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Patrick Henry connection help? THANK YOU

Patrick Henry connection help? THANK YOU

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Surnames: Henrie, Henry, Herider
Can anyone help me figure out if this connection is real? It states that Susan Henrie's(Henry) grandfather was Michael Henry, brother of Revolutionary Fame Patrick Henry. I cannot locate a Michael Henry in connection with Patrick Henry. This story has gone through generations of my family and it's driving me crazy! I would love if anyone happens to have any information on this Susan Henrie or her family line. She is my 4th great grandmother and this is the only information I have found on her.

Jacob HERRIDER was born in Pennsylvania, near Somerset, January, 1790, and came to this county in 1795 or 1796. He first stopped at White Oaks for one year; then came to Crosby township and remained seven years; then to Cincinnati for three years, draying; then to Miamitown and bought the first lot sold there after the town was laid out. First he worked at the cooper's trade. He at last bought a mill--flouring-mill built by Major HENRIE and continued in this business ten or fifteen years, at the end of which time he began in agriculture and continues yet, except not in the vigor of full manhood. His wife first wife Nancy VANTRESE, bore him two sons and one daughter, the latter being dead. His second wife was Susan HENRIE, whom he married November 24, 1824, who bore him five children three sons and two daughters. Mrs. HERRIDER's father and mother came from Pennsylvania when she was a child and were called Pennsylvania Dutch. She was born December 24, 1802. Her grandfather Michael HENRIE - the name has been mutilated was a brother of Patrick HENRY, of Revolutionary fame. Her grandmother was sister of John H. PIATT, one of the early and noted citizens of Cincinnati. Mr. and Mrs. HERRIDER are active consistent members of
the Methodist Episcopal church of Miami, he building the church - but which was rebuilt last fall - by contract in 1834. His father lived to be over one hundred years old; and at this writing he is the oldest man in Whitewater township.

Re: Piatt Family of Cincinnati

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Surnames: Piatt
I am not kin, but merely providing possible leads.
Do you know which sister of John H. Piatt? Hannah Cook Piatt who married Philip Grandin...or Frances Annabelle Piatt who married Isaac Dunn?

Mrs. Hannah Piatt, wife of Jacob Piatt, d. June 1818 in Cincinnati, OH

Title: Donn Piatt : his work and his ways
Authors: Miller, Charles Grant.
City of Publication: Cincinnati
Publisher: R. Clarke & Co.
Date: 1893
Page Count: 386
Notes: ill., facsim., plates, ports.
Reel/Fiche Number: Genealogy and local history ; G5128
Subject Headings: Piatt, Donn, 1819-1891.
Pyatte family.
Piatt family
Don Piatt. Introduction. Ancestry.
Pg. 11
(Digital book available on HeritageQuest Online)

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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Surnames: Henrie, Henry
Miamitown got its original name - Miami - from the West Miami tribe of Shawnee Indians who had hunted in the region in the 1700s. Arthur Henrie a nephew of Revolutionary War hero Patrick Henry, laid out the town over what had been an orchard. He sold the first lot to Jacob Herrider in 1816...

Source: W H Venable; A S Dudley; D Thew Wright; Dudley Ward Rhodes; et al
History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio : their past and present, including early settlement and development, antiquarian researches, their aboriginal history, pioneer history, political organization, agricultural, mining and manufacturing interests, a history of the city, villages and townships, religious, educational, social, military and political history, statistics, biographies and portraits of pioneers and representative citizens, etc.
Cincinnati: S.B. Nelson & Co., 1894, 1319 pgs.
Pg 460-461 VILLAGES
"Miamitown was founded in 1816 by Arthur Henry. At the time of the survey and sale of lots the site was an apple orchard, and the only house thereon was a log structure near the present location of the Methodist church. Henry built the flour-mill and brick house adjacent, in which he resided and kept a store. He also operated the mill and a distillery. James Chambers kept a hotel at the large frame house now the residence of his son. Opposite this was another public house, and both enjoyed ample patronage. Formerly the pike passed between these two houses and ascended the hill at the west. A Mr. Dees and Charles Eatherton kept the second hotel mentioned, at an early date. A Mr. Graham was the first blacksmith. Jacob Herrider was a cooper and prosecuted this industry quite extensively. It was he who purchased the first lot that was sold after the survey of the town. Subsequently he bought the mill established by Henry and operated it for a term of years; he also built the present sawmill....

