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John Crockett c1755-c1834

John Crockett c1755-c1834

Joe Swann (View posts)
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I am seeking information on John Crockett, father of Davy, after the year 1812. Where he lived--what year he died--where he is burried.

Any help would be much appreciated.

john crockett

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John Crockett Brothers

Joe Swann (View posts)
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I could not get the information on de Crocketagne that you suggested from the site.

I might be able to help with info on the Crockett brothers of John ie Wm, Robert, David, Joseph, Alexander and James

John Crockett and Brothers

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Try or e-mail her at she seems to know alot about crockett families in Ten.
If you wih you cam E-mail me at nepards@aol .com.


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While looking for my gt grand father GEORGE FLOYD COCKETT b. in Tazwell co. Va 1847 I came across the line for "Davie" all the way back to the crocketagne in France. Go to Ancestry world tree viewer.
at ( That should put at JOHN A. & REBECKAH SULLIVAN HAWKINS CROCKETT "DAVIE'S parents" tree. Or go to the world tree site type in Crocketagne in the search window this should put you at
from .
there you can go both directions.
There are two spellings for ANTOINE CROCKETAGNE (De Sauss) and (D.perronette De) I think they are the same person as they list the same spouse name this can take you down two sides of the family one two "davie" the other an uncle in to WYTHE CO. vA. and on into Montgomery Co.Va. by migration. I hope this helps you.
I'm looking for some of the same connections,only all I have is the discharge papers of George F. Crockett showing b. in Tazewell Co. (West) Va. age 19 puts b. at 1847, there was no West Va. at that time so am asumming it was around Crockett's Cove just south of Bishop Va. no proof as yet. George was one of 9 brothers (4 union-george) (3 confederate)(2 underage). George had 5 children Martha(by 1st w.) William*, Edna*,*died, Iva (Eva) nell b.1887 gt. gma, d.1930 WYO.or denver Co., and Chester Bull, b.1880 IN. a fireman in Brooklyn NY. d.1954 NY.
Any one with infor. please contact me at

John Crockett

Joe Swann (View posts)
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Crocketts in Scotland

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Thanks for your reply. It would be interesting to know how you got involved in tracing the Crocketts . I know it is not as easy as one would think.
I have letter from a cousin (1975) sayin he had gone to Scotland in 1967 and documentation there showed the name Crockett did not orig. in Scotland but from France. Sent among reinforcements in a Scottish war with England. He settled in Scotland rather than returning to France. Then the Crocketts were involved in the revolt supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie. The failure of that war sent them to Ireland along with the Kennedys,Adams families. They were involved in another revolt with England and all had to leave Ireland and come to USA. My father said that George f.had a family genealogy done around 1900? cost him $5000, showing we were related to Davie and King Baloil 1192 of Scotland a real tyrant. he stopped the search saying no one could be that bad in our family! I do not know where that paper is. the same cousin said he saw it when he ws a child in NY. Could be in the Brooklyn library don't know.
Where did you find that Davie had gone to Montgomery Co. in 1804-05?
Thanks again.

Early Life of David Crockett

Joe Swann (View posts)
Posted: 982333538000
There is very little information on the 1st half of David Crockett's life while he lived in East TN. He was a close neighbor to my ancestors in Jefferson County TN and in 1806 sold his 1st rifle to my g-g-g grandfather so he could buy a horse to get married. I now own that rifle which has been displayed in several museums including the Smithsonian Inst. The rifle story got me interested and I have been working on early Crockett history for more than 20 years.
The name Crockett is often spelled in a number of different ways as were most names prior to the 20th century. Common variations were often spelled Crocket, Croket, Crocit or Crokit. David professed to consider unnecessary the middle c and the extra t, [though I have yet to see him spell it other than Crockett in his own hand]. The original name Crockett probably comes from the ancient Norse word krok-r meaning crook, hook or bend and is probably the root word of the old English word crock. Scot names of Croket, Crockete, Crokat, Crockett, and Crockitt were quite common. According to the book "Scots in the Carolinas," the largest number of the Crockett families came from "Coupar Angus, Perthshire," Scotland, to Ireland, to America.
The area of Coupar Angus, Scotland, is located North of the mouth of the Tay River (the Firth of Tay) on the eastern coast of central Scotland. This area is one on the oldest settled areas of the British Isles.

The information on David's visit to Montgomery County, VA, is detailed in Chapter 2 of his own autobiography "A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee."

Crocketts from Scotland

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My Crockett family come from the County of Kincardine in East Scotland. Kincardine is the neighbouring County to Angus (formerly Forfarshire) which is where Coupar Angus is situated. I have yet to establish a link to the Coupar Angus Crocketts. I am surprised to find Davy Crockett being linked with French Hugenots as I understand that the name was first recorded in 1296, when Huw Croket of Kameslank Cambuslang) Scotland and Sir William Crockett rendered homage to King Edward I of England. The family are linked to Kirkbride in Lanarkshire - west Scotland.

David Crockett

Nancy Bowles (Boles ?) Dattero (View posts)
Posted: 983182885000
Do you know who David married? Was his wife orphaned and raised by someone other than her birth parents? My father took me to a place where he said one of his relatives raised the girl David Crockett married. Could be a fish tail, but the more we look, the more we find what Ben Boles said to have been true. Any info would be of help.
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