any of their children's names? I'm thinking maybe Joel died and Rachel Jane went to live w/ her parents. But after subtracting the age, this Jane was born 10 yrs after Rachel. Do you know when Joel died? Maybe that info could clear this up. Then again, maybe this Jane was a granddaughter of Elias/Mary SANDERS or something.

I have little on Melvina WHEELER, and the stuff I DO have is a little sketchy:

Melvina's parents:
Martin WHEELER and Priscilla ROBERTS

Martin's parents:
John WHEELER and ________

John's parents:
John WHEELER and _________

John's parents:
Henry WHEELER and _________

Like I said, it's a little sketchy. Any info on the WHEELER's would be appreciated!!

OK I better close, this turned out to be an email!! If you would like a copy of any of the documents I listed above, I'll gladly scan/email you a copy of them. W/in the next week, I am going to scan and put all my documents on a web page- it will be easier showing ppl the URL to view all these documents. Just post here or email me at and let me know what you want.

Thanks again!!

Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

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Do you have any infomation on the other girls in John "Jack" Dyar's family? Thanks!


Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

Cliff Dyar (View posts)
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Hi, Kip. I have a good deal of info on the early family. "Jack" Dyar was my g-g-grandfather's elder brother. The best source I have shows the following daughters of "Jack": Melvina (m. Francis (Eaton) Massey), Amie (1st m. Nathan Sanders, 2nd m. William J. McLane), Clarissa (m. John A.H. Jones), Elizabeth (no marriage info) and Sarah Ann (no marriage info). I hope tis helps. Regards, Cliff

Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

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Thank you so much! I would be interested in exhanging information if possible. My email is

Thanks again!


Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

Brett Dyar (View posts)
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anyone have any information on who Patrick Dyars father was? and where the Dyars immigrated from, if it was ireland or england before patrick? and when the split between Dyers and Dyars happend? if you have any info it would be appreciated thx

Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

Cliff Dyar (View posts)
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According to the "Patrick Dyer" book by Paul E. Dyer, Patrick's ancestors had ties in the West Country of England (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset). The family also penetrated into Pembrokeshire, Wales, across the Bristol Channel from the West Country. The book does not specifically say where Patrick came from, nor does it mention his ancestors by name (I suspect both would be relatively easy to establish through English documents). I have no information regarding either. It does refer to him as an "Englishman" and notes Patrick spelled his name "Dyar." Regarding the "Dyar" and "Dyer" spellings, I suspect there are different explanations in different places at different times. for different families. "Dyer" seems to be the most common and most non-family people spell it that way. I suspect more than a few "Dyar's" adopted the alternate spelling as a matter of expediency and convenience, since so many non-family people spell it that way, regardless (I often receive mail with the "Dyer" spelling). In my own family (descendants of Elisha Dyar in Georgia), the story goes Elisha and his brother, Wiley, were at odds over their father's (James) will and Elisha thereafter spelled his name "Dyar," while Wiley spelled his "Dyer." Their descendants apparently followed suit because they continue to spell their names differently to this day. It is difficult to look at old records and make any determination as to when and if any changes in spelling took place. The two versions noted above are often interchangeable in court records and such. I have also noted spellings for "Dyer's" and Dyar's" as "Dier, Dare, Dyoh," etc., when it is obvious the references are to the two principal names noted. I hope this if some help.

Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

maryk (View posts)
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Surnames: dyar/dyer
Cliff, please contact me we are trying to find documentations connecting Elisha Dyar (Rev. war) to columbus dyer for my neice to apply to DAR. We also have info from a book connecting dyar to Patrick Dyer but I would like to know what port they came into the usa. any help will be appreciated. Thanks Mary K

Re: my DYAR/DYER ancestors, 1600/1800s VA/NC/SC/MD

Cliff Dyar (View posts)
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Hi, Mary. I have some information I hope will help. One source is only noted "Descendants of Patrick Dyar." It shows a Spurgeon Columbus Dyar as being born Feb. 17, 1894, and dying at Hamilton, AL, in Feb., 1976. He was the son of Robt. Vernon Dyar (1861-1943), who was the son of Wiley E. Dyar (b. 1835). Wiley was the son of John "Jack" Dyar and grandson of Elisha. Also, "Long, Long Ago, 1776-1976, (etc.)" by Harriet Farris Boozer, Library of Congress catalog card # 76-46848, p. 15, shows Wiley E. m. Rebecca Brown (no date) and they had two sons, Christopher Columbus Dyar and Robert Vernon Dyar (no dates or marriages noted). It appears there are two Columbus Dyar's, one being the son of Wiley E. Dyar (Christopher Columbus), the second (Spurgeon Columbus) being Wiley's grandson, and nephew of Christopher Columbus. In any case, both were direct descendants of Elisha. If I find somethng more, I will post it here. I have no information as to where Patrick landed. It was apparently in or around Maryland, but I know no more than that. Cliff
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