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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Thank you so much for your reply!

Unfortunately, I do not know which sister of John Piatt. Nor do I know if her Grandfather Michael married a Piatt..not sure which grandmother,maternal or paternal. As far as the Piatt grandmother, I have searched in both lines, Hannah and Phillip Grandin and in Frances and Isaac Dunn and have not come up with a granddaughter named Susan Henrie, who married Jacob Herider.

As far as the Patrick Henry line, I cannot locate a Michael Henry or an Arthur Henry. The dates of Patrick Henry and his brothers just don't match up the the birth date of this Susan Henrie. Patrick and both his brothers died before she was born. I even looked to see if they had an uncle with male luck.
The information in what I have and what you posted just tells me what I kind of have in my tree....
Michael Henrie (poss) brother to Patrick Henry and
Arthur Henry a nephew of Patrick Henry....making Susan a grandniece of his. I just can't seem to find the piece that truly links them all. The dates just don't seem to work.

Thanks for the links and for the help!!!

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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I too was baffled by this. I was doing research on the houses in Miamitown and was told that Arthur Henrie was a nephew of Patrick Henry - Give me liberty or give me death. I wrote a letter to Patirck Henry's plantation in Pennsylvania. They wrote me back and told me it was impossible because Patrick Henry did not have any nephew's on his side or his wife's side.

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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I guess this Henrie/Henry mystery will remain as such. Since my last post a year ago, I have come across two more family letters that state that she is the granddaughter of the brother of Patrick Henry of revolutionary fame.... and a "handwritten" obituary that was copied from the local newspaper...and it too states this fact. It was supposedly written by her daughter Harriet. We will never truly know. :)

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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Classification: Query
I have been doing research on Arthur Henrie for Mimiatown, Ohio's 200th birthday coming up in 2016. They have asked me to write a biography on him. I have obtained a lot of information and facts on him. Would love to get in touch with you and include you in the process. Sounds like you have lots of information. Was his wife's name Grace Mansfield or Grace Mansfield Sisson? I have seen your family tree and I am very impressed! Please get in touch me. I would love to talk to you.

Do you live in Cincinnati?

Michele Sommer

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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Classification: Query
Thank you Michele, I would love to share information on this Arthur Henrie... it has been a huge brick wall for me! I honestly do not know much about him ( and now that I have a name for his wife, it may help!) The only thing I know is that his daughter, Susan Henry is my 4th great grandmother. That and the fact that the "story" of them being related to Patrick Henry. I will send you an email or maybe when we connect I can copy my handwritten information and mail it to you.
Thanks again.

Re: Aurthor "Major" Henrie / Henry

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Surnames: Henrie, Piatt, van Vliet
Michael Henrie married Elizbeth Piatt (1750-1812). I do not know who her parents were for certain but if she is indeed the sister of John H Piatt then her parents would be John Hull PIatt and Frances Janse van Vliet, correct?

Re: Patrick Henry connection help? THANK YOU

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Surnames: Henry, Henrie, Robertson, Piatt, Herider, Thompson
I can't track down Patrick Henry's connection to Michael Henrie either although both share Jean Robertson (1694 - 1761) as a connection. Michael Henrie (1742-1798) was married to Elizabeth Piatt (1750-1812) who had Benhamin Henrie (1784-1819) married to Mary Thompson (1778-1833) parents of Susan Henrie (1802*1884) married to Jacob Herider (1790-1884). Hopefully this provides some clues.
